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15 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms Of 2022

Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

Podcasts are one of the good marketing tools accessible when handled properly. Podcasts not only open up new revenue opportunities for your company, but they may also greatly increase the reach of your brand. However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your podcasts, you must choose the best podcast hosting platforms out there.

Research indicates that more than 100 million adults in America listen to at least one podcast each month and that in 2020, 55 percent of Americans will have listened to a podcast. I’ll wager that somewhere in there is where your audience is. Because of this, it is a great moment to launch a podcast as a method to interact with and involve your audience and effectively communicate with them.

What Are the Best Podcast Hosting Platforms?

There are numerous excellent sites for hosting podcasts, both paid and free. But how exactly can you choose the finest podcast hosting service for you when there are so many possibilities available to you? Finding the ideal podcasting platform is like Cinderella locating the ideal glass slipper.

Here is our list of the best podcast hosting services available right now to assist you in finding the solution and your “glass slipper.” Both paid and free podcast hosts are represented on this list.

1. RedCircle


A podcast hosting company called RedCircle provides cutting-edge technologies to enable creators of all sizes to increase their income. They provide a free plan for new podcasters as well as reasonably priced paid plans for those who want to advance in their quest to earn a job doing what they love.

With RedCircle’s monetization tools, podcasters can build their audio empires by expanding their listenership and generating revenue via subscriptions, advertising, and listener donations. To ensure that podcasters preserve their independence, there are no contracts or exclusivity requirements.

2. Transistor


Many well-known podcasts are powered by the reputable professional hosting service Transistor, which also offers high-quality hosting packages. The platform is one of the websites for hosting podcasts that provides a full complement of analytics tools, along with everything else you need to increase the number of listeners to your show. It also offers the option of private podcasting.

Transistor will automatically submit your audio to the top podcast directories, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, when you record it and upload it.

3. Spreaker


Everyone can host a podcast thanks to speakers. For podcasters, whether they are experts who regularly broadcast gobs of content or beginners who are just getting started, it is a one-stop-shop.

The platform’s web and mobile apps are made to make it as simple as possible for you to submit and share your podcast with its millions of users, as well as to connect with other podcasters and advertisers.



Because to its aggressive pricing and feature set, has quickly become one of the top podcast hosting sites, assisting thousands of podcasters worldwide in launching their shows.

Unlimited episodes, audio storage and downloads, sponsorship opportunities and revenue options, cross-platform analytics, a free podcast website, episode schedule, an embeddable podcast player, transcription tools, and more are what set apart from the competition.

5. Castos


Unlike other podcast hosting services, Castos is a fully functional podcast plugin for WordPress. It’s made for users who already use WordPress to power their websites. Simply register for the free plan trial, install the WordPress plugin on your website, and then upload your new episodes to the podcast section of your WordPress dashboard to get started.

Your podcast will be available on your website with a customizable media podcast player once you upload your audio files and add the description.

6. Captivate


You will not find a more user-friendly podcasting interface than this one. It’s excellent for new podcasters and provides tools for development, including private podcasting, a podcast player, and an option for limitless team members.

You may easily embed the podcast on your current website, or you can quickly construct your own podcast website using the platform’s free site builder. Any device can use the templates, and they include an email capture form that is great for adding individuals to your email list.

7. BuzzSprout


You can publish your audio recordings to all the top directories where people are looking for them by using BuzzSprout, a well-known podcast host.

You can possibly automatically reach millions of listeners when you join up for our specialized podcast hosting service because Buzzsprout feeds are compatible with directories like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

8. Podbean


With the all-in-one podcast hosting service PodBean, both amateurs and experts may quickly produce high-caliber audio files or host video podcasts. For good reason, it is at the top of our list of the best podcast hosts.

You don’t need any prior programming experience or substantial technical understanding to use our podcast hosting service. It comes with a free podcast website and is easy to use and comprehend right out of the box. One of the main reasons it ranks so highly on my list is how simple it is to use.

9. Firstory

Podcast Hosting Platforms

For new and seasoned podcasters alike who want to expand their shows, Firstory offers a generous all-in-one podcast hosting solution. They offer unlimited bandwidth and storage for free (even the free plan), which is typically a premium or restricted feature with many established podcast hosting options.

You only need to enter the podcast name, author name, cover art, and the first episode to launch a podcast on Firstory (usually a trailer). With only one click, you can immediately publish your episodes to popular directories like Spotify.



This is a free podcast host that provides limitless bandwidth, storage, and podcasts. Additionally, it includes a big list of features and shows for professional podcasters, which is crucial to many of the top podcast hosting websites.

Regardless of their technological background or skill level, anyone can publish, share, and track an episode using the dashboard since it is simple to use.

11. Simplecast

Podcast Hosting Platforms

Simplecast is a reputable platform for hosting podcasts, one of the best available today, and a platform for analytics utilized by many well-known companies, like Facebook, Nike, and Harvard University.

The platform is made for podcasters of all sizes, from the most popular to the most niche programs. This platform is perfect for newcomers attempting to grow an audience because you can publish and distribute your episode to millions with only one click.

12. Podcast Websites

Podcast Hosting Platforms

This podcast host is a fantastic choice for you to take into consideration if you are new to podcasting. Podcasters get access to completely responsive podcast hosting and security thanks to its straightforward procedure. Additionally, it has built-in statistics, 24/7 support, and daily backups.

The site has a sizable community of seasoned podcasters who may assist newcomers with podcast promotion and offer advice on ads, monetization, and other tactics.


Podcast Hosting Platforms

Unlike most podcast hosting platforms, our platform takes pride in putting your podcast on all major podcast networks, making it ideal for reaching large listeners whether you are brand-new or have years of expertise.

Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to begin producing, uploading, and disseminating your podcast.

14. PodcastGIANT

Podcast Hosting Platforms

In contrast to other podcast hosting platforms, PodcastGIANT creates your website. Learning how to set up hosting, themes, podcast feeds, etc. is not necessary.

Choose one of the unique themes, submit your content, and then relax as the PodcastGIANT team launches your full website. This is a great platform for new users who have no prior technical knowledge to create web pages or broadcast podcasts.

15. Resonate

Podcast Hosting Platforms

By hosting your podcast in the same location as your post-production, Resonate will help you save time. With just one click, you can effectively submit your podcast to all important directories.

The software also features a strong insights dashboard where you can check specific statistics and monitor your development. As soon as you join up, a podcast website is also automatically established for you.

What Features Should You Look For in  Podcast Hosting Platforms?

As you can see, there are many different podcast hosting services available. But what specifically should you consider when choosing?

Although it can seem like many podcast hosting services are similar on the surface, this is untrue. Each of them offers its own set of features.

Storage Capabilities

You need a podcast platform with audio storage capabilities and unlimited bandwidth whether you are just starting out or switching to a better podcast platform.

You should pick a platform with limitless storage and episode uploads to ensure that you never run out of hosting space because the last thing you want is to run out of room to save your audio files from the media host.

Website Integration

A podcast website serves as a hub for listeners to find hours of audio on all the information they need about your program, from learning more about your company to subscribing to the podcast and listening to the most recent episode.

Monetization Support

You’ll eventually want to make money off of your podcast. This means that your podcast host should assist with monetization. In the field of podcast monetization, significant strides have been made. Just make sure the host you pick provides technology and support for the monetization methods you intend to employ.

Podcast Hosting Platforms: Summary And Top Picks

This list took a lot of work to develop for my team and me. Before selecting which of these podcast hosting sites actually has the greatest tools for podcasting, we thoroughly looked through and investigated each one of them.

For example, you should consider the full range of the podcast hosting platform’s native features, the affordability and cost of subscriptions, the ease of use, any third-party integrations with website builders like WordPress, the availability of native analytic and content management tools, and the strength of the software’s monetization features.

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