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Top 10 Best Transcription Services In 2024


At some point in our lives, most of us have had to type something up. Luckily, this was easy to do because many speech-to-text tools can do the job. However, these tools might only work well if they are accurate enough or if they have to deal with more complicated tasks like those in the medical or law fields.

This is where writing services for hire come in handy. A lot of the best transcription services can also be used instead of voice services.

Simply put, what you get is a third-party platform powered by AI that can identify voice and turn it into text that you can read. One thing that makes this kind of translation services business appealing is that they offer a manual review process to make sure the project is correct.

Top Transcription Services

This is something you can’t get with a regular speech-to-text engine. There are professional transcription services that can help you with all of these tasks, whether you need to transcribe movies or audio files, make closed captions, or record business meetings.

There are a lot more writing services online now than there were in the past. Because of this, finding a service that meets all of your needs can be challenging.

This article was made so you can think about this question for a short time. Since I’ve used a few copy services before, I think I can confidently suggest some of the best you’ll have the chance to try.

First, though, let’s look at some cool facts.







Following Is The List Of Best Transcription Services

#1) Rev

One of the fastest ways to transcribe audio and video.


Rev lets you do a lot of different kinds of transcriptions. Rev can be used to translate, add subtitles and labels, and do a lot more. Listen to or watch almost any kind of music or video, and Rev will write it down. The accuracy rate and response time are both very good, which may be why so many people like it.

Rev is also one of the few sites that lets you watch videos with subtitles in other languages. Rev lets you buy subtitles in 16 languages, which makes it perfect for movie fans and video makers who want to reach people all over the world.


  • Automatic Transcription Powered by AI
  • Live video caption for Zoom
  • Titles Translated Around the World
  • Closed Captions in English


  • Excellent accuracy
  • You can get subtitles in 16 languages.
  • Quick turn around


  • Some people may find it pricey.

Verdict: Rev is a well-known writing service that has changed in many exciting ways over the years. It’s one of the few services I know of that can translate subtitles around the world. Along with the quick turn-around time and low mistake rate, this makes it a pretty good transcription service.

Price: The transcription service starts at $1.50 per minute, and you can try it for free for 14 days.

Website: Rev

#2) EaseText

It works best for AI-based transcription.


EaseText is an excellent transcription service that works on Mac, Windows, and Android. The solution uses a powerful AI to correctly transcribe all kinds of video, audio, and picture files on both PCs and phones.

That being said, the program can transcribe in 24 languages right now. It also works very quickly to get text out of files that are posted. You can also change the text and add comments and pictures in a number of different forms before saving it on your device.


  • Based on AI
  • Change the transcribed file
  • Transcription in Bulk
  • Twenty-four languages can be used for writing.


  • Cross-platform help
  • No limit on transcription
  • Price flexibility
  • Fast


  • Results aren’t always correct.

Verdict: EaseText is very safe, very fast, and very simple to use. Any audio, video, or image file you post can have good text taken out of it in just three easy steps.


  • Private: $2.95 a month
  • Family: $4.95 a month.
  • Business: $9.95 a month

Website: EaseText

#3) Beey

The best way to make captions and subtitles of high quality.


Our team suggests Beey as an online service for people who need to transcribe their audio and video files quickly. 

Beey takes your video and audio files and turns them into text automatically. The transcription that is made is very accurate and can be downloaded in a number of different formats.

Additionally, you have the chance to proofread and change the text file before downloading it. Beey can transcribe in more than 20 languages right now. The tool can also be used to add captions and subtitles to your video files.


  • AI that can recognize the voice
  • Translation on its own
  • Going over and fixing mistakes
  • Making subtitles and captions


  • 20 languages can be used.
  • Lots of accuracy
  • Easy to use and ready to go


  • If you pay as you go, you can’t do batch transcription.

Verdict: Beey earns a spot on our list because of its automated capability to transcribe video and audio files and translate languages. It is easy to use, accurate in its transcription, and supports multiple languages.

Price: Beey charges 0.125 Euros for each minute of recorded sound. Contact the team to get a personalized price on a large amount of transcription work.

Website: Beey 

#4) Trint

The best for Another great business transcription service for groups that need to write a lot of text.


Trint uses advanced AI to quickly and accurately turn any kind of music or video into text. The online tools for working together that Trint provides make it great for business teams. You get tools like tags, highlights, comments, and more that you can use to work together on recorded content from anywhere.

Trint can copy in more than 30 languages, which is very impressive. This service is also perfect for companies that do business all over the world. If you make videos on sites like YouTube, you can use Trint to make closed captions for your movies that you can change. Trint’s built-in protection is also very good.

With Trint’s ISO-certified security system, it will be easy to control who can see what and store your information safely.


  • It is easy to copy live content from audio, video, and zoom files.
  • A set of tools for working together and changing files
  • Anyone can see the transcriptions you’ve made with just a few clicks.
  • Put together texts to make a script.


  • Fast turn around
  • Record live content
  • Edit at the same time as your team
  • Integration with Adobe Premier Pro


  • With the enterprise plan, you can only get advanced analytics and reports.

Verdict: When you need to turn any kind of video or audio file into correct text, you can use the Trint service. The price is low, the work is done quickly, and the shared tools are some of the best I’ve seen on the market. So, I strongly suggest that you work with Trint.


  • Starter: $48 a month per person,
  • Advanced: $60 per person per month
  • You can get a custom business plan
  • You can try it for free for 7 days.

Web address: Trint

#5) Scribie

Pay-as-you-go services for both human and automated transcription are the best.


There is an online service called Scribie that can do both human and automatic transcriptions for you. One great thing about its service is that it promises 99% correct work and a return time of no more than 36 hours. I’m happy to say that Scribie keeps both of these vows.

The prices are open. For example, it’s cheaper to transcribe clear audio files with an American voice than to transcribe audio files with a lot of accents and broken sounds. Also, getting Scribie’s help is a very easy process. After you send your file, pick a plan, and make a payment, you’ll get a text file in Doc format back before the due date.


  • Editor for text in a browser
  • SRT and VTT files are given
  • Time coding for audio
  • Tracking the speaker


  • Rate of 99% accuracy
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Choice between work that is done by hand or automatically


  • Only services that transcribe English

Verdict: Scribie can only copy in English, not French or Spanish like Trint. It does offer 99% accuracy and a faster turn-around time, though. You can also pick between services that are done by hand and those that are done automatically. Because of this, it deserves this top spot on my list.


  • Automated: $0.10 per minute
  • Paid For hand: $0.80/min.

Web address: Scribie

#6) Amberscript

It works best for transcription and subtitling.


Another service that does both typing and subtitling without making mistakes is Amberscript. You can use Amberscript to turn video and music files into clean text. As of right now, the service can transcribe in more than 39 languages. The time stamps on the files you get make it easy to look them over.

Of course, you can share, edit, and make changes to your files in Amberscript’s cloud-based environment. Amberscript does more than just transcription. They also provide labels and subtitles in more than 39 languages. You can be sure that your work will be turned in on time since AI helps make captions and summaries.


  • Transcription by Computer and by Hand
  • Both manual and automatic subtitling
  • Change and Edit Transcribed Text
  • Safe storage of information


  • There are both automatic and manual ways to transcribe.
  • 39 languages to offer its services.
  • Quick turn around


  • You might have trouble with music that has a lot of accents.

Verdict: It’s clear that Amberscript is a full-featured service provider because it lets you choose between manual and automatic transcription and subtitling. Being able to get help in more than 39 languages is reason enough to use Amberscript as your writing service.


  • $8 for an hour of music or video that you pay for ahead of time
  • It costs $25 a month to subscribe.
  • $1 per minute for manual work

Web address: Amberscript

#7) Temi

This is the best for advanced speech recognition.


Temi should be at the top of your list if you want to find cheap automatic transcription services. Some of the biggest names in business have used the Temi tool. Temi’s amazing advanced speech recognition technology is a big reason for its popularity.

This process only takes five minutes, and Temi turns speech into clear writing. It can take any video or audio file and turn it into text that is very close to the original. The papers that were sent back have speakers and timestamps on them. This makes it very simple to look over and change these files.


  • Editor in Chief
  • Your own timestamps
  • Identifying the speaker
  • Getting transcripts


  • Great app for phones
  • Easy to edit
  • Get transcripts in a number of different forms


  • It’s not as accurate as some of the tools I already talked about.

Verdict: Temi is a great online transcription service because it has a fast and powerful speech recognition system. It can pull out clear text from movies that are very hard to understand or have a lot of accents. The accuracy rate is between 90 and 95%, which isn’t as great, but Temi makes up for it with powerful editing tools.


  • From $0.25 per minute of music
  • Trial transcript for free in less than 45 minutes

Website: Temi

#8) TranscribeMe

Best for Transcription Services That Follow HIPAA Rules.


The fact that TranscribeMe’s writing services are HIPAA-compliant is something that the company takes great pride in. Because of this, TranscribeMe is one of the best services for the medical field that needs to transcribe important material. TranscriptionMe’s service is a mix of AI speech recognition and human help.

This combination lets the business do good work in less time and for less money. TranscribeMe also offers its services in more than 14 languages, which makes it a good choice for businesses that do business all over the world.


  • Transcription based on machine learning and AI
  • You can get timestamps and speaker IDs.
  • Compliance with HIPAA
  • Annotation of Data

Verdict: TranscribeMe can provide very accurate work at a very low cost because it follows HIPAA rules and employs both humans and smart AI. I can suggest this service for a wide range of needs, from legal and medical transcription to market research transcription.

Price: Get a price by calling

Website: TranscribeMe.

#9) TranscriptionPanda

The best thing about this service is how clear it is about prices and services.


There is also TranscriptionPanda, which is a very famous professional transcription service that does good work for hospitals, law firms, non-profits, and media companies. They have a team of experienced transcriptionists who work nonstop to make sure that you get your transcripts on time and without any mistakes.

TranscriptionPanda has a service that is done by hand only. A very good method is in place so that every transcript is checked for accuracy several times before it is given to the client. They take all types of video and music files. They will also help you add captions to your YouTube movies.


  • 98 to 100% Accuracy
  • In two working days, turn around time
  • Translation in sound
  • Transcription Word for Word

Verdict: TranscriptionPanda does all of their transcriptions by hand. The work is turned in in five days and has few to no mistakes. TranscriptionPanda is one of the best services for transcribing videos and music because of this and the fact that the company is completely honest about its prices.

Price: As low as $0.79 per minute of recording.

Website: TranscriptionPanda.

#10) Sonix

Best for audio and video recording services with all the bells and whistles.


The business recording service Sonic is jam-packed with useful tools. Sonix can turn any kind of video or music into text that can be read because it has great automatic transcription features. This service also makes it easy to share, play, and change the texts.

Sonix can transcribe in more than 30 languages right now. You can also contact Sonix to get automatic captions for videos, which you can then change and improve as you see fit. It also works well with a lot of other programs, such as Zoom, Premiere Pro, and many more.


  • Machine Transcription
  • Automatic writing of subtitles
  • Editor in Chief
  • Amazing tools for working together

Verdict: Sonix is a full package that works well for quick automatic transcription. It works great with other third-party tools, which makes it a great service for transcribing video, audio, and music. I would suggest it to businesses and content creators alike.


  • Pay $10 an hour and go as you please.
  • Extra: $5 an hour
  • You can get a custom business plan

Website: Sonix


As you can see, writing is important for many reasons. Transcription services are useful for many things these days, from making text searchable to adding closed captions to movies. There are times when the act of typing itself is boring and annoying. Thanks to modern technology, there are many service providers who can do these tasks perfectly.

I’ve put some of these names on this list. Whether you’re looking for automated transcription services, options that you do by hand, or a mix of the two, one of the tools above can solve your problem.

Trint is the company I would recommend if you want to quickly record audio and video files in more than 30 languages.

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