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What is .Net? – Complete Introduction


Technology professionals have many choices to use. The .Net framework is a great selection to use. In this article, we will learn more about .NET. We will also learn the structure of .NET, the benefits of .NET, the Components of .NET and the similarities and differences between .Net and Java.

What is .Net?

.NET is a software framework that is designed by Microsoft that’s why it runs primarily on Microsoft windows. We can say that it is virtual machines that compile and execute your programs which are written in different languages like C#, VB.Net and so more. It is used to build different types of applications. There is a great variety of programming languages in the .Net platform, VB.Net or C# are the most common.

.NET Framework has more than 60 programming languages. 11 programming languages from total programming languages are developed by Microsoft. The remaining programming languages are non Microsoft languages.

The first version of the .Net framework came in the year of 2002.

Why we should use.NET?

There are many reasons for using a .NET. It helps you to build up high quality applications quickly. It has a great class of libraries, common APIs, and the strong tooling. .NET is the best productive platform for many developers.

.NET gives you a great solution for you for all mobile applications which run on iOS, Android and Windows. .NET is very fast its means that applications gives you better response times and consume less computer power.

Structure of the .Net

The structure of the .Net framework gives developers great advantages. One powerful key point about .Net is that it is the CLR (Common Language Runtime). It removes the need to manage security issues of coders. 

Memory management is an excellent thing that CLR handles. No need to take stress about your stuffs and heap such as with C and C++. .Net uses Try Catch Finally block. This permits the developer to solve many exceptions very gracefully for the user.

When you use the .Net that’s mean you are using many languages and have access of many core features. For those who build an application in C# can get the same functionality if they build any application in F#.

CLI provides you Common Type Systems that defines the types and the operations for the .Net runtime. The Common Language Specification makes a set of standards that each .Net language must use.

Components of .NET

The components of .NET are below: 

  • Application frameworks or Class library
  • .NET Standard
  • Common Language Runtime
  •  Language Compilers
  • Different Languages 
  • Different Tools used to build, and deploy the .NET applications. 

Benefits of .NET

The main benefits of .NET are following:

  • .Net facilitates the interaction between old or new programs that are not written in the .Net framework. 
  • Type safety is another great benefit that prevents you from ill defined casts that few other languages allow.
  • .Net is a framework that permits its user to develop software in different languages such as  C# and F#.

.Net vs. Java

.Net vs. Java has many similarities and differences. First, .Net is primarily works on the Windows platform while Java works on different platforms. 

Both .Net vs. Java support many languages. Each of them has greatly supported Integrated Development Environments that make development very easy. According to jobs, Java demands high skills. .NET’s advantage is the unified platform that is offered by Microsoft, where the advantage of Java’s is its portability.

Is .NET is secure?

.NET gives you great security benefits by its managed runtime. A great collection of services prevent you from critical problems like bad pointer manipulation or malicious attempts to change compiled code. Microsoft takes owns security very seriously and releases out updates very quickly when different threats are coming.

Short Summary

  • .Net is a programming language that is developed OR designed by Microsoft. It is used to build many applications which run on the Microsoft Windows.
  • The .Net programming languages can be used to build Forms based and Web based application.
  • Developers can select from a great variety of programming languages that are present in the .Net platform. The most common programming languages are VB.Net and C#.

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