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Top 10 Best Safety Apps For Android Devices In 2021

Best Safety Apps

You can face some situations in life, traveling to someplace alone on the bus, and facing a frightful condition.  Some taxi drivers may take you to the wrong place or act inappropriate, and you may have nowhere to go. In that case, you may not find it convenient or safe to contact your loved ones.

With the massive growth of technology, it is now easy to share your live locations via instant messaging apps, for example, WhatsApp and others. But they require internet; at times, you may run short of data, so it is better to settle this issue before it occurs. At present, there are many things available for the users to follow and get rid of these awkward situations.

List of Top 10 Best Safety Apps For Android Devices In 2021

Android is the most common mobile operating system in the world, and it provides some best safety apps to its users. The Google Play Store is the center of such apps, and you can simply download them to stay safe. Let’s not wait anymore and have a look at the list of best safety apps for Android.

1. Grannus




Grannus is specially designed for Women and Child safety, available on the  Google Play Store. The app is basically sponsored by the social organization strengthening women’s security, child safety, and medical emergency. However, this app is not much popular, as users are not aware of its importance. This app takes care of women’s safety and helps people in multiple ways to protect them.

2. iSharing




iSharing is one of the best safety apps based on GPS, which tracks your location and sends it to your family members. It uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS feature to share your exact location with your family and friends. The best thing about this app, it sends you a notification in real-time when a family member reaches or leaves a destination. You can even use this app to track your lost or stolen Android smartphones, thus reducing your worries.

3. WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide, which has replaced all other texting apps. It is not known for security but involves some valuable features to keep you safe and connected. Almost every smartphone users use this app, making it highly accessible, and it has brought billions of people together. WhatsApp app enables you to communicate with your friends and family members by voice chat, video, and voice call. However, it allows you to share your real-time location with other people on Whatsapp, you can set the timing of location sharing, and they will keep seeing your location during that time.

4. bSafe




You can take an idea from its name; this one of the best safety apps is made to ensure your security and safety.  Just download this app from the Google Play Store and stay in touch with your friends 24/7 without any hassle.  It offers many features, and the best thing is that it packs plenty of necessary elements for real emergencies and safety. Your other friends using bSafe can track your real-time location as this app utilizes your smartphone GPS.

5. Life360 Family Locator App


Life360 Family Locator App


Life360 Family Locator App is another one of Android’s best safety tools that you can use right now. It allows you to create circles, add your friends to this circle and monitor their locations on a confidential map. The map may belong to your family or friend circle; using this feature, you can check on your friend’s and family’s security. Moreover, you can also share your live location with family members or send them a warning at any given time.

6. Google Find My Device


Google Find My Device


Google Find My Device is specially developed to locate your lost or stolen Android smartphone. We have found this as a built-in app in Android smartphones, but you can also download it through the Google Play Store. Using this app, you can see your smartphone, tablet, or watch on a map. Not only the current location, but it also gives you access to the last known location, thus improving its service. In case your phone is stolen, you can download  Google Find My Device and erase data or block your device, which is a great feature. This is a great security app for those worried about the safety of their smartphones.

7. Earthquake -American Red Cross


Earthquake -American Red Cross


The application works as an emergency disaster management tool and provides you updates about recent and upcoming earthquake tremors.

This safety app is useful to people living in places that are sensitive to earthquakes. Moreover, it will remind you of an earthquake before, enabling you to prepare your family and home for any accident. It is placed in the list of best safety apps for its unique and handy features. You can download it if you live in an earthquake-prone area to avoid damage and stay safe.

8. Earthquake Alert!


Earthquake Alert!


This app is similar to the app mentioned above and notifies you when an earthquake occurs. So you can prepare your family and home, seek help, and tell others if you are safe and sound. It allows you to share your reports with USGS. The app is made for those living earthquake sensitive areas to save their lives.

9. Personal Safety


Personal Safety


Personal Safety is another app provided by Google and is the most helpful security tool with plenty of features. This application’s downside is that it is made for Pixel devices only and requires a Pixel smartphone to work. Users with Pixel smartphones can share their real-time location with their emergency contacts and set up a time for your phone to affirm if you are safe. It also sends you warning alerts about natural disasters and public emergencies, and much more.

10. S Health

S Health

This is one of Android’s safety apps that allows you to work up and keep your body fit and strong. The app contains the features of fitness apps and records and analyzes your everyday activities and habits to maintain a prosperous diet. It is related to safety because it makes people solid and healthy, thus allowing them to cope with issues and stay safe.


We have made a list of the best safety apps for Android that you can easily download via Google Play Store. All these apps aim to improve your living standards, and your smartphone is your guard now. You can choose the best option based on your work and needs. Suggest us any other best safety app if you know, until then Goodbye.


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