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Best DocuSign Setup Guide
Best DocuSign Setup Guide


10 Best DocuSign Setup Guide Alternatives online in 2022

What is DocuSign Setup Guide?

DocuSign is a service and technology for electronic signatures. DocuSign offers user identity management, authentication services, and electronic exchanges of signed documents.

All DocuSign activities within Catalytic are made possible by this integration, including the actions DocuSign: Transmit an envelope from a template and DocuSign: Upload and send a document for signatures.

Integrations are enabled for each team and may only be configured by Admin users. See our General Integration Information page for a description of integrations and some advice on setting up new integrations.


  • Sign without a pen or paper online.
  • Write your signature or type and choose one.
  • Get rid of the expenditures associated with printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting.
  • Get document signatures in seconds as opposed to days.
  • To make it simple for clients to see where to sign, drag & drop tags.
  • Worldwide email service with 39 language options
  • From your secure cloud account, you may access all signed papers.
  • Check the status to discover who has and has not signed.
  • Print or download anything from anywhere and on any device.
  • DocuSign documents are enforceable in court.
  • There is a complete audit trail kept.


  • You can manage sequential and multiple receivers. With the help of this function, you can target numerous customers at once.
  • The audit trail certificate and the complete history are available.
  • There are personalizable reusable templates. Additionally, you can add unique branding to your documents.
  • E-signing and offline sending are both major pluses.
  • You can use a tagging system to indicate to recipients where they should sign the document.


  • DocuSign’s requirement for recipient verification makes it less advantageous than competing electronic signature applications in this regard. The recipient can use an RSA ID check or the phone to confirm their identity. Both are pricier.
  • The software is a little costly compared to other similar items on the market.
  • Community-based assistance is a fee-based service. You will have to pay extra for email, chat, and phone assistance.

10 Best DocuSign Setup Guide Alternatives

1. Juro:


In DocuSign alternatives, Juro is an all-in-one contract automation platform that enables users to create, evaluate, negotiate, administer, and renew contracts in a single centralized workspace and sign them. Juro aims to assist forward-thinking legal counsel and the teams they enable to agree and manage contracts more efficiently throughout the contract lifecycle, not just at the eSignature stage, in contrast to many DocuSign alternatives that only concentrate on boosting efficiency at the point of signing.

DocuSign provides fewer features than Juro due to its end-to-end functionality, as DocuSign lacks features like a rich text editor, natural language Q&A, approval workflows, and in-depth insight into contract statistics. Therefore, Juro is a better and more complete option than DocuSign and most other signature firms if you’re searching for a DocuSign substitute that can bring value at every level of the contract process.

2. Adobe Sign:

Adobe Sign

Users may read, send, and sign PDFs online with Adobe Sign, an online, cloud-based eSignature solution part of Adobe’s extensive array of business products. Customers prefer Adobe Sign due to its quick, practical, and trustworthy electronic signature capabilities and its well-known brand.

However, DocuSign and some other Adobe Sign rivals have some capabilities that Adobe Sign does not, such as customizable templates and a few well-liked connectors. Adobe Sign might not be your first pick if your company requires these characteristics in an eSignature platform.

3. eSignly:


For companies that only require stand-alone eSignature capabilities, eSignly is a popular option. It is one of the famous for having a user-friendly interface and being quick, easy, and economical to get documents signed.

eSignly is ideal for businesses looking for a low-cost electronic signature solution, although it is relatively simple. It also offers a pricing model that enables multiple users within one team to have different levels of access to suit their needs while remaining connected on the platform. Administrators can thus purchase access to the Business plan, while other team members who need less access and capability can continue using the Pro or the Free method. Since most DocuSign rivals only provide a single fee for an entire team, this flexibility sets eSignly apart from the competition.

4. PandaDoc:


PandaDoc, like Juro, stands out from many other DocuSign rivals since it provides a complete contract management solution rather than just simple eSignature features.

In addition to supporting electronic signatures, PandaDoc users can create documents, set up approval workflows, and add internal comments to contracts. This makes it one of the complete contract workflow solutions available. Once more, companies wishing to go beyond DocuSign’s basic eSignature capabilities and discover a product that can offer value at all phases of a contract will benefit greatly from this kind of solution.

5. OneSpan Sign:

OneSpan Sign

An eSignature system that offers excellent value for electronic signature functionality is OneSpan Sign, formerly known as eSignLive. OneSpan Sign focuses on providing a pleasant and frictionless user experience for senders and signers wishing to complete transactions online, and it accomplishes this. Some DocuSign counterparts are eager to give more functionality.

For corporations and legal teams who wish to set up approval workflows or encourage more collaboration on documents, OneSpan Sign can be difficult to use due to its heavy emphasis on eSignature solutions. Because of these factors, OneSpan Sign is a superior option for companies searching for a system that does eSignature basics well.

6. Zoho Sign:

Zoho Sign:

A safe and easy way to sign, send and manage documents is provided by Zoho Sign. By allowing users to specify the signing order when sending an agreement to multiple recipients, Zoho Sign is one of the DocuSign alternatives that aim to improve business and legal teams’ control over the contract workflow. This ensures that documents are received and signed on each recipient’s terms.

This is comparable to the power users of Juro have over contract signing. Zoho Sign is more likely to be helpful to users who only need an electronic signature solution because it is still far from being the whole contract solution many legal teams want.

7. Dotloop:


Dotloop is a platform designed with the real estate sector in mind. Rather than just being an eSignature tool, Dotloop markets itself as a whole transaction solution. This distinguishes the program from several other DocuSign substitutes that only offer electronic signature features. Dotloop is far more appealing to the real estate sector given the added, industry-specific capabilities it provides agents and brokers. Still, it has less to offer firms that require all-encompassing contract solutions for other departments.

Dotloop is definitely a better option for those in the real estate industry, but DocuSign is a more practical option overall.

8. SignWell:

Another DocuSign substitute that complies with domestic and international eSignature regulations is Signwell, formerly Docsketch. The system offers audit reports, templates, and fundamental document workflows in addition to basic eSignature features.

With SignWell, a cloud-based electronic signature service, users can create processes for various documents, such as sales proposals, bids, and estimates, which can then be submitted to the platform for approval. If you don’t need a straightforward eSigning process, it’s much less expensive than DocuSign and offers decent value.

9. HelloSign:


An easy solution to electronically request and append legally-binding signatures to contracts and other documents are promised by the Dropbox subsidiary HelloSign. For simple signing requirements, the well-known eSignature technology offers an affordable choice.

For business users who require a trustworthy eSignature solution at a reasonable price, this DocuSign alternative provides a wide range of features, including but not limited to complex conditional fields and the ability to create document templates.

10. SignRequest:


Another inexpensive DocuSign alternative is SignRequest. Businesses wishing to get legally binding electronic signatures can easily do so with the help of SignRequest’s eSignature platform. Customers can upload files and add fields using the user-friendly interface’s drag-and-drop functionality, just like DocuSign.

SignRequest is an excellent option for organizations searching for a straightforward eSignature product due to its inexpensive cost, lack of specialist features, and convenience. It probably won’t be the best option for teams who want to do more than just sign contracts.

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