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Best Android public speaking apps in 2021

public speaking apps

It’s very difficult standing up in front of a large crowd and delivering a speech. Regardless of how often you practice it, your nerves can in any case tie your tongue. The most ideal approach to keep this from happening is practice and tries to assume public speaking is a great fun. 

Figuring out how to expressive and hold yourself well is an extraordinary method to stop your fear of public speaking from dominating, particularly if your life or work spins around presentations, addresses, etc. in this article, Here are eight best mobile apps that can help you build your ability and confidence.

Metronome Beats

Probably the biggest error that individuals make when talking is deviating from their normal speed which frequently makes it hard to comprehend the substance. That’s why; numerous individuals often speak quicker during their presentations or speeches that aren’t realized by the speaker at that time. To better moderate talking speed, Pro Metronome is an apparatus that helps that guarantees the speed is kept at an agreeable level. 

In having the option to set the speed at which the metronome ticks, clients can change the speed which they are happy with talking, and end when the app gives a progression of indicators to look after speed. Through signs like light, vibrations, and sounds, people can more readily direct their speed during training and in any event, during live speeches. For instance, in rehearsing for an engagement speech, people can set up lights and sounds to hear the speed while during a live speech, vibrations can be utilized with the goal that the crowd doesn’t have the foggiest idea while the speaker can, still, keep the speed. Overall, it is a simple but very helpful app in dealing with your fear of public speaking.


public speaking apps

Another famous device that can be utilized to improve your speech is Orai which designs talking exercises just as precisely tracks different measurements to guarantee the most extensive level of correspondence viability. For instance, people can either free-form or upload their contents and afterward access different lessons from world-renowned speaking mentors. When the lessons have been finished, users would then be able to record their speech so, at that point, Orai uses advanced programming to comprehend the speech and make significant recommendations on approaches to improve. 

By having the option to tack measurements, for example, the occasion’s filler words are utilized, for example, “uh” and “like”, speed, and tone, app users can essentially expand the coherency of their overall speech. As perhaps the most developed app accessible in terms of having the option to improve speech and increment speech confidence, Orai is an absolutely significant app the individuals who wish to be ready for their next public speech.

By using Orai’s free seven-day trial period you can brush up your skills or it’s up to you, you can also pay for its training courses by experts for ongoing practice.

PromptSmart Pro

public speaking apps

Let’s be honest, it’s quite hard to remember the whole speech or presentation, especially if it’s on a very complicated subject, loaded with insights, and will in general run for in excess of a couple of moments. Rather than perusing off your slides, you can read through your cell phone. PromptSmart Pro transforms your cell phone into teleprompter. Utilizing exclusive voice recognition innovation, it rolls the content forward as you speak it. It can recognize when you’ve gone off content, for addressing public inquiries or to clarify something further, and prevents the guide from rolling onwards. Also, it follows your speed and doesn’t hustle you to completion.

Furthermore, you can go for notecards rather than long contents. You can make changes as you practice, if not compose entire speech on your phone. Shockingly, the app’s free form for Android just permits three-minute presentation, however, it’s nothing you can’t workaround.

Diction Exercises

public speaking apps

You can prepare your voice and expression with practices like some other expertise. Simply reading a book for all to hear warm your vocal cords and instructs you to describe with shading, speed, stops, etc. You could go to a mentor or discover a scope of tricks online for projection and charisma as well. 

Well, look at this free and convenient little app: Diction Exercises. It contains precisely that close-by tongue twisters to work out your mouth and improve the explanation. 

Aside from practicing an activity consistently, you could remember and apply your number one ones preceding every speech to ensure your words come out unmistakably. It might feel weird doing them in public; however, your crowd and your feelings will thank you for them.


public speaking apps

To get a vivid public speaking experience, VirtualSpeech is an app that allows clients to encounter virtual crowds through computer-generated simulation. Well, this arrangement requires a VR headset; it is the nearest reenactment of public speech that an individual can get without speaking before real individuals.

 In having the option to simulate a climate that closely likely the sensation of giving a real presentation or speech, users can beat their nervousness and become acclimated to being in such a circumstance without the pressing factor. By giving many distinct conditions including stages to meeting rooms, users can pick which explicit climate they might want to rehearse they contribute to expanding the simulation accuracy.

 Perhaps the best element of the app is that it precisely tracks visual and sound execution and afterward gives criticism on the most proficient method to improve. For instance, VirtualSpeech tracks metrics, for example, eye to eye connection, hesitation in presentation, and speed. Furthermore, various situations can be picked like meetings and even presentations that import the slides given by the users so that rehearsing adequacy is maximized. 

With these highlights, VirtualSpeech is perhaps the best apparatus that can be utilized to expand public speaking and confidence utilizing VR.

Word of the Day

public speaking apps

In the event that you like adding to your vocabulary, Word of the Day is another top decision. It concocts an enormous scope of English words consistently, with their definitions and pronunciations. 

However, you additionally will test your insight with tests and rivalries between many hundreds of individuals. What this offers public speakers is a fun and easygoing approach to assimilate new words, from regular slang to uncommon specialized terms. 

By the day’s end, this will prove to be useful when creating presentations for various objectives. Use Word of the Day sufficiently long and you’ll have the ideal words fly into your head for some given random circumstance.


public speaking apps

There are numerous difficulties to set up a speech, from picking the correct words to pronouncing them. Voice practices and a dictionary are also important. When battling a fear of speaking in public, increase your comprehension of the language you use and a lift in confidence will follow. Speakometer’s maximum capacity includes some significant price as well, yet, once again, your free choices are advantageous. 

For instance, you can rehearse a presentation with more than 200 English words. The app can likewise show you how to pronounce complicated terms. Simply type them in while perusing a content or composing a formal speech and afterward practice them until they become natural.

Vocabulary Builder

public speaking apps

Low confidence is a big fear of speaking in public. Having a vocal mentor and activities readily available can go far to boost your confidence; however, establishing a solid framework regarding vocabulary is even better. 

Utilizing Vocabulary Builder’s exercises and games between clients all throughout the planet can supplant your intuitive filler words, as “umm” and “er”, with more gainful ones. Overall, this app is totally free; you may receive more in return than Speakometer. 

At that point, you’re more averse to freeze if your mind goes clear in front of an audience. You can simply pull suitable words from your pool of information to keep your crowd or audience engaged, while you get your presentation in the groove again.

Last thoughts – try to overcome your Fear with Fun of Public Speaking

The key to any successful presentation or speech is to make it a good time for yourself and your crowd. Gets your public speaking abilities to a point where you don’t have to stress over them any longer. Simultaneously, consider how to make each project pop, regardless of whether casual or proficient. 

Try to add sound or visual guides. Play a fast game. Think of some fresh possibilities for approaches to simulate individuals’ minds and hold their consideration, yet without going overboard and obscuring the general purpose of the presentation. It’s a sensitive yet compensating balance.

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