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Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iOS (2021)

Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iOS (2021)

PUBG is a famous name when it comes to battleground games. It has gained fame in the previous years. But the only problem with PUBG is that it takes up significant space in the devices. That is why the gamers started their hunt for new Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iOS (2021). We have come up with 6 such exciting games. So, let us have a look at these games and find out if they can replace PUBG in your Android or iOS devices.

1. Call of duty

Call of duty

Call of duty was recently launched for Android and iOS. It is giving very tough competition to PUBG mobile. PUBG had become a source of link between most people and formed a community. But due to some reasons, PUBG is banned, and now this community has to move towards a similar game. This has become the reason for the success of the call of duty. As PUBG was being played for an extended period and then got banned, what will be the future call of duty? Call of duty mobile is established in a US-based studio. This is the reason that it is significantly less likely for the call of duty to get banned.

The manufacturer has focused on the things in PUBG that users like the most. Some of them are a classic match and a tdm made in call of duty by the name of battle royal and tdm. Tdm has a 5×5 team members ratio. There was an exciting feature in PUBG mobile known by the name of the customs room. This room was tough to get in PUBG. But in call of duty, the space is readily available any time without spending in-game money. We can customize our character, weapons and earn rewards in call of duty. If we talk about storage, then this game takes 2GB of storage. It runs very smooth as compared to PUBG. These are the facts that call of duty may be an alternative to PUBG mobile.

As we talk about the pros of call of duty, there is a flaw in the call of duty. A considerable number of people were playing pubg, and it is more fun having a larger community. But as the call of duty is a new game and not all people known about it yet. This is the reason it has a smaller community as compared to PUBG.

2. Fortnite


As we all know, PUBG is banned, and PUBG users need another platform to focus on. Fortnite is also an option. A vast number of PUBG users are shifting towards Fortnite. Fortnite is removed from Apple’s App Store. The reason why most people do not prefer Fortnite is its enormous Storage requirement and compatibility status. We should also know that Fortnite is not available in Google Play Store. So, we have to download it without the android store.

Fortnite demands a lot of features that are not readily available on all smartphones. It requires 4GB RAM, a processor of Snapdragon 8-series and an Android version greater than 8. This is the reason why Fortnite is not compatible with all the users. Other than this, Fortnite is of 8GB size. That is a huge amount as an average smartphone user.

Now talking about the inside of the game, it has different modes that are very much similar to PUBG mobile. It has 100-player Battle Royale mode, Party Royale mode, and a Creative mode. In my opinion, Fortnite is even a better game than PUBG mobile.

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

If you are a beginner player and PUBG or call of duty is giving you a tough time, you should try free fire. We have come up with interesting Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iOS (2021). One of them is Garena Free Fire. It has a little bit of easy gameplay as compared to PUBG and call of duty. The game controls are by touch and are available on-screen the same as PUBG and call of duty. Another big help is that there are only 49 enemies in its Battle Royale mode, 99 in PUBG and call of duty. You have to kill these 49 enemies and survive for ten-minute gameplay. It is a quick game and less time consuming as compared to the other two.

Free fire is also a lot similar to PUBG mobile, the player is dropped off to an island, and he has to find weapons, clothes, med-kits to kill its enemies and survive. Also, you have to stay inside the safe zone the same as PUBG mobile. You have a squad of 4 members with them. You can chat in text or invoice. This is a lot similar to PUBG mobile, but it takes low storage and has good graphics.

4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

This is also the latest game that is inspired by PUBG mobile. The atmosphere of the game is made very similar to Asian places. The atmosphere of PUBG was European. But in Hopeless Land, you can feel to see places very similar to you. Similar to PUBG mobile, you can drive vehicles and then face your enemies to achieve victory.

Like other similar games, you are landed in some different places. This game requires a little bit of skill to play as it is not as easy as free fire. This game, too, has a zone following the player. You have to stay inside the zone like PUBG; otherwise, the site will give you damage. This game has gained much success. It has more than 50 Million downloads on Play Store. That is why in the coming days, it can be a replacement for PUBG mobile. Additionally, it is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

This is also a Battle Royale game similar to call of duty, free fire and PUBG. Talking about the character, this game does not have the same character as other games, which is a human. Instead, this game has cartoon-like characters due to which the environment of the game becomes cute and animated. It’s Battle Royale mode consists of 32 persons. And tdm of this is also very quick. It has also focused on one drawback of PUBG; you do not have to wait in the lobby for a long time. You have to tap on the screen, and the game will be started. The Battle Royale of Battlelands can last no more than 5 minutes. It has the shortest Battle Royal as compared to others. In conclusion, Battlelands is similar to PUBG mobile, which is made as an animated interface.

6. ScarFall


This game is emerging as one of the most successful apps in India. As India is boycotting Chinese apps, these Indian Studios are trying to make alternative apps. So, this can be the alternative app for PUBG mobile. We will know that this game has changed as other Battle Royale games are only online if you talk about the gameplay. This game is available in both online and offline mode. Similar to PUBG mobile and other Battle Royale games, it also has a safe zone. We are supposed to be inside that zone to win and to avoid damage. The graphics of this game are also excellent as compared to some other games.

On the other hand, this game supports both FPS and TPS modes. ScarFall is also gaining a community. It has 1M downloads in the play store. It has some flaws. One is it takes a considerable time to connect to other people to start the match. There are also some bugs present in this game, which is a terrible impact on the game’s performance.

Games are Groovy!

All these Games Like PUBG Mobile For Android and iOS (2021) mentioned above are pretty exciting and are loved by almost all gamers. If you have never tried any of these, you must try that.



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