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Best Photoshop Alternatives (Updated List 2022)

Photoshop Alternatives

What is Photoshop?

Millions of creative individuals utilize Photoshop, the premier imaging, and graphic design program, for their work. With Adobe Photoshop, you can make stunning designs, digital paintings, animations, and graphical drawings. Both desktop and iPad platforms support the application. Use an online photo editor like this to merge photographs with outstanding finishing, remove or replace objects, and do simple yet professional photography adjustments.

Best Photoshop Alternatives


Canva is an online tool that enables you to design a large number of logos, posters, flyers, announcements, and other graphics for your company both for free and at a cost. You can add creative lettering to your photos or make eye-catching blog banners for your website using Canva, a free Photoshop alternative. The website is incredibly flexible and simple to navigate. The design tool package is really creative and quite easy to use. Your project should include photographs, text, graphics, stickers, and illustrations. For aspiring artists and users who are just starting out with blogging and Vlogging, Canva is a fantastic option.


PicMonkey is a free substitute that offers many features and tools for image editing and web design. With PicMonkey, you can quickly and beautifully edit your stock photos into stunning, polished images. The program offers features like a background remover and portrait touch-up that improve the design and give it a polished appearance. There are hundreds of themes on PicMonkey that you can use to create eye-catching graphics, advertisements, and logos for your work. Share them on Instagram and Facebook as well. You can create thumbnails and covers for your YouTube videos and other Vlogs using PicMonkey.

Affinity Photo

Another alternative that provides a number of tools for image improvement and giving photographs a polished appearance is Affinity Photo. The software’s user-friendly design is a plus because it makes navigation simple for users to become used to. Utilize the Affinity Photo utility software to quickly edit RAW files, rotate images, and create a fluid workflow with a batch of pictures. The program is accessible on the Mac, Windows, and iPad operating systems. The application also gives users the option to merge the focal lenses in their photos to create high-definition images and project their images in a 360-degree space. Additionally, Affinity Photo offers smart selection tools that let users pick out specific aspects of images and improve items for easier viewing.


A free Photoshop substitute with open source software and an image editor is GIMP. GIMP can be used on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, GNU, OS X, and Windows. You can modify the source code and share a copy for your personal usage because the application is free to use. GIMP provides a wealth of tools and methods for giving your photographs and graphic design touch-ups a professional edge. GIMP offers a variety of customization possibilities in addition to third-party plugins. The GIMP can be used by users to restore and retouch their photographs in high-quality. Put your talent to use by creating stunning images or graphic design components.


An efficient substitute with AI technology and auto-enhance tools is Polarr Photo Editor Pro. Polarr is so simple to use that even a novice may use the program with little difficulty. Users can alter the appearance of the photographs and give them a more polished appearance by using effects and filters. You can personalize filters with Polarr and distribute them to your pals. For masking and stacking your photos with several edits, Polarr also includes some local adjustment tools. Clarify the image by sharpening it and improving the detailing. Polarr is praised by industry experts for being user-friendly and having a wealth of tools that make it a strong substitute.


With its sophisticated photo-editing features, Fotor is the ideal Photoshop substitute for everyone. It has a wide range of features and tools to help you create the ideal professional images for your creative campaign. For your online business or website, you may build promotional images and banners, collages for friends and family, and a full suite of tools for retouching old photos with new hues and effects. When you require software for photo editing, generating fantastically useful collages, and coming up with brand-new designs from scratch, Fotor is a fantastic choice. Makeover photographs completely and uses beauty tools to transform your photos into brand-new, professional images.

Pixlr Editor

An easy-to-use online photo editor is called Pixlr. Applications don’t need to be downloaded. With the free alternative, edit photos and improve their quality online. Pixlr offers expert picture and graphic design adjustments thanks to its robust tools and AI technology. The program contains intelligent capabilities that enable one-click background removal, photo retouching, and the extraction and replacement of image layers. The AI-powered tools give simple coverage for many types of creative tasks and are really amazing. Additionally, Pixlr features a vast library of images and banners that may be used to improve your digital material.


Everyone can use the sophisticated and simple photo editing software called Photopea. You don’t need to download anything because the application is accessible through your browser. Simply click the link to access your application online. For your creative campaign, you can generate a lovely and eye-catching image by importing PSD files from Photoshop programs. The formats from numerous other well-known photo editing programs, including CorelDRAW, Adobe XD, and GIMP, are also supported by Photopea. The interface of Photopea is really clear and easy to use. You can immediately begin editing a photo after you upload it from your PC or Drive. Photopea offers filters like 3D, Blur, and Stylize that you can apply to your images.


Acorn is an effective image-editing program that provides strong curves, layers, and levels. You may use the cutting-edge circle text features to build icons and create logos for businesses by circling the text. In the logo design, you can construct text with a variety of levels by changing the text’s radius, rotation, and inversion. Drop shadow, distorted, and blur effects to add effects and filters to your images. Create appealing images by using vector tools that will give the text and layers of the images curves, Boolean operations, and an arrow.

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