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What is Cloud Storage? How its Benefit To Us

Cloud Storage

Although Cloud storage has been on the move for several years, this is quickly overtaking traditional storage styles like hard drives & servers as the popular way to keep files safe, organized, and shareable. Now, Let’s dive into cloud storage and the available options you have waiting for you.

However, With the big boys like Amazon and Google getting into the cloud storage game, it makes sense that more & more businesses are turning to them for their small business cloud storage options and solutions. The being said, there are quite a few available cloud storage options out there. For Sure, you know the big two mentioned above, but are these the best options available? Hang on, and we will get to that.

What is Cloud Storage Service?

Well, Cloud storage stores all your files, photos, documents, videos, and also other digital assets on a series of real offsite servers known as “the cloud.” Every business that hosts servers will own this setup and operate all of these storage devices. So, You can store your files on these servers for a small fee.

Notwithstanding being called “cloud services,” think of this type of storage system simultaneously. You would need a physical storage unit. You notice, people and businesses rent storage units from the unit owner or owners. People can use these units to store whatever they want. Physical items, Family photos, valuables, and more. This is the exact layout of cloud storage, except that we are dealing with digital assets instead of real or tangible goods.

Why Would You Store Data in the Cloud?

Though, first and foremost, cloud storage is usually very safe. Apart from that, the main reason to store data in the Cloud is for business file sharing. As well, There are not many things that are more important than sharing your work documents remotely with your team members or coworkers. So, Business cloud services play a considerable part in online file storage, syncing, and sharing. People make it easier to accomplish all of this and more. While I stated in the first paragraph, cloud storage has become ever more popular and continues to do so.

Well, Computer systems have been slowly but steadily moving away from a local storage setup to server-based storage and processing, also known as the Cloud. It is not only businesses moving more toward a cloud storage setup. And consumers are directly affected. Consider it. We now stream almost all of our videos and music from servers instead of playing them from our discs. Here, Cloud storage allows you (consumer) to keep your documents & media in the Cloud, which you can then access & enjoy from any location, at any time. Whether you are looking at different cloud storage options or are starting to consider this as a valuable option. In this case, the suggestions below will help you sift through all available & make a solid choice when trying to find the best cloud storage & file-sharing services public today.

What Can Cloud Storage Do for You?

So, there is quite a bit that cloud storage services can do for you. Some very best solutions will play very nicely with outside apps and other services. That makes the overall experience of viewing or editing your files more manageable and more natural. Here is even more true in business settings. It would be best to have other software products and apps that you may be running as part of your business to retrieve or access your files. Then, Cloud storage gives you a way to do this, as several services like Box and Dropbox will easily authenticate with other tools.

Moreover, the range of capabilities that come with the best cloud storage and file-sharing services is incredible. In a lot of them offer certain things, they all also specialize in certain areas. That will help you along with the one you choose below. For instance, cloud storage services like Dropbox & SugarSync focus on having synced folders everywhere. Another, like SpiderOak, focus more on the security aspect of things.

Also then you have the generalists, like Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Those offer not only folder and file syncing but also media-playing and device syncing.

Online Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Usually, these two get put into the same category. That should not be the case. While lots of cloud services do indeed offer some level of backup, it is only a consequence of their intended function, i.e., store files for access when needed. An online backup service focuses on disaster recovery when it comes to computer hard drives and files. Well, An excellent example of this is Carbonite. All will sync with your machine and provide you daily backups. Suppose anything happens to your computer, you can access all the files you have chosen to save in your account and reinstall them.

Still, Both of these are great options for backup, recovery, and saving files. But, they are usually used differently for various reasons.

Is There a Cloud?

Here is where it can get confusing to some. Allow quickly to clear up any confusion. This “cloud” part of cloud storage refers to storing your files somewhere other than your computer’s hard drive. As well, there is no real cloud as you are storing your files on other servers. Becoming all that data in the said Cloud gives you the capability to access all those files through the Internet whenever you need to. Now, Your data is encrypted before it makes any journeys to other servers, Plus while in the transition to those servers, it’s also encrypted. Here, You can access your files through apps & other utility software installed on your PC.

Best Cloud Storages Services

Google Drive

The main concern when people believe in Google Drive is that they think, free storage. While they do have an engaging option for open storage, they also have some even better-paid choices for you to drill into. Most of the different characteristics are made accessible to you by Google Drive by “One.” Here is what binds everything into Google’s Cloud platform. Now, You can also use a companion app like Google Photos to store unlimited high definition photos on your mobile phone.

Google Drive is a well-known and widespread option for cloud storage because it allows many options and is easily approachable for most people. Moreover, most of us are already practicing something connected to Google and their other services, such as integrating Google Drive is another logical step.

The pCloud

The pCloud is one of the excellent cloud storage and file-sharing services available today. Well, One of the more unique things about this Option is that they are one of the few & the only one on this list offers lifetime subscriptions. This means that if you go this route, you get a virtual, permanent cloud drive. This has a very user-friendly interface that shows you where everything is and what all the functions do. This service comes with a 30-day trash history, and therefore if you need something back, you have a month to access it after you delete it.

Even You get unlimited remote upload traffic. Nevertheless, you are limited in download traffic to 500GB for the premium package Plus 2TB for the premium package plus every month, So, which should be more than enough. As well, there are some bandwidth limits in place, but you probably won’t ever come close to hitting them. This being said, there is not any limit to the size of files you can upload to sync all the huge media files you would like.


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