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What Is Proxy Server? – Definition, Types And Advantages (2021)

The actual reason behind how the internet does its job is not something people often stop to think. The issue is the inherent danger of data security breaches and identity theft that comes with internet information, 24-hour news updates, and deals online.

But what happens when you using the internet? Every day, using the internet becomes less private. Many Websites and many applications check everything you do, which pushes more people towards finding ways to secure their privacy. 

Proxy servers are the best options that you can pick up to protect your identity while using the internet. However, they also give you many other benefits, all of which we’ll discuss in this article.

So, let’s start it!

What Is Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a bridge that works between the users and the internet. It is an intermediary server because it separates the end-users from the websites which they browse.

When you connect your computer to the internet, it use an IP address just like your home’s address, telling incoming internet traffic where to go and marking outgoing internet traffic with a return address for other devices. A proxy server is very important to a computer that has an IP address of its own.

How Does a Proxy server work?

Proxy server has its own IP address that’s why it acts as a go-between a computer and the internet. When you use a proxy server on your computer your computer knows this IP address, and when you send a request on the internet, it is passed through the proxy, which gets the response from the internet and moves the data from the site to your computer’s browser just like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge

Types of Proxy Servers 

There are many types of proxy servers. We will discuss here the most common types of proxy servers:

  • Open proxies. The open proxy doesn’t need any authentication and it is open its means that when you use one for increased anonymity, your information might not be secure from the who controls that server.
  • Forward proxy servers. Many companies and institutions use this type of proxy server to route the internal data to the outside world. Forward proxy servers find whether you can get specific sites or services, which helps keep networks secure.
  • Reverse proxy servers.  This type of server act as a nutshell, they filter incoming requests to your sites then which helps with privacy and caching between other things.

You can find many open proxy services on the internet. Some of them are usually free and some of them also provide you extensions so you can always use them while using the internet.

Advantages of using a Proxy server

There are many reasons to use proxy servers for an individual or an organization that are:

  • Control internet access

You use proxy servers to control and to check your children’s internet activity. It also blocks unfavorable sites and locks them. Organizations also use proxy servers to monitor their employee’s activity. 

  • Privacy advantages

Proxy servers permit to its user to use the internet more privately by changing your IP address on your computer. Proxy servers shield your personal information.

  • Access to blocked sites

Many Content providers restrict their content due to many reasons. However, a proxy server permits its users to log in a restricted server by making it shows like you are from a different area.

  • Improved speeds 

Organizations can improve their loading speeds by using efficient proxy servers. Proxy servers cache images and your web data to keep a copy of your internet activity. The caches permit a proxy server to retrieve the recent copy of famous sites, which improves the loading speed.

  • Improved security

Proxy servers encrypt your web requests to save them from other peoples and shield your transactions. Proxy servers do their job to safe intrusion from known sites. Many organizations even add VPN to shield themselves.

Use a VPN to take more advantage of even better security

For great control of your internet privacy, a proxy isn’t stood lonely for the job. VPN also hides your IP address and internet activity on any network like unsecured public Wi-Fi. And with an efficient server located all around the globe, you can also access the content you need, no question where you are.


IHope, after reading this article you know everything about proxy servers from what is proxy server to the Advantages of using a Proxy server. We also discuss many other topics like the working of proxy server and the types of proxy server.

Proxy servers are a great tool that shields your privacy and circumvent regional restrictions. However, pick up an efficient proxy server if you want to protect your privacy. An efficient proxy server has such qualities 

  • Permit you to restricted content.
  • Logging internet traffic within a business.
  • Shielding your internet from malware.
  • Enforcing web policies.

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