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What is LokiBot Malware? How you can defense against Lokibot?

what is lokibot malware

Over the past few months the malware spreading to targets your Windows and Android devices. Here’s everything you need to know more about this Lokibot Malware, or how you can defense against Lokibot Malware?

What Is LokiBot Malware?

Also called Loki PWS, and Loki-bot, this malware especially targets your Windows and Android OS. It is designed to steal your sensitive information such as your usernames, passwords, cryptocurrency wallet etc.

It is the most prevalent information stealers. It has a very simple interface and codebase, that’s why a great number of cybercriminals from new to most experience cybercriminals use it.

LokiBot infect your computers and phones alike by locally installed applications. Then this malware searches your credentials stuffs like your password or username from databases of those applications and try to get them. LokiBot has a key logging feature that permits its user to capture keystrokes to find the passwords or usernames used for unrelated accounts that might be not save in those applications’ internal databases.

Due to these features, mobile applications, user names, cryptocurrency wallets, and browsers are all vulnerable to LokiBot. Luckily, LokiBot is far invincible. For instance, you can use the cloud for saving your data will be the best defense measure that you can take.

What Lokibot Malware can do?

LokiBot has a keylogger feature that is designed to steal your sensitive data by noting every key stuck in your keyboard.

Once LokiBot enters in your computer or phone, then it makes a backdoor that opens a gate for hackers to install extra others malicious software. It has also known for fake notifications .when you click on the fake notification, and then it triggers an overlay by fake login form.

This malware in your phone can automatically send SMS and messages to your contacts so in this way it infects other users.

And later you find this malware, and then you try to remove it, but it will not go without a fight. It locks your phone and turns it into ransomware!

Features of Lokibot Malware

According to MITRE ATTACK  Lokibot has the following features:

  • It can find the domain name of the host.
  • It uses obfuscated strings with the encoding of base64.
  • Many different ways to the obfuscation of binary files.
  • If can easily find the username of the infected host.
  • It has Ability to control the stolen data.
  • It has the ability to capture input in the host by keylogging.
  • Use HTTP for command and control the data.
  • It has the ability to find the computer name and Windows name or version.
  • Can be executed by malicious documents contained in spear-phishing emails.
  • Easily steal credentials stuffs from many applications. 
  • It has the ability to copy itself to hide a file or directory.

How can you defense against Lokibot Malware?

The Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has shared some best practices to defend against LokiBot. These include:

  • Install antivirus software and try to keep it up to date.
  • Adding patches for vulnerabilities promptly
  • Disabling file sharing services. If you can’t do that, then set strong passwords.
  • Use multi-factor authentication in your accounts.
  • Restrict user permissions to install software applications.
  • Increase the use of strong passwords.
  • Gives training to the workforce to exercise caution when opening email.
  • Use a firewall on your computers and make sure  the firewall denies unsolicited connection requests
  • Monitor internet activity and use a web filter to prevent employees from getting unsavory websites.
  • Remove the software’s that are not in use.

LokiBot malware Is Here to Stay

At that point when you thought LokiBot’s is gone; it comes back with more effectiveness. Well. LokiBot’s not an advanced malware; it’s widely spreading and causing problems if it takes your credentials stuffs+.

Mostly antivirus software can find LokiBot but it’s regularly updated. And it also infects your Android devices that’s why it should be better for you to have antivirus software in your phone.


If the rise in LokiBot malware is increasing day by day, then you need to be more careful than before. Try to do anything you can to reduce the chances of being affected by LokiBot in the first priority, and know more about how to remove it if you don’t want become a victim of it.

LokiBot Malware becoming more problematic as a outcome of the ongoing pandemic, and it seems that it will get worse in the upcoming days.

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