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12 Best Soul Anime Alternatives to watch online in 2022

Best Soul Anime Alternatives
Best Soul Anime Alternatives

What is Soul Anime?

Soul anime is a website that allows viewers to watch anime for free online. The URL has been changed numerous times over the past few years as a result of the website being prohibited. Users may watch online anime episodes and series including Black Clover, Dragon Ball Heroes, and New Fairy Tail. On this website, you can view the most recent anime updates. Additionally, you can look up anime that you want to watch. The soul anime has almost all of the videos readily available. This website offers a list of anime, as well as information about completed anime and random anime.
Anime can be found in a variety of subgenres, including action, fantasy, aliens, assassins, auto racing, Bishoujo, Bishounen, comedy, demons, drama, ninja, parody, and tournaments. science fiction, vampire, horror, thriller, chicks with guns, etc.


  • Has effective anime categories.
  • There is coverage of many genres.
  • There are both free and paid plans.
  • A big library of anime movies and series


  • It is safe to use the Soul-Anime software.
  • The help from Soul-Anime is excellent.


  • The advertising irritate me.
  • The premium version requires a subscription.

12 Best Soul Anime Alternatives

1. AnimeUltima:


There are numerous sections of AnimeUltima’s page. Each area is devoted to a specific category, such as the most recent episodes, the year’s most popular shows, all-time favorites, and the most technologically advanced anime added. There are no adverts on the website’s front page.
You can look for a certain piece of content to watch using the search bar. The site has roughly 3 million visitors each month, with the majority of them coming from the US, Brazil, and the UK.

2. KissCartoon:


Users can view free cartoons and anime series on KissCartoon, one of the Best Soul Anime Alternatives websites. Because it categorizes the series for users and updated frequently, the website is well-liked by fans of anime.
If you want to be notified every time a new anime or cartoon is uploaded, sign up as a site member. Users get the greatest online anime streaming experience possible thanks to this. The homepage of the website is designed with adverts on both sides. If you select a new video, pop-up advertisements will also appear.

3. GoGo anime:

GoGo anime

Another fantastic choice for individuals who don’t want to pay to watch anime online is GoGo anime. Some shows are available for free internet viewing.

The fact that this website provides so much free stuff that other websites do not is its biggest feature. You may access all of the anime collections based on different manga sources and genres as well as your favorite material.

4. CartoonsOn:


A website connected to Soul Anime is called CartoonsOn. Users can get popular animated shows and cartoons for free. However, because there is only certain stuff to watch, anime lovers do not frequently visit this website.

Only well-known animated shows and cartoons are accessible for viewing. The site’s database isn’t particularly large. The website’s excessive ad count on the homepage is another drawback. All of these issues result in low traffic to the website.

5. AnimeFLV:


One of the most well-liked Soul anime alternatives is AnimeFLV. It is typically regarded as the originator of websites that offer anime content. The site’s drawback is that it only supports Spanish-language anime films and television shows.

The website is extremely optimized and has an easy-to-use layout. Users can watch videos uninterrupted by buffering.

6. Anime Heros:

Anime Heros

In the world of online cartoon streaming, Anime Heros is a site that is almost new. All of the most recent and well-known anime may be found on this website in high definition. HD+ definition videos are available for viewing. It offers a warning feature that informs viewers when new web series and movies are released. Its user interface is simple to use.

7. Anime Freak:

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is an additional choice to Soul Anime. Series can be viewed by genre. The website features a wide variety of genres. The platform of the website is user-friendly and simple to use.
You won’t be able to buy anything if there are annoying pop-ups and display adverts. Watching videos in HD quality is simple and hassle-free. Every month, this website receives about 12 million visitors.

8. Animelab:


Online anime streaming is available for free at Animelab. Despite having viewers from all around the world, this website primarily caters to New Zealand and Australian users. It is possible to download the software for both iOS and Android devices. More than 25 authentic and distinctive categories are used to categorize the content on AnimeLab. Themes like LGBT relationships, love, and action are increasingly prominent.

9. OtakuStream:


Users of OtakuStream can watch recently released anime films and television shows. The website Best Soul Anime Alternatives includes a special function called light/dark that you may adjust depending on the time of day and night where you are.

On the homepage, there are no pop-up advertisements. Additionally, the user interface and experience are superb. Without any difficulties, you can watch anime movies and television shows online. By using your Facebook or Twitter account to log in, you can create an account. Approximately 15 million people visit the website each month. The US, UK, Canada, and Germany account for the majority of traffic.

10. Netflix:


After learning about the anime industry’s explosive expansion, Netflix lost no time in developing Watch Anime Online. There are now many anime titles available on Netflix, both dubbed and subtitled. There are many well-known anime series out there that you would like to watch.
The nicest thing about Netflix is that you won’t be distracted while viewing your favorite episodes by advertisements. It provides high-quality material, with the majority of the series and anime supporting HD and 4K resolutions.

11. AnimeTV:


Another great website where you can catch up on the most recent anime is AnimeTV. There are both subtitled and dubbed versions of the videos. You can therefore watch these films in any language you require. The sidebars on each side of the webpage are overflowing with pop-ups and advertisements.

The hub contains all of the most inventive anime shows. You can sign up right away by logging into your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Every month, the website has around 7 million visits, the majority of which are from the United States and the United Kingdom.

12. Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network

Among fans of anime, Cartoon Network is a well-liked alternative to Soul Anime for online anime viewing. Because its users already enjoy it, this website has an advantage over its rivals. There is a big selection of cartoons on this page. The availability of children’s online games on this website stands out as a distinguishing feature.
The website is of exceptional quality and has a framework that is very user-friendly. On this website, there won’t be any lag or playback issues. Every month, this website receives about 1 million visitors.


These are some top-notch Soul Anime substitutes for free anime streaming. You can watch anime online on a lot of other websites. You can peruse these choices and decide on the website where you wish to watch anime online.
You won’t find a number of features on the sites’ Soul Anime counterparts. We hope you enjoy these websites for online anime viewing.

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