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Top 15 Pixabay Substitutes in 2024

Top 15 Pixabay Substitutes for Free Stock Photos in 2024

It’s really difficult to find free stock photographs that are of good quality. There are a ton of websites on the internet where you can get free stock images. On certain websites, though, you are limited in what you can see.

When it comes to websites offering free stock photos, Pixabay is unquestionably the greatest choice. Comparatively speaking to other websites of a similar nature, Pixbay keeps an enormous collection of free stock pictures. Without a doubt, Pixabay is the only place where social media managers and bloggers may get the perfect image for their purposes.

Free Stock Photos Instead of Pixabay

But Pixabay isn’t the only website where you can find free stock images. There are a ton of additional websites where you can get free image downloads. Commercial uses are permitted for these stock photos. The top Pixabay substitutes are included in this post for your consideration.

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock

Although it may not be the most well-liked option to Pixabay on the list, Adobe Stock nevertheless has access to over 80 million photos. For business projects, you can use the stock photographs from Adobe Stock; however, before downloading, carefully review the licensing.

You can use ten free stock photos on any project when you register for an account with Adobe Stock. You can also sell your photos on the Adobe Stock site.

2. Freepik


Although Freepik is not as well-known as Pixabay, it nonetheless offers free downloads of hundreds of excellent images, designs, and mockups. Front-facing popular categories are displayed in an eye-catching user interface.

But keep in mind that not all of the images on the website could be downloaded and used for free. The premium stock images and graphics were only available with the premium plan; it offers both free and paid subscriptions.

3. Pexels


This is a reliable source for free stock photos for websites and advertising. The Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license applied to every image on Pexels. This implies that you are also free to use these photos for business.

Pexels has a greater amount of content than any other website. The pictures had excellent tags on them as well. All things considered, Pexels is a fantastic resource for free stock photos.

4. Unsplash


Another great place to find free stock photos for your blog or eCommerce project is Unsplash, which is an alternative to Pixabay. One of Unsplash’s best features is that 10 new royalty-free photos are added every ten days.

The site’s photos were of such high quality that they would look fantastic in any section of an online blog or e-commerce site. However, because of the site’s somewhat limited search capability, it could be challenging to utilize.

5. Flickr


You may find both free and premium stock photos on Flickr. Creative Commons license-accompanied free stock photos are listed separately. Many free stock photos on the website are available for usage in business settings.

There are around 35 million downloaded photos available on the platform, which is arranged by type of photo.

6. Freeimages


One of the greatest resources for free stock photos is Freeimages. The greatest alternative to Pixabay for free stock photos is frequently thought to be free images.

All image contents are published under CCO, and photos are grouped based on their natural characteristics. In addition, the website features a section titled “Editor’s Pick” that displays the photographs that have been downloaded the most.

7. StockSnap


Similar to Freeimages, StockSnap features a dedicated section with a list of popular photos. Users may choose photos more quickly with StockSnap’s popular images area. App developers, social media administrators, and bloggers all like this website.

Almost all of the site’s images are available for free download and distribution. Additionally, you can contribute images to the bookmark by creating an account on StockSnap.

8. Gratisography


Another excellent substitute for Pixabay, which keeps an enormous picture library, is Gratisography. You can download a lot of funny, imaginative pictures from Gratisography. Only the best photos are posted on the website after being carefully chosen by the crew.

9. LibreStock


That being said, LibreStock differs somewhat from every other platform mentioned in the post. This website searches and compiles the greatest free images from the most popular stock photo providers.

You may find fresh and free stock photos for your project or eCommerce website on our stock picture aggregator website. There are many stock photos available on the platform, and the user experience of the website is also very impressive.

10. FreeRangeStock


Perhaps the greatest option if you’re searching for websites with stock photos for both personal and business use is FreeRangeStock. What do you think? Users can download a large number of high-quality photographs from FreeRangeStock.

To get photographs from FreeRangeStock, users must first register for a free account. FreeRangeStock offers an extensive selection of high-quality photos.

11. Burst


One of the greatest and most well-liked substitutes for Pixabay when it comes to obtaining free stock photos is Burst by Shopify. The website offers more than 20,000 free stock pictures on its easy-to-use interface.

The website’s homepage features a few well-liked sections where users can peruse stock wallpapers in addition to the week’s best free images.

It is free to utilize any of the site’s photographs for commercial purposes. This implies you are free to use these pictures anywhere you choose, including on the packaging for your products and on your website.

12. Picjumbo


One of the first platforms to obtain free stock photographs for your project films, online store, product packaging, etc. is Picjumbo.

The most popular categories are listed directly at the front of the website, which has a very tidy user experience.

Also, you may get excellent high-resolution and royalty-free business photographs in a special section just for business photos.

13. Kaboompics


Even if Kaboompics isn’t as well-known as the other websites in the list, you can still download and utilize a lot of its images for business purposes.

Therefore, you can utilize the search photos by color option to find an image that matches the color tone used on your project.

14. Canva


Canva offers millions of free and premium stock photos, even though it’s not really a website where you can get free stock photos.

Canva is an online picture editor that provides an extensive range of editing options. Any image can be quickly transformed into a personalized design using Canva in a few simple clicks.

It’s also useful for making unique photos for our blog or banners for social networking accounts.

15. Life of Pix

Life of Pix

Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of high-resolution pictures and videos can be found on Life of Pix. Free stock photos are available on the website for both personal and business use.

The collaboration between Life of Pix and Adobe Stock increases its usefulness. You can obtain more high-quality stock photos as a result of the agreement.

The most popular picture categories are shown at the top of the website’s neatly arranged user interface. You can also contribute your own photographs if you’re a photographer.

These, then, are your greatest options for Pixabay substitutes. You can get a ton of free stock photos from these websites. Please mention any important websites you think we should have included in the comments section below.


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