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Top 10 Best Email Blast Services In 2024


Bulk Email Service is the way for the business to reach out to new groups of people or possible customers by sending a lot of emails at once.

These services will help people get emails to the right place. It helps to get people to come back more often. People may come 70% more often because of it.

Challenges with Blast Emails

The hardest thing about sending a lot of emails is making sure they don’t get marked as spam. Other problems include:

  • Getting more people to open your emails.
  • Sending personalized emails.
  • Making sure that your emails work best on all devices and email apps.

These problems can be solved with the features and functions of bulk email services.

Following Is The List of the Best Blast Email Services

#1) Brevo

It is the best for small to big businesses.


Price: Lite ($25 per month), Essential ($39 per month), Premium ($66 per month), and Enterprise ($100 per month). You can send up to 300 emails a day for free.

Brevo has tools for marketing via email, text message, chat, transactional email, marketing automation, and more. It can be used for marketing, managing contacts, automating marketing, making reports, and making transactions.

Brevo has CRM tools that will help you get to know your customers better and build stronger relationships with them. In the same way, segmentation tools will make engagement better by letting you send emails to specific groups of people.


  • You can quickly make emails with Brevo’s drag-and-drop email maker.
  • The tool lets you change the material to fit your needs, like adding the name of a contact.
  • It has tools for tracking, landing pages, signup forms, and Facebook ads.
  • It helps you send emails at the best time by using machine learning to improve the send time.

Conclusion: With the paid plans, Brevo doesn’t put any limits on the number of emails sent each day. Even with the free plan, you can have as many friends as you want.

Website: Brevo

#2) SMTP

Best for medium-sized to big businesses


Price: There are four plans based on price. This plan costs $25 a month and lets you send and receive 50,000 emails. For $80 a month, the primary service lets you send and receive 100,000 emails. The Growth plan costs $300 a month and sends 500,000 emails. For $500 a month, the Business plan lets you send 1,000,000 emails.

I would suggest SMTP to anyone who wants a great service for communicating and sending emails. SMTP users benefit from an infrastructure that is very responsive and scalable, so it can easily meet the email volume needs of any business.

Also, SMTP promises to be up 99% of the time. Since there is no latency, you will get very fast email writing speeds and high deliverability rates. The tool is also great at managing ISPs. It constantly looks for spam to keep delivery rates as high as possible.


  • Expert Help in-House
  • Both shared and dedicated IP
  • Reporting in detail
  • API for Email Relay

Verdict: SMTP guarantees the highest deliverability rates, 99% uptime, and no delay. These are the things you need to send a lot of emails every month quickly and easily to step up your email marketing game.

Website: SMTP

#3) ActiveCampaign

It works best for marketing firms, small businesses, and marketing professionals.


Price: The Lite Plan costs $9 a month, the Plus Plan costs $49 a month, and the Professional Plan costs $149 a month. Every plan is paid once a year. You can also get a unique business plan. ActiveCampaign is free to use for 14 days.

Because ActiveCampaign can automate so much of email marketing, it is without a doubt one of the best bulk email marketing tools on the market right now. It’s easy to make a lot of personalized messages, and then you can set them to go immediately to the right person on your list.

You can quickly send one-time email campaigns to one or more people, depending on how you set up automation. In addition, you can set up scheduled emails to be sent when people do certain things on your website.

A simple but complete website also makes it easy to keep track of all your email campaigns and see how they’re doing.


  • A drag-and-drop email creator makes it easy and quick to make an email campaign.
  • You can set an email to be sent at a certain time and date.
  • Send targeted emails by putting friends into groups.
  • Detailed reports on email open and click rates will help you figure out how well your email efforts are doing.
  • Verdict: ActiveCampaign is the right tool for you if you want an automatic tool that makes your email marketing tasks much easier. This platform makes it easy to send and handle a lot of emails by automating tasks that are simple to set up. Businesses and people who work in marketing should try this tool.

Website: ActiveCampaign

#4) HubSpot

This is the best for small to big businesses.


Price: HubSpot’s business tools are free. Marketing Hub has three plans: Starter, which costs $40 a month, Professional, which costs $800 a month, and Enterprise, which costs $3,200 a month.

Email business Software from HubSpot lets you make, customize, and improve business emails. You can change the style, add images, and calls to action with the help of a drag-and-drop editor that is easy to use. With A/B tests and analytics, you can make your email promotions work better.

The A/B tests will let you know which subject lines get the most clicks. You can look into the data more deeply to get conversion rates when you’re making new tests.


  • You’ll be able to quickly write email messages. You can see these campaigns on any screen and they will look like they were made by professionals.
  • It has a drag-and-drop interface that is simple to use.
  • It lets you make the emails more personal and plan the email strategy.
  • It gives thorough analytics on engagement.

Verdict: HubSpot will help you turn website viewers into leads for free to begin with. The HubSpot Marketing Hub is marketing software that does everything.

Website: HubSpot

#5) Constant Contact

Best for people and small businesses.


Price: The tool can be tried out for free with Constant Contact. It comes with two price plans: Email (starts at $20 per month) and Email Plus (starts at $45 per month).

Constant Contact has a drag-and-drop tool that can help you make emails that work on mobile devices. If someone clicks on something in the tool, it can send a number of emails to those contacts. For sending the right messages, you can divide your friends into groups. It lets you automatically send emails to people who don’t open them.


  • Constant Contact has powerful tools for making lists.
  • It has tools for making and changing emails.
  • It has tools for making lists, managing lists, and splitting lists into groups.
  • Constant Contact has tools for tracking emails, making sure they get delivered, A/B testing, and a marketing plan.
  • You can see the effects of your email marketing right away.

Verdict: Constant Contact has a lot of advanced features, such as automated event marketing, polls, and coupons. Your contact lists can come from Excel, Outlook, and other programs. The contacts will be updated immediately with unsubscribes, bounces, and emails that aren’t being used.

Website: Constant Contact

#6) Aweber

The best for all companies, digital marketers, and agencies.


It is an email marketing and automation tool that gives you everything you need to start a successful email marketing campaign. With a drag-and-drop builder, a lot of ready-made templates, and a lot of free stock pictures, you can make emails for a wide range of uses in just a few minutes.

It is very easy to send a lot of emails at once with its automation, segmentation, and tagging tools. The tool lets you schedule messages, which means that emails will be sent immediately at a certain time and date.

Email segmentation helps you send emails to the right people, making sure they only see people who are likely to be interested in the message.

You can also sort your followers by tag to make sure that messages are sent to the right people.


  • HTML email themes that work on mobile devices.
  • More than 6000 free pictures to use.
  • Tags let you handle subscribers and divide emails into groups.
  • Simple to schedule emails.
  • Tests A and B.

Verdict: Aweber has been around for at least 20 years. It is still useful and all kinds of businesses use it for automation and email marketing, which should tell you how good it is. You should use this tool if you want to make beautiful landing pages and send useful emails.

Website: Aweber

#7) Omnisend

This is the best for small to big businesses.


Price: There are four plans: Free, Standard ($16/month), Pro ($99/month), and Enterprise (Get a deal). The tool can be tried out for free for 14 days.

Omnisend is a tool for emails and texts used for eCommerce. It already has automations set up for a number of platforms. You can drag and drop channels in a single process on this platform, which is very easy to use.

It has processes that are already set up, like the Welcome Series, Product Abandonment, Cart Abandonment, Shipping Confirmation, Order Confirmation, and more.


  • Omnisend has many tools for making professional and personalized campaigns, like email themes, a drag-and-drop content editor, campaign targeting, campaign optimization, and more.
  • It has the same features as A/B Split Testing.
  • It comes with a number of reporting tools, such as advanced reports, built-in message reports, and automation reports.

Verdict: Omnisend has strong email marketing tools. Campaign reports, campaign click maps, and advanced campaign data will help you figure out how interested your audience is in your emails. You can run email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and Push Notification campaigns all from the same site.

Website: Omnisend

#8) InboxPro

This is the best for small to large businesses.


Price: You can use InboxPro for free, but it only has a few functions. For $24 a month, you can use the Pro plan. The Advanced plan costs $49 a month, while the Growth plan costs $99 a month. You can also make your own plan.

InboxPro is a tool that really makes email marketing better at getting new leads. With the help of AI and automation, this tool makes it easier to get new email customers and keep them interested. You can count on InboxPro to make professional emails for you instantly.

The tool can also quickly recap the emails for you. The tool also gives you ready-made templates that you can use to make emails that get people to read them. You can also keep track of the emails you send. Like, you’ll be able to see right away who has opened and read the emails you sent. In addition, the tools have great reporting features.


  • Following emails
  • A dashboard that shows Gmail activity
  • Schedule and Calendar
  • Using AI to help make emails

Verdict: InboxPro is a reliable email service that can help you send business emails, improve the process of email lead generation, keep track of emails, and see everything that’s going on in your Gmail account. It’s inexpensive, safe, and easy to use.

Website: InboxPro

#9) Keap

The best for having a huge collection of ready-made email marketing templates



  • Lite: $75 a month
  • Pro: $165 a month
  • No more than $199 a month.

One of the best things about Keap’s email marketing management tool is that it has a huge library of templates, layouts, and styles. You can use these ready-made templates to make emails that are engaging and right for your business. When you put these themes together with Keap’s easy-to-use automation, you have a tool that will help you find and follow up with good leads.

Keap also lets you send custom emails based on how your contacts are organized. Keap automatically divides your contact list into groups based on information about your business, yourself, and how they behave. This lets you email prospects who are most likely to respond.


  • Send tailored and personalized emails based on how your contacts are structured automatically.
  • Lots of themes, layouts, and styles that are already made for you to pick from.
  • With the help of visual analytical dashboards, you can see how your email marketing strategy is doing right now.
  • Before sending a lot of emails, use A/B testing to see which one will work better.

Verdict: Keap is often thought to be one of the best email marketing tools. Keap is one of the best email marketing tools for getting good leads right now because it has a library of templates and can help you send custom emails.

Website: Keap

#10) InboxAlly

The best for marketers and businesses


Price: Users can choose from different membership plans for InboxAlly. It costs $149 a month for the basic plan. The Plus and Premium plans, on the other hand, cost $645 and $1190 per month, respectively. There is also a unique business plan available. For 10 days, you can use the tool for free.

InboxAlly is a tool that can help you fix or improve any name or IP’s ability to send emails. Email clients like Gmail and Yahoo learn from the tool that emails from your domain are important and should be delivered to a folder.

It keeps emails out of the spam and promotions areas, for the most part. You can set up multiple sender profiles with this tool to handle all of your IPs and Domains. You can also set your own sending times with it. Your sent emails can be tracked through an easy-to-use website.


  • It works with all email clients.
  • Make more than one sender page.
  • Pick an already-made engagement page or make your own.
  • Broadcast Auto-Find
  • Dashboard for tracking emails

Verdict: We would suggest InboxAlly to businesses and marketers who want to send a lot of emails and get more people to open them.

Website: Inboxally


Our top picks for bulk email providers are Brevo and Mailgun. SendPulse offers Automation 360 as a way to set up email loops that are sent when certain conditions are met. With ClickSend, you can send emails to a huge group at set times. SendBlaster has an HTML mode for coders.

Constant Contact is a bulk email service that lets you do things like automatically repeat emails to people who don’t open them. Commerce CRM is used by Drip to offer group email marketing services.

There is a free plan for Mailgun, Mailjet, SendGrid, SendPulse, and SendBlaster. With Mailgun and SendPulse, you can send a lot of emails for free every month. Mailjet and SendGrid both have plans with low prices.


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