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Drone Parts List: What Are the Parts of a Drone?

Are you planning to build a drone but you are not sure where to start? You’re not alone. Building a drone involves diverse parts and installations. What you need in the beginning is a drone parts list for a better overview of your first drone building projects. Acknowledging these parts is not only essential for the build but it would be also helpful if you need to repair your drone.


First of all, a drone would need a frame that works as its chassis where you can install other components. However, there are various frames you can purchase in the market. You need to take the measurements and materials into account when choosing the frame. Ensure that the frame is sturdy but still light at the same time and feature built-in PDB (Power Distribution Board).


Drone use motors to spin their propellers and you’d need four of them but there is also a range of motors you can choose from. While pricing is a part of the consideration, Kilovolt or KV rating is the technical aspect you should ensure when choosing these versatile servo motors for your drone project. The higher the voltage, the more constant and higher RPM you can achieve but 1000 kV is recommended for your first project.

Electronic Speed Controls

Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) is the device to control the spin rate or RPM of your motors. ESC is one of the crucial parts required to make a drone as it ensures the motors spinning at the precise, constant speeds controlled from your remote controller or flying console. For standard functions, ensure the ESC is already installed with SimonK Firmware.

Flight Controller

The flight control board hosts core tasks of the drone including accelerometer and gyroscope. There are various boards available on the market for DIY drone parts list but it’s important to get the one that suits your project. The Gold Maestro is one of the recommended flight control boards for first-timers due to its fundamental functions, easy setup, and considerably affordable price.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver

You’d need a radio transmitter and receiver to control your drone through multiple channels. While there are standard 4-channel control boards, you may also consider the 8-channel radio for more flexibility especially if you want to upgrade your drone in the future. Ensure that the radio transmitter & receiver set compatible with your control board.


The common drones have four propellers in total including two R or pusher propellers and two standard propellers. These propellers on your drone parts list have different functions in flying your drone.

Standard props

The standard props spin counter-clockwise and track your drone up to the air. They also keep your drone floating constantly. The standard propellers are usually installed in front propeller housings. If your drone design is pretty much square, then decide the front and back sides. Carbon fiber is a great material for the propellers but the cheaper plastic propellers are still okay as long as they have precise designs and build quality.

Pusher props

The pushers spin clockwise to push and to back your drone when flying. You can use the slow flyer 9×4.7 pusher propellers from carbon fiber for your first drone as they’re ideal for most drones and widely available in the market. Whenever possible, get the compatible propeller sets.


Lithium Polymer or LiPo batteries are the common battery used to power drones. An 11 volt C rating LiPo battery contains three parallel cells @ 3.7 volts. This type of battery is recommended as it has moderate power but still lightweight. A 3000mAh LiPo battery would be an ideal option for your first drone.

Battery Charger

LiPo batteries can contain different numbers of cells that make it more tricky to charge. You need to ensure balanced charging for your LiPo battery. Be sure to get the compatible charger for the battery you’ve purchased. Otherwise, you can purchase the professional balance charger & discharger but be sure to acknowledge a suitable setup.


Building your first drone requires you to choose the best suitable components and deal with a range of configurations. You can use that drone parts list as your guide when shopping for them online.

Take your time checking drone parts list and price and discuss your drone ideas and projects with us.

Drone parts and components videos

Check these amazing videos about building drones and get an even better overview and motivation on building your first drone.

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