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Top 15 Discord Music Bots Available Right Now

Discord Music Bots

Discord has shown to be a great platform for gamers over time. This feature-rich free audio, video, and text chat app is mostly focused on gaming. If you use Discord frequently, you may be familiar with Discord Bots.

Discord Bots are AI-powered tools that let you automate chores on your Discord servers, for those who are unaware. Using the platform, you may configure bots to carry out a number of helpful activities automatically on your server.

The greatest Discord music bots are included in this post, although there are many more Discord bots available online. Users can play and listen to music in the background while chatting thanks to Discord music bots.

Top Music Bots for Discord

Thus, you’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking to learn about the top Discord Music bots. Some of the greatest Discord Music bots for playing music on servers are listed below. Now let’s get going.

1. Hydra Bot

Hydra Bot

One of the best music bots for Discord available right now is Hydra Bot. It can stream high-quality audio to your Discord server without stuttering or pausing.

The invite button on Hydra’s official page must be clicked in order to add the bot to your Discord server.

When added, the prefix “.'” is required in order to play high-quality music. You can configure unique prefixes to gain access to the Hydra bot using the Discord music bot.

2. Fredboat


Fredboat is the only Discord Bot you need if you’re looking for one that can play free, high-quality music on your Discord server.

Playing music from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms is possible with Fredboat, a free music bot. Playlists and live streams are also supported by the Discord music bot.

To play the music directly, use the Fredboat command and enter the name of the song. No links are required.

3. MEE6


One of the best Discord music bots you’ll ever use is MEE6. It provides you with a graphic music player so you can manage the music played.

In terms of features, using the bot doesn’t require using any commands; you may drag and drop songs to rearrange them, click to play, pause, or skip them.

The main feature of MEE6 is its ability to play music from a variety of audio sources, including YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, and more. Additional features of MEE6 include volume increase, music searching, 24/7 playback, and a member voting system for their favorite songs.

4. ProBot


ProBot is a multifunctional Discord bot that can play music, provide detailed logs, display a welcome image to your members, and perform social requests.

ProBot’s music streaming feature lets you stream high-quality audio so that you can listen to music on your Discord server.

ProBot’s limitation is that it can only look up songs on YouTube. ProBot may be ideal if you can get used to it, as it provides a wealth of audio playback controls.

5. Aiode


Aiode is a Discord bot that plays music and is completely free and open-source. Discord music has a ton of features and is incredibly configurable.

Aiode allows you to search through playlists, YouTube videos, and Spotify music and play them straight on your Discord server. Making personalized cross-platform playlists with music from Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube is one of Aiode’s best features.

Aiode also has other capabilities like customizable bot attributes, role management for bot command access, custom player command creation, and more.

6. BMO


You can access HD music, gambling, games, memes, utilities, and more with BMO, a multifunctional Discord bot.

Because BMO concentrates on other areas as well, music is not its strongest point. Still, this is a fantastic Discord bot for finding and playing music.

There’s also a music queue option available to you. BMO’s somewhat more difficult orders are its lone drawback.

7. ChillBot


For those who enjoy lo-fi music, ChillBot might be the greatest Discord music bot. In case you didn’t know, Lo-Fi music is intentionally imperfectly recorded.

This one is a radio station that broadcasts live and plays Lo-Fi music all the time. Nevertheless, you are unable to play your playlists on the Chillbot because it is a radio station.

The Discord bot’s basic and user-friendly commands make it incredibly simple to operate. For those who enjoy lo-fi music, ChillBot is an excellent choice overall.

8. Champbot


Champbot is a Discord bot that makes using Discord more enjoyable all around. You can enjoy your favorite music with friends with the bot’s music feature.

Champbot offers additional helpful features, such as precise weather data for any city in the world, in addition to the music.

9. TREBEL Music Bot

TREBEL Music Bot

In case you’re unaware, TREBEL is a highly regarded application that enables everyone to enjoy and have access to music. You can play music on your server with its Discord music bot.

The TREBEL music app is simple to incorporate into your Discord Mobile. Just play a song or playlist on your server and attach TREBEL to your Discord Mobile app.

10. 24/7


The Discord bot’s name suffices to explain its actions. This is a fairly basic music bot for Discord that plays music on your server all the time.

For people who want to play music on their Discord servers continuously and uninterrupted, 24/7 might be perfect.

You can use this bot to queue music, make your own playlist, and play any individual song. It also enables you to host radio and live streaming.

11. Zandercraft


Zandercraft might be the best option if you enjoy listening to excellent music on Discord. This well-liked Discord music bot plays Hi-Fi and XHD quality music.

Regarding features, Zandercraft allows you to add songs to the queue, create playlists, and do a lot more.

You can use the /play (Song Name) command to activate the bot after it has been added to the Discord server. Other commands such as /randomdog to retrieve a random image, video, gif of a dog, etc., and /randommeme to retrieve and share a random meme from imgu are also available.

12. Vexera


One of the greatest and most highly regarded Discord music bots for your server is Vexera. Over 1.5 million Discord servers are currently powered by the music bot on the platform.

When it comes to music streaming, Vexera lets you listen to music in high definition from sites like Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and Vimeo. There is no audio latency or buffering when playing music.

Like many other Discord music bots, Vexera allows you to make playlists, customize user welcome and exit messages, and do a lot more. Vexera is an excellent Discord Music bot that is available for usage right now.

13. Chip Bot

Chip Bot

The Chip Bot is another Discord Music Bot that’s worth giving a try. You can play music from a variety of audio sources, including Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Spotify, and others, with Chip Bot.

Although it has a premium version, it is a free bot. Chip Bot’s premium edition gives you access to all premium benefits and comes with extra features including audio autoplay, volume adjustments, music filtering, vote lock bypass, and more.

Additionally, the free edition supports a wide range of server commands and offers many helpful and essential features.

14. Uzox


A free Discord bot with lots of premium features is called Uzox. Thus, Uzox can be your best option if you’re looking for a premium feature-rich music bot for Discord.

Uzox supports music streaming from multiple platforms, including SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube, just like all other Discord Music bots.

You may utilize a variety of free music filters by using Uzox. Uzox is renowned for its extensive customizability and seamless audio playback.

15. Jockie Music

Jockie Music

The last music bot on the list, Jockie Music, is also one of the most feature-rich ones you may use on your server. Jockie Music stands out for having the widest range of interoperability with music streaming services.

Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud, Spotify, and other music services are all supported with Jockie Music. In addition, it provides you with a few additional helpful features like 24-hour playback, high-definition streaming, playlist creation, and more.

To start listening to music, type the command “m!play” and then the name of the song or paste the song’s URL after the command. Additionally, you can alter the music with audio effects like karaoke, tremolo, bass boost, and 8D.

These are some of the top music bots for Discord that you

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