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Top 10 LaTeX Resume Templates In 2022

LaTeX Resume Templates
LaTeX Resume Templates

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is document typesetting software. In other words, it’s a mechanism for creating documents. LaTeX is a document markup language; it is not a word processor.

LaTeX, which is distributed under the LPPL, is pronounced “lah-tech” or “lay-tech” (Latex Project Public License). which was created for science and mathematics. There are numerous font types in both LATEX and TEX, including serif, typewriter, and several mathematical functions. It is a robust document preparation system that is open-source. It is top-notch typesetting that may be utilized for any form of publication. It is frequently used for medium-sized to extensive technical texts and scientific journals. Although it is not a word processor or other type of document, it is a valuable tool for publishers and authors to organize their content. It provides the system with a distinctive look. It reduces both the time and labor required for document design.

The style and formatting of the structures are handled by the Latex system using conventional terms like section, table, figure, chapter, etc. It adheres to the principle of separate presentation, which means that the writing’s contents and visual representation are kept apart so that the authors can concentrate more on the content than its look. It is the norm for sharing and disseminating technical or scientific documents.


  • A markup language and free software, latex. There are several built-in commands included.
  • It is a system of particular and mathematical symbols.
  • LaTeX typically comes with plain TEX, offering a library of macros for TEX to understand. The additional TEX macros include Plain TEX, GNU Texinfo, etc.
  • GNU is incompatible with LaTeX. (General Public License). Most operating systems, including UNIX, BSD, Linux, Windows, DOS, etc., support it.


  • Natural latex is breathable and doesn’t get as heated as you sleep as memory foam does.
  • Latex is elastic and quickly returns to its original shape.
  • Environmentally friendly: Natural latex is derived from rubber and obtained by tapping rubber trees (like maple syrup). Natural latex decomposes more quickly in a landfill than memory foam because it is a plant-based substance.


  • Costly: Latex mattresses can be expensive.
  • Perhaps synthetic: Some businesses sell latex mattresses constructed of synthetic materials rather than using natural materials. Environmentally unfriendly is synthetic latex. Before making a purchase, make sure to conduct some research.

List of the Top 10 LaTeX Resume Templates In 2022

1. Crisp & Clear Latex Resume Template:

The distinctive feature of this LaTeX resume template is the additional columns on the sides. The one on the left side can be used to rapidly locate all resume components, while the one on the right makes all dates stand out. Check Twitter’s tools as well.

Expert Advice: What you include is more important than how you arrange this on a resume. An outstanding rule of thumb is to emphasize your experience in summary rather than your education if you aren’t a recent graduate.

2. Marissa Mayer LaTeX CV Template:

Business Insider published a CEO CV template for Marissa Mayer of Yahoo a few years ago. A great attempt to reproduce it is this LaTeX CV template. Find out how much space; you have to explain your professional experience on a CV. 

Expert Hint: Using our CV generator, you can quickly switch between different resume templates.

Click once to see how your work will look with a different layout. This convenience is not available when using LaTeX CV templates.

3. Classic w/Photo Latex Resume Template:

This one is one of the most conventional-looking LaTeX resume templates that lets you include a resume photo. For candidates with more and less experience, flip the section order.

On a resume, it is recommended for novices to place education near the top of the document.

4. Minimal Infographic LaTeX Resume Template:

This one can interest you if you’re seeking the best LaTeX resume templates with infographic elements. It is suitable for people generating their first resume without any prior experience due to its straightforward design and professional appearance, especially if they are applying for creative jobs. Check out email template builders as well. You’ll notice that a resume section devoted to interests and hobbies exclusively uses resume icons. The expert claims that infographic resume templates are not the best choice for an ATS resume.

In other words, none of the 99% of Fortune 500 companies that use ATSs will be able to process the data correctly. You can send this resume form directly to the hiring manager’s mailbox if you wish to.

5. Professional LaTex CV Template:

This one should catch your notice if you’re seeking a formal LaTeX CV template; the clue is in the name. It contains a considerable CV experience section and uses subtle lines to divide the other resume sections.

Expert Advice: If you have need more LaTeX resume templates, you can also browse on Reddit or GitHub; you could discover valuable something there.

Also, remember that most LaTeX resume templates are released under the highly flexible MIT license.

6. Colo-red LaTeX resume Template:

Neat, easily readable, and enjoyable. Also, look at Microsoft Word invoice templates. Three words are sufficient to describe the appearance of this LaTeX resume template.

You will get a resume summary section at the top where you can include some of your most significant career achievements.

7. Blue LaTeX CV Template:

The most critical parts are highlighted in color in this LaTeX CV template. Both seasoned professionals generating a management CV and college students creating an entry-level CV can use it. A résumé and a cover letter combined will boost both documents’ effect.

Use our cover letter generator to add a unique touch to your application documents.

8. Framed Elegance LaTeX Resume Template:

This LaTeX resume is an excellent choice if your resume doesn’t exceed one page.

The subtle frame successfully establishes the space for your paper’s content and compels you to focus just on the most necessary details.

9. Two Columns LaTeX Resume Template:

This LaTeX resume template has a two-column layout. Your professional experience and any other resume sections, such as certifications on a resume, can be included in this way.

10. Modern LaTeX Curriculum Vitae Template:

This simple LaTeX CV template can be expanded to numerous pages with ease. But remember that the length of your CV is essential.

Another LaTeX resume template is this one. Find out who would profit the most from using a two-page CV. There is more to the ResumeLab builder than meets the eye. Get focused content to improve your chances of getting the job. Include job descriptions, skill listings, and bullet points.

Utilize our resume generator right immediately to improve your resume.

Your skills will be highlighted, some color added, and everything will be perfected with just a few clicks. We’ll demonstrate why you’re the best candidate. Use our resume builder right now.

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