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what is Ray Tracing

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What Is Ray Tracing? – Make Our Video Game Very Incredible

If you love to play video games in your free time, or if you love to watch any Pixar’s or Disney’s animated movies then you must have seen ray tracing in action.

The term ray tracing is very important in the gaming world for the past few years, or it is touted as the future of graphics in the gaming world. So, in this article, we discuss what is ray tracing? How ray tracing does work? And why ray tracing is so important?

What is ray tracing?

Ray tracing is a lighting technique that gives games an extra level of realism with complex light interactions. Ray tracing use algorithms to check where light and shadows are required in video games, giving a more realistic environment than can be seen through static lighting in most games. Its means you can make mirrors, transparent surfaces, and shadow in the games. 

We discuss firstly ray tracing in this introductory article because it is an easy way to understand about working of Ray tracing. So, let’s move on to further topics.

Before Ray Tracing

If you are curious to know about before ray tracing what moving images looked like, just take a look at early 2000s video games, and compare them with today’s video games in the market.

Traditional graphics use rasterization method, where the concept of 3D light sources is converted into 2D light surfaces. Its means 3D polygons are converted into 2D pixels, and this method does not go very well.  The reason is you are forcing a complex object with different surfaces on a flat surface.

Furthermore, traditional computers were not enough fast to handle the intensity of video games. Although there was a great number of improvements have been made in rasterization method. For example when we come at presenting a fast person shooter game, then it falls short as compared to ray tracing.

How ray tracing does work?

In sound the term Ray tracing looks very simple and easy, but it is not very simple technique. So, how ray tracing does work?

The answer is: Ray tracing does work by a process which is called “denoising,” where its algorithm start their work, beginning from the camera when you take the picture, traces and pinpoints the important light shades or shadows. To create a photorealistic picture, Use machine learning that ‘fills in the gaps’.

So, a brighter scene in a video game means the graphics quality is higher, and the higher quality means the more expensive. So, this is the big reason behind late arrival of ray tracing in the gaming industry.

Why ray tracing is so important?

Ray tracing is so important in game industry because:

    • The result of ray tracing is more realistic than traditional design.
    • By using ray tracing developers have no need to handle certain visual bits. 
    • In some biggest AAA titles, ray tracing isn’t changing your graphics.
    • Ray tracing giving more accurate lighting in video games.
    • By using ray tracing, we are free in the use of reflective surfaces without the need of worry about the disadvantages of the past methods.
    • If you curious or want to know the player can hear certain sounds then ray tracing is useful for that.

Last Words

Without any doubt ray tracing has a bright future, this makes an exciting time for anyone who interested in 3D graphics. As it’s based on real-time physics, ray tracing gives the developers the highest levels of realism or efficiency. Ray tracing helps the developers to take the graphics to the next level. Ray tracing promises game developers a great quality visual experience for maximum entertainment. Ray tracing still is too much using in video games at its early stages, but its entrance in the gaming industry promising a great future.

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