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YIFY Alternatives – Top 25 YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites in 2021


When you crave a movie, and you really want to get it downloaded in Full HD quality or other good prints. What is the best place to get it done? Yes, you guessed it right! YIFY Torrents or YTS, best torrent site for download torrent movies. That’s how important a YIFY/YTS website is in your life. We highly acknowledge this importance, and that is why we are here with YIFY Torrent Movies, yify proxy, yify Alternatives, or yts Alternatives.

Almost everyone out there loves watching movies and chilling while doing that. You must be the one who enjoys movies too, and there is nothing new in them. But there is a twist here. The more fun and exciting it is to watch a movie, the more hectic it gets to find a site from where you can download that movie. That’s precisely when people tend to turn towards torrent services to get direct download links or download movies. The best thing about these torrent websites is their user-friendly interface.

Due to the straightforwardness of the YIFY site, most of the torrent website users are moving towards it now. Another reason for this is the availability of a wide range of content on this site. You can get download links to almost every movie out there on this site.

What are YIFY/YTS movies torrent websites?

It was in 2010 that yify started the re-encoding of movies. The motive was to minimize the HDD space taken by the movie. While doing it, they made no compromise on the quality. The new x246 encoding techniques and algorithms for the H.246/MPEG-4 codec made this possible. They began with the MKV container and, in no time, moved to the MP4 container.

After uploading the first movie using this new technology, people requested them to upload even more movies like that. That is why they started uploading the film using the same methods again and again, and soon they made their name and set a trademark in the torrent movie downloading industry.

The Official YTS website was up in March 2021. The people loved using it in order to get direct download links to their movies. But unfortunately, the site went down.

Why are YTS/ Yify Movie Torrent Sites used to Watch Movies?

It is evident that torrent movie downloads are illegal. This is the reason why the local ISP networks and internet agencies try to block your connection. For example, a private VPN or open-source VPN service can be used to mask your IP and access the torrent download sites. However, you cannot still access these sites. If you are facing problems in accessing your desired torrent site, we have you covered. We have come up with the top YIFY Proxy websites.

Yify Proxy or Yts proxy and Mirror Sites in 2021

Before getting started with yify alternatives, we want you to look at the working yts proxy and yify mirror sites. Some of these sites are still active; they work the same as the YIFY’s original websites. However, there is no guarantee if these sites are from the official source.

You will find these sites helpful if you are looking for a yify proxy and yts mirrors. These sites can somehow get you the same experience as that of original websites, except that you may see some annoying ads. Below is the list of updated %100 working yts proxy list.

Working YIFY Proxy List and Mirror Sites in 2021.

YIFY Proxy/Mirror Status
yts proxy Very Fast
yify proxy Very Fast
yts torrent/ Normal
yify torrent Very Fast
yifi Very Fast
yify movies Very Fast Very Fast Fast Fast Fast Normal
YTS Proxy Server Very Fast
yts movies Very Fast
yts subtitles Fast
yts ag Normal
yify torrents Very Fast
yiffy Very Fast
yts lt Normal

Pros of YIFY Mirrors Movie Sites

Many people prefer using yify movie sites because of the numerous features they come with. These sites have several pros that set them apart from all other sites in the market. Thus, without any further ado, let us look at these pros.

The most crucial thing that determines the importance of a download site is its speed- the speed of downloading a movie. Even if you are facing a slow internet problem, yts will give you a crazy fast speed.

Easy Interface
If you have been suing torrent sites for a long time, you must know that it was a tiring task to find the download button on those sites. Those sites were nothing but a scam. But with this site, it’s entirely the opposite. These sites enable you to download the movies with a single click.

The quality of movies on these sites is pretty good. Mostly these sites got 720p BluRay and 1080p quality files. So, if you are using the torrent sites, rest assured that the prints you will get will be incredible.

In addition to being high-quality, these movies come with subtitles of their own. You need to click on the download button, get the movie downloaded and watch it.

In which countries YIFY is blocked?

YIFY torrent websites mostly blocked in the following countries:

yify proxy


How do YIFY Proxy Sites work?

Proxy sites work as a man-in-the-middle. That’s the most accurate term to define the working of these sites. They work for providing you with an unknown or anonymous bridge between your internet connection and the website you want to reach. When it comes to YIFY proxy sites, the browser is initiated; this connection approaches the proxy site, which redirects to the desired website. This inhibits the desired website from recognizing your IP Address. Thus, YIFY Proxy sites help in the disappearance of your digital footprints to evade geo-blocking by ISPs.

Top 25 Working YIFY Alternatives in 2021

1. The Pirate Bay – Best Yify Movies alternative

The Pirate Bay is probably the most famous site like YIFY and best YTS Alternatives. It has faced various conflicts during the past few years and has been the subject of feud in court. But the site is still working, which is extraordinary. Over the previous 15 years, The Pirate Bay has survived numerous lawsuits. It has surpassed various takedown efforts and is still struggling to maintain its position as the best available torrent site. The users can use this site to access multiple media files such as TV shows, movies, software, etc.

1. The Pirate Bay – Best Yify Movies alternative

On this site, the users are asked to download the Torrent by clicking on the magnet link. They can open the link too to see the comments section and the speeders. A service named Bitlord on this site allows the users to watch any content online without any hassle. This, however, requires them to download separate software.

Updated Working The Pirate Bay proxy list


the pirate bay proxy Status
pirate bay proxy Very Fast
pirate proxy Very Fast
piratebayproxy Normal
piratebayproxy Very Fast
pirateproxy Very Fast
pirateproxy Very Fast
pirateproxy Very Fast
pirateproxy Fast
piratebayproxy Fast
pirateproxy Fast
pirateproxy Normal



2. 1337x – Top Yify Movies clone site


1337x can help you find a torrent site that you would like when searching for a particular movie. The best thing about this site is that the interface is pretty appealing and user-friendly. It will enable you to find the desired content in less time. Moreover, the overall appearance of 1337x has been modified recently. It has become more organized and is away from numerous security risks.

If we talk about the popularity and fame of this site among the public, it’s probably the most famous torrent site at the moment. This site will remain popular till the day it’s finally removed from the Google search bar. In all ways, it is the best choice when it comes to torrent movies, shows, music, and games, etc. The handy browsing feature that comes with the site is a plus too.

Updated Working 1337x proxy list

1337x proxy List Status
1337x proxy Very Fast
13377x proxy Very Fast
x1337x Normal
x1337x Very Fast
x1337x Very Fast
13337x Very Fast
13337x Very Fast
x1337x Fast Fast
x1337x Fast
x1337x Normal
x1337x Very Fast

3. Kickass – A popular YTS alternative

If you have been a fan of the older version of Kickass Torrents, we have good news for you. Your favorite site is reviving. After the previous domain was seized in 2016 by the government, the employees working on the site previously worked even more demanding and designed a new site. While doing our research, we came across several fake Kickass sites. Those fake sites were not updated at all and contained counterfeit links. Until any further notice, the best URL to access KAT is kat. sx.

Kickass Torrents-YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

The new Kickass Torrent site was almost the same in appearance as the previous one. For the convenience of the users, it has a category guide too. So, you can view the top torrents in each one of these categories. Whether it be music or games, everything is divided into categories. This helps find the movies that you have not heard of.

Updated Working Kickass proxy list

Kickass proxy List Status
kat Very Fast
kickasstorrent Very Fast
kickass proxy Normal
kickass torrent Very Fast
kickass torrents Very Fast
kat proxy Very Fast
kickasstorrents Very Fast
kickass to Fast Fast
kick ass torrent Fast
katproxy Normal
kickasstorrent proxy Very Fast
kat torrent Very Fast Fast


4. Rarbg – Perfect Yify Movies alternative

RARBG was launched in 2008 and enabled the users to access music, movies, and other software via magnet links and files. It is also one of the famous YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. The best thing about this site is the high-quality videos that it provides. It allows the users to get at least the top 10 torrents in their concerned category. You can also watch the trailers to famous movies once you find out your interests. There was once the option of registering an account on RARBG, but this practice is no longer seen on the platform.


If we talk about the downloads on this site, they run pretty smoothly, and the comments section of the site is of great value. But the only problem with this site is the various pop-up windows that keep on appearing from time to time. So, before opening the desired page, you need to navigate them. In addition to this, the magnet clicks are just a click away. Despite all the problems, RARBG is still among the top-picked torrent sites.

Updated Working RARBG proxy list

rarbg proxy List Status
rarbg proxy Very Fast Very Fast
rarbg torrent Normal
rarbag Very Fast
rarbag Very Fast
rarbag Very Fast
rarbg mirror Very Fast
ragb Fast
rarbag Fast
rarbag Fast
rarbg unblocked Normal
rarbag Very Fast
rarbg mirrors Very Fast
rarbag Fast
ragb Normal
rarbag Very Fast
rarbag Very Fast
rarbag Normal

Lime Torrents – A torrent site like Yify movies

Lime Torrents is another decent torrent site like YIFY movies or YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, but this site has some disadvantages too. The only advantage that comes with it is that it provides you with an excellent user experience. The display is pretty user-friendly and straightforward. In addition to this, all the new releases that are famous get lots of seeders and come in high speed on Lime Torrents, but the older torrents are often forgotten on the site.

Lime Torrents

There are no problems with the site itself, but it’s always recommended to keep lime torrents as a backup plan and use another site as your priority. This torrent site is known for uploading new movies regularly. This means that you would be able to watch or download the latest movies. Although the site’s traffic is low, you will be getting a clean look and minimal ads on the platform. The experience on the site is almost entirely ads-free.

Updated Working LimeTorrents proxy list

limetorrents proxy List Status
limetorrent proxy Very Fast
limetorrents proxy Very Fast
unblocked torrents Normal
lime torrentz2 Very Fast
lime torrents proxy Very Fast
lime torrent proxy Very Fast
limetorrents unblocked Very Fast
lime torrents Fast
limetorrents movies Fast



Zooqle – Preferred Yify Alternative

Zooqle comes with more than 37,000 films and 600 TV shows. This is a considerable number for a torrent site, and that’s why it’s often regarded as the preferred Yify alternative. Although Zooqle is relatively new in the torrent world, the figures tell a different story. If you talk about the site’s interface, it’s sturdy overall, but there’s always a margin of improvement, and some improvements can be done on the interface of this site. As far as the site’s use is concerned, it’s pretty easy to use and comes with bookmarks that help users find the desired movie or show.


There are numerous loyal users of Zooqle who love using it with each passing day. So, there is still considerable room for improvement for the site, but it’s expected to become even more significant in the coming times.

Updated Working Zooqle proxy list

Zooqle proxy List Status
zooqle proxy Very Fast
zooqle downloads Very Fast
zooqle download Normal
zoogle Very Fast
zooql Very Fast
zooqle download Very Fast
zooqle downloads Very Fast Fast
zooqle search engine Fast


EZTV– Famous YIFY Alternative for TV Shows

If you are a fan of TV shows, EZTV is a site of your interest. You can find the latest shows pretty quickly on this site and download them without going through any hassle. The site is divided into numerous sections, and there is one section on the shows’ schedule. So, you’ll be able to find out about all performances. It has some fantastic filters that allow users to view impressions in 480P or 7820P or other impressions daily.


If you are sad about missing your favorite show or want to re-watch a show, the site comes with a search bar to make the task easier. All you need to do is to type and search for an episode on the site. One bad thing about EZTV is that if you want to download an entire season, you still have to click on each episode. This is not a good practice, but we can expect improvements shortly.

Updated Working EZTV proxy list

Eztv Proxy List Status
eztv Proxy Very Fast
eztv unblocked Very Fast
eztv torrents Normal
eztvtorrent Very Fast
eztv unblock Very Fast
ettv proxy Very Fast
eztorrent Very Fast
eztv mirror Fast
eztv down Fast
eztv ag Fast– An excellent YIFY Torrent site

TorrentDownloads is another superb YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. The main reason for the popularity of this website is its neat and clean interface. If you cannot find your desired movie on all other trackers out there, this site is most likely your best choice in finding the old software you were looking for. E-books and even movies that are not very famous can also be found here.

TorrentDownloads-YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

Since this is not a site that keeps itself unpretentious, there may be chances that it’s blocked in your country. You can use a VPN to access the site even if it’s blocked. Talking about the download, whether it be an entire series, TV shows, or movies, you can download everything without paying a penny.



Torlock– The coolest YIFY alternative

If you are searching for the coolest Yify alternative out there, Torlock is the best fit for you. It is not only an extensive site with a large number of torrent sites but gives you a fantastic user experience. Torlock is heaven for you if you’re a fan of anime or reading material. Some content on Torlock is so unique that it’s hard to find it on other trackers. But you’re likely to find the most popular torrent here. You’d be surprised to know that this site comes with more than 4.8 million options to choose from.


The quality of movies and shows on the site is pretty high, and all the movies are highly defined. But one fact that cannot be denied about the site is the recurring ads. It’s always recommended to avoid this site if you’re watching content with family or are underage because, at times, numerous adult ads pop up out of nowhere. It’s up to you to choose it or not as all we can do is warn you. When it comes to downloads, you can find all sorts of movies, whether old or new, on Torlock.


10۔ Torrentz2– a music torrent site

It’s a grand torrent site and is a combination of the popular torrents in the market. The site’s interface is pretty minimalist, and the sole focus of the site is on music. It’s not extraordinary to see a place that is just a decade old and has 20 plus seeders. Although with time, the site evolved, and the presence of magnetic links and several other things changed. It’s still the best choice for downloading audio files. Moreover, it’s so reliable site as compared to others.


Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine. The site has been pretty famous in the market, but it received significant attention during the last ten months. The site’s rating and ranking have increased significantly, and many users are moving towards it.


11۔– the perfect replacement of YIFY

Being the perfect replacement for Yify, is one of the best YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. Back in 2012, this site was responsible for distributing almost 14 petabytes of pirated content. There was a lawsuit filed against the site, and it got blocked in 2013. Surprisingly, the site does not take even a month to get back on the Internet. The the domain is the replacement of the original IsoHunt site that was taken down back in 2012. Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

When compared with Pirate Bay, this site provides a more extensive range of torrent file database. If you want to download lots of movies without any hassle, this is the perfect place for you. In addition to this, when the site was designed again, the users were given priority, and it’s more user friendly now. An incredible thing about the site is the health indicator link that provides the user with a stable download. It’s not only movies, but E-books and game files and many other things can be downloaded here.


12۔ ExtraTorrent– An excellent torrent site

The next alternative included in the list is ExtraTorrent. This site enables users to get access to direct file directories. It covers many categories, whether it be the latest movies, software, photos, or songs. You can download anything pretty quickly on this website. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that ExtraTorrent may be blocked in your country, so you’d need a VPN or proxy to access it. Without a VPN or broker, it does not work.


This is a site that was created as a replacement for kickass torrent. However, you might find a lot of Kickass torrent alternatives in the market. Most of them are not updated with a lot of popups and are slow. It provides you with the search resource quickly. Perhaps it is the first torrent site that comes with an Android application and allows the users to search directly from the application.


13۔ TorrentFunk– a famous name like YIFY

TorrentFunk-YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

TorrentFunk is another famous name when it comes to Yify alternatives. Although the site suffers down every other day, it has improved for good. This is one of the most used torrent websites out there. It comes with verification and comments on almost every other torrent. The site is more of a lifesaver. Although the website’s interface is pretty friendly and a decent website, the only problem about which users complain is the annoying ads that appear from time to time.

The database of TorrentFunk is massive, and it offers decent results. As we talked about earlier, the interface is neat, and it’s easy to use. The users get different options to solve the issues. They can search their favourite movies with great convenience, thanks to many filters available on the site. The alphabetical filter of the site allows you to explore the film. Overall, it’s a pretty decent website and enables you to download movies in a few clicks. If we say that it’s one of the best torrent sites,  there will be nothing wrong with it.


14۔ SkyTorrents– The best site to take the place of YIFY


SkyTorrents is another torrent site and comes with an extensive database. It’s a clean and sleek torrent search engine. The main focus of this platform is privacy. Although the database is still under development, the features it comes with are pretty efficient. Whether it be a user-friendly interface that is easy to use or appearance, this is one of the best sites. You may feel uncomfortable due to the annoying ads that keep on popping from time to time, the overall experience on the site is fantastic.

The best thing about SkyTorrents is that there is no tracking here. Thus, there are no cookies used by the site, and no data is sold to anyone. Manual intervention is also present in the area; although it’s limited, its presence is an excellent thing in itself.


15۔ YourBitTorrent– A Real Torrent Site


YourBitTorrent is a site with the largest number of torrents out there. It’s also one of the most efficient YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. It’s a challenging task to find fake torrents on this site. Although there’s no difference between this site and all the other sites in the market, it’s more active and engaging than other sites. One thing about the site is that it does not come with a sorting option, which most people don’t like, but who cares about filters when you’re getting so much stuff at one place.

You can get hundreds of free movies without any permission on YourBitTorrent. The interface is user-friendly, and it appears fantastic. Most of the titles on this site make it an ideal torrent site. All your favorite movies, TV shows, games, music, and other things can be found on YBT.


16۔ Worldwide Torrents– Best Torrent Search Engine

Worldwide Torrents-YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

If we talk about Worldwide Torrents as a YTS alternative, it has become one of the best torrent search engines so far. Not only does it have fewer ads, but you get a wide range of options to play and an active user base. Although there may be some fake torrents on this site, it’s pretty easy to access the desired data here.

Some of the Worldwide Torrents have got down in the current time, but if you look at it, you can still get some working proxy sites. If you have been using the torrent sites for a long while, you must know the use of mirror sites because of the recurring change in the official domains. This is why we are finding a way to output a particular URL. They come and play again with a different URL, and it’s always wise to be ready to face this kind of situation.



17۔ P2PDL– A user-friendly YTS Replacement


P2PDL is another excellent YTS alternative. The site’s interface is pretty neat and elegant, and it provides users with excellent results. Talking about the urgent popups, annoying advertisements and ads are present here. Despite all that, It’s one of the largest verified torrent sites. Among all the files available on the site, most are original.

The site was working fine recently, but it has been taken down, and no proxy or middle website is still found to replace it.





18۔ Movie4k– Best for European Cinema


Movie4K is also a fantastic YIFY alternative. It has a wide range of movies available in different categories. Movie4K is a pretty popular YTS alternative in the market. It’s not only user friendly but is available in various languages. This thing makes it evident that movie lovers use this site all across the globe. If you are a user of this website, you know that it keeps on updating. In simple words, Movie4K is a movie hub for all cinema lovers and people looking for movies outside Hollywood.

In addition to this, you can also find new modern US movies that are pretty famous on this site. As we talked about daily updates on the site, the whole page is also updated regularly. New things are always added so that the users never get disappointed. Users can browse their favorite TV shows and movies with a few clicks on the site. The selection of film is also easy on the area because of the presence of IMDb rating.


19۔ CMoviesHD– Best for Series and Movies

CMoviesHD-YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

CMoviesHD is a platform to access famous TV series and movies and is one of the most used YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. It’s not only a movies hub but includes all the renowned series out there. This torrent site is usually viewed and visited by series lovers. Whether it be a newly released movie or an old TV show, you will get it all on the site. Talking about the torrent download library, it’s pretty enormous on CMoviesHD.

The user interface is not only elegant but looks appealing to users. The black color of the interface that comes with fast loading speeds makes CMoviesHD one of the users’ top picks. Because of the best database of TV shows, series, and movies, it’s a tremendous YTS alternative. You can always consider it a priority.


20-123Movies– An AD-Free Torrent Site

Who likes ads and popups while watching the movie? No one, right? and you are not an exception. If you are bored of all those annoying popups and ads on torrent sites, we have come up with a place with all the features under the Sky and does not have any advertisements or popups. It’s one of the best YTS alternatives in the market. Although the site’s name is pretty random and strange, the site is not like its name. It’s something worth trying.

The only ads that you will see on the site are the external TV ads that appear before watching a movie or a show. There are no other blocking scenes or ads while watching a movie. Moreover, you can also watch the trailer before watching the movie. This will save you from later regret.



21۔ Watch Movies Online Free– Best Online YIFY Alternative

Watch Movies Online Free

Watch Movies Online Free is just as the name says. It allows the users to watch almost all movies without paying a single penny. The interface of the site is pretty reasonable, and the area is nearly straight to the point. As the name suggests, this store insight comes with an efficient search bar, which makes the process of looking for a movie or a show relatively easy.

Talking about the site’s interface, it’s pretty simple and free of any interruptions and complications. In a way, this is a good thing because, in the end, it is high-quality content and movies that matter.

22۔ Netflix’s– Top Site to Download Content

Netflixs-YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

Netflix is a name that does not need any introduction, but it’s not Netflix. This is Netflix, which is a torrent site and a tremendous Yify alternative. But before getting into further detail, let me ask you a question. Can you spend a few minutes signing up for a website? If your answer is yes, Netflix is for you. I understand that most people hate signing up again and again, but when you’re signing up for such an elegant site, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

It makes sense to all the users to be signing up to a site that is offering content without any single penny. You can access good quality movies and 4K HD streaming. In case you log into the site, you can get all the content available there without going through any further hassle.

23۔TorrentGalaxy– A World of Movies and Shows


TorrentGalaxy is another fantastic YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. As the name suggests, this site provides users with top movies and shows for 24 hours. There are no limitations on the site regarding time and date. You can visit the site and access your favorite movies and shows whenever you want. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to get content.

You can get a vast range of content belonging to different categories. The only thing you need to keep in mind before moving towards this site is that it requires you to sign up. But the whole process of signing up is pretty hassled-free, and all your information will be safe here. That’s why you can avail yourself of the fantastic content on this site without worrying about your privacy and security.

24۔Torrent9– Best Yify Replacement for Documentaries

torrent 9

Torrent9 is a torrent site that will provide you with access to almost all the famous documentaries out there. You name it, and they have it. Whether it be the latest cinema release or a few decades old contents, Torrent9 has it all. It’s an incredible YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives. In addition to this, all the content from movies to Tv shows and documentaries on the site is available in good quality.

All you need to do before accessing the content available on the site is to register here, and the whole process of registration and signing up is relatively straightforward. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up right now and watch your favorite documentaries and movies in high-quality.

25۔ Popcornflix– A different site like YTS

Popcornflix- YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites

Popcornflix is another torrent site on the list but is not any other site. The catalog of Popcornflix is different from all other sites in the market. The titles that are used on this site are not seen anywhere else. It’s more like true heaven for real cinema lovers. If you are a fan of cinema, especially the old cinema, this is the best pick for you. You can get almost all the movies that are not found anywhere else here.

Another amazing thing about Popcornflix which is one of the greatest YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives is the filter available here. This makes searching for your desired movies and shows much more manageable. You can also find the film you are looking for based on the genres and different categories. The best part is that you don’t need to sign up or register here before accessing the content.

Is YIFY not legal?

YIFY has been shut down previously due to the illegality of the site. The fate of this site was similar to The Pirate Bay. If we think about it, offering the protected content such as movies or shows in the form of data is the same as stealing someone’s book and write and publish a book with your name using it. It’s no less than trespassing, which is against the law.

Accessing YTS using VPN

YTS and other such websites are accessed by using a VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. After you are done downloading and activating a VPN on your device, this will create a secret tunnel from you and puts you through it. It gives you an anonymous IP and shields the original one. In this way, you will be able to access blocked or restricted websites.

Best VPNs to Access YTS


It is one of the most secure and trusted VPN services available. Surfshark is equipped with the AES-256-GCM data encryption method and offers extreme reliability. Before paying for the VPN, you can sign-up for the 30-day free trial and check out if it’s working well. The best thing about this VPN is that it allows numerous connections from a single device. The price of Surfshark is also pretty reasonable.


This is another reliable VPN that is mostly used for accessing YIFY. It is a bit expensive as compared to Surfshark. Moreover, it allows users to connect six devices from a single account. You have to pay $3.22 for premium access.

Some other trusted and reliable VPNs are Cyberghost, Zenmate, Browsec, ExpressVPN, Private VPN, etc.

Bottom Line

The 25 YIFY Torrent Movies – YTS Alternatives, Proxy/Mirror Websites mentioned above will help you access your favorite content without worrying about the blocked or restricted sites. It’s hard to admit, but it is a fact that torrent sites keep getting down and discontinued over and over again. There is no point in sitting idle and waiting for your favorite site to come back on the internet too. Instead, it would help if you always kept some sites for a backup. We have done the hard bit for you by picking out the most famous YIFY alternatives in the market. The rest is on you now. Use VPN and proxy sites and access the shows and movies of your choice via these sites.


i. What does YTS mean?

YTS is a torrent website. YTS Drove from the owner name Yiftach.

ii. What does YIFY mean

YIFY or YTS is the torrent websites. YIFY later modified its name to YTS.

iii. What is YIFY Movies?

YIFY is a torrent site. Due to some reasons, it had to change its name to YTS. This site enables the users to upload movie files in high quality for other users to download. In this way, the users can avoid going to theatres.

iv. What is the best YTS proxy?

We have provided you with a good list of the 25 best YTS proxy sites.

V. Is using YIFY safe?

Yes, it is pretty safe to use this site.

Vi. Do you always need a VPN to access YIFY?

It is always recommended to use a VPN to access any torrent website out there.

Vii. How does YIFY work?

Any user can upload good quality movies and other users can download that movie.

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