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What is a firewall? Everything you need to know about Firewall


What is a Firewall?

Well, firewall is a security device or security gateway which monitors the incoming or outgoing network traffic, and block or allows that traffic based on your defined set of security rules.

It is Not only blocked your unwanted traffic but it also all blocked all malicious software which are might be harmful for your computer.

A firewall can be in form of:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • or both (software or hardware)

This article will help you about understanding the firewalls in the form of what firewall do, uses of firewalls, the types of firewalls, and the risk factors about not having firewalls.

What does a firewall do?

Firewall act as your gatekeeper. It monitors your operating system and blocks you’re all unwanted traffic or unrecognized sources.

A firewall acts as a gate between your computer and another network. You could think that firewall is the traffic controller that helps you to protect your network by managing your all network traffic.

Usually, your operating system and your security software has a pre-installed firewall. It’s a great idea to make sure that those features are turned on in your pre installed firewall. Also, make sure your security settings are also configured to run updates automatically.

Why firewalls are so important?

Firewalls are important for you because:

  • They have had great security techniques and are still widely used. 
  • The firewalls first introduce in the beginning days of the internet, when networks needed new security methods that easily handle the complexity. 
  • Firewalls have become the main foundation of network security.
  • Today most of the devices are using firewalls, or closely related tools to monitor their traffic and mitigate threats.  
  • Firewalls keep your private information like your online banking credentials or social security number safe.

Uses of firewalls

Firewall is very impotent in the security world. It can present in any form of hardware, software or in a cloud-computing mechanism. The following are primary uses of firewall:

  • Prevent you from unwanted content
  • Prevents you from Unauthorized Remote Access
  • Prevents you from Indecent Content
  • Guarantees your Security Based on Protocol and IP Address
  • Protects your Seamless Operations in Enterprises
  • Protects your Conversations and Coordination Contents
  • Prevents Destructive Content from Online gaming or videos 

Types of firewalls

There are many types of firewalls present based on their structure and functionality which you can use, based on the size of your network and the level of security you want.

  • Packet-filtering firewalls:  packet-filtering firewall can easily block your network traffic IP protocol, an IP address, and a port number. This firewall is the most basic form of protection and is mainly for smaller networks.
  • Stateful multi-layer inspection firewalls: The stateful multi-layer inspection firewall has many standard security features and keeps track of established connections. It also filters traffic based on state and protocol with administrator-defined rules and context. It is using data from prior connections and packets from the same connection.
  • Next-generation firewalls: Next-generation firewalls are more sophisticated than above mentioned firewalls. Why? Because they have more significant features of security. These firewalls are also able to block more sophisticated and evolving security threats.
  • Network address translation firewalls:  this firewall is to monitor internet traffic and blocks your unsolicited communications. Furthermore, it is only accepting inbound web traffic if your device is on your private network.

Host-based firewalls vs. network-based firewalls

Before buying a firewall you must understand the difference between a host-based and network firewall. There are great differences between host-based and network-based firewalls, with the benefits of having both in place.

  • Network firewalls:  they are used by businesses that want to protect a great network of computers, servers, and employees. A network-based firewall monitors the communications between a company’s computers and outside sources, as well as protect your company from certain sites, IP addresses, or other services.
  • Host-based firewalls: it is a very simple program for your home and personal computers. They work only one computer and are also less expensive than network firewalls.

What are some risks factors of not having a firewall?

Most people know the following important rules about the usage of a safe computer:

  • You should not click on any unknown links or attachments.
  • You only log on to trustworthy websites.
  • You should not give out any personal information.
  • You have strong and complex passwords for each online account that you update often.

That does not mean you are safe? If you are using the internet, then it’s very important to protect your network, and the personal information saved on your computer by firewall.

Here are the three risks of not having a firewall:

  • Public access: Without having a firewall, you’re accepting every connection into your network. You wouldn’t have any way to detect threats. That might be harmful for your device.
  • Lost or compromised data: Not having a firewall might be leave your devices exposed, which could permit someone to gain easily control over your computer. 
  • Network crashes: Without having a firewall, attackers could close your network. Getting it running again, and easily can recover your saved data, could involve your time or money.

Final words:

Firewalls are a key part of advanced security technology, especially when many types of firewalls work together to give you an umbrella of protection. Firewalls can help you keeping your network, computer, and data safe and secure.


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