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What Is Vaguebooking

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What Is Vaguebooking? – Is It Bad For You?

In previous days people use dairies to express their thoughts, but nowadays people use digital technology or social media platforms like Facebook to express their feelings, thoughts, etc. Unfortunately, this often takes towards the vaguebooking, which can be extremely bad for you.

 You must hear the term vaguebooking being banned on social media, but do you know what it actually means? Here’s everything you need to understand about this term from examples to how to avoid yourself from vaguebooking. So, let’s start it from what is vaguebooking?

What Is Vaguebooking?

Vaguebooking is the act of posting any update or status on Twitter, Instagram or especially on Facebook about a specific thing or person with absolutely no details about who they are and what the thing might be. Posting the status which called vaguebooking can be in long or short form, but in most cases, it has few simple words. 

Most people will only most on social media platforms when they have special thoughts to express, maybe vaguebookers get great delight, feel relax or light after posting. Giving no or very little details about things or persons they seeking the attention of other people.

Why People Vaguebook?

Might be possible that vaguebooker post something positive you don’t want to entirely open, it’s no surprising thing that vaguebooking is related to negative thoughts in most cases. So, people post on Facebook like this, “why People can be so ignoring sometimes.” It’s a very emotional line but says nothing, that’s called vaguebooking.

Vaguebooking can be obnoxious or annoying for everyone, suppose why people do it. Getting those negative expressions out of yourself is cathartic, and these types of posting draw people’s attention to you.

Vaguebooking Examples

The simple way to answer that question is to give examples. So here are a few examples of vaguebooking which will assist you to understand it.

  1. Why Me? For what reason he Could this with me!

It is the most annoying or irritating form of vaguebooking. It’s using words like With, Why? You’re finding the truth that why or what reason someone could do this (like bad) with you.

  1. Question Marks: The shortest Form of Vaguebooking

Sometimes any person don’t use words, question marks are enough. In this Form of Vaguebooking you want to get some type of response from someone, whether it is in form of question marks or in the form of simple “What’s up?” those people  who write this type of status update are after that.

  1. Expressing your Emotion without giving Context

Sometimes you express your emotion instead of giving context. Like you posting Whoa!”  I’m so angry right now. This is the most basic form of expressing your anger. In this sentence, you are not giving much detail.

Is Vaguebooking bad for you?

Definitely, Vaguebooking is annoying. But the question is, is it merely annoying or it is a sign of something more worrying?

Actually, this article was intended as a rant against vaguebooking. Well, there’s another side to the story. Obviously, most people use vaguebooking for finding someone’s shoulder to cry.

Sometimes, vaguebook are lonely, depressed, or suffering from any type of mental issues. And their family members or friends may be ignoring them; they’ll find someone for help instead.

The main point is recognizing that someone posts for a genuine cry for help or someone posting for a selfish cry for attention, which is hard. If you do find that someone is genuinely in need of counsel then you can message her directly or recommend her any professional help.

How to protect yourself from Vaguebooking?

You can protect yourself from vaguebooking in many following ways:.

  • It’s very simple to protect yourself from vaguebooking. The golden rule is don’t post anything vague on any social media platform. That’s it. 
  • If you want to express your feelings then say it loudly. Tell your friends that you’re upset and give them the reasons why. Or if you’ve had good news, tell your friends with proper details.
  • While Hollywood movies full of teasers to increase anticipation, so don’t do that yourself. Either say it directly what you want to say, with proper context so your friends can understand what you mean.
  • And if you’re suffering from mental issues, then you should avoid social media and talk with your friends offline. Talk with someone who can give you practical help or advice that is a good way than vaguebooking in the light of someone will gives you proper attention

The most effective method to fight the Scourge of Vaguebooking 

Have you seen somebody you know vaguebooking? Did you react by requesting more detail? Assuming this is the case, kindly don’t do that once more. Discourage it by disregarding the obscure posting. Or you can give a better answer with this article link. Hope, Together we can stop this vaguebooking frenzy.

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