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Top Best 10 Sites Like LiveLeak In 2022


What is Liveleak?

Liveleak was a video-sharing website that launched in 2006. The current film of current world events, including war and politics, is hosted on this website. Movies can have user contributions, but the content is more political and polarising. By entering the website and selecting Recent Things, you can see all available news videos about current debates. If you’d rather see some sexy and disturbing flicks, choose Must See.

Similar to YouTube, LiveLeak is a service that enables users to broadcast movies online. However, the goal is to find realistic footage of important political, military, and other historical events and global challenges. On this website, we support impartial viewpoints and freedom of speech. Liveleak has been prohibited for various reasons, one of which is that there are occasionally problems with recordings or live broadcasts. But fear not—here are some of the top Liveleak substitutes.

Features of Liveleak:

  • Videos from various sources are shared.
  • Look for particular categories of material.
  • Observe transmissions and channels from international sources

Pros of Liveleak:

  • Transmit videos to a variety of websites
  • Personal or professional use
  • View material from across the globe

Cons of Liveleak:

  • Some videos lack translations.
  • It can be challenging to upload content.

List of the Top Best 10 Sites Like LiveLeak In 2022

1. Ebaums’s World:

If you appreciate watching entertaining movies online and have a lot of free time, Ebaums’s World should be on your radar.
It offers a variety of videos in many genres and is analogous to websites like Rabbit in that sense. You can browse the video content by categories such as fails, war videos, jokes, etc. Ebaum’s World is one of the best Liveleak alternatives where you can watch videos, games, and other channels for free.
Even with intermittent adverts throughout this website, you may still upload your movies and get renowned!

2. Veoh:


There is a tonne of free films, movies, songs, and other types of content available on Veoh, which has a very user-friendly and straightforward layout.
Many types of video material are available on Veoh, such as how-to, action & adventure, comedy, horror, and more. It is a top spot for discovering new anime content and accessing the latest movies online. But what’s the disadvantage, you ask? Before uploading their work to the website, users must register.

3. AOL Video:

AOL Video

On our list of websites like LiveLeak, the first entry is AOL Video, a reasonably well-known video hosting service.
AOL Video hosts hundreds of thousands of videos in its extensive database to ensure that it caters to visitors of all colors and enchants them to the point where they return to the site. The majority of the content on AOL Video is its videos, although users can also access videos and other entertainment-related content from other websites.
You may navigate the website using categories like Explore, My Queue, shows, and more. Better yet, you may access the old video from their archives. The best feature of AOL Video is that it has easy-to-use internet navigation and doesn’t explicitly demand signing up or completing any other kind of formal sign-up process to watch the movies.

4. Metacafe:


Metacafe, modeled after LiveLeak and offers a similar video library, is a beautiful diversion for those who still yearn for LiveLeak’s exquisite design and video library. Additionally, Metacafe frequently adds new videos and features tabs for trending, most recent, and popular videos that make it simple to navigate the website.
An extensive video library with a range of subjects like comedy, science, sports, pop culture, how-to, entertainment, and more is available on Metacafe in addition to navigation.
Users can watch videos on LiveLeak and other services without registering, but a Metacafe account is required to publish movies there.

5. Vimeo:


Vimeo is one of the best sites like LiveLeak, now available compared to several of its free online video-sharing rivals. The website offers premium subscription choices with significantly superior features in addition to its free video material.
However, Vimeo is renowned for its high-quality collection of video uploads even though the site hosts user-generated and site-hosted content.

6. Flickr:


Do you know that Flickr is also an excellent video hosting service, even though it is commonly mistaken for an image storage service?
Flickr won’t disappoint you when watching free movies with great engaging video content.
Flickr successfully organizes your media assets in addition to hosting videos made from user-generated content. However, to upload movies using an account, users must first register.

7. MyVidster:


Another ingenious LiveLeak replacement, MyVidster, lets you view free videos and offers seamless platform integration so users can gather all their favorite videos on one platform.
Nice, eh? More is still to come. On MyVidster, you can follow other users to view their posted films and send them videos.
MyVidster has an extensive library of videos, but you can also search through collections from other websites like LiveLeak, Vevo, Funny or Die, and many others.

8. SkyTube:


An open-source YouTube app for Android users is called SkyTube. This platform allows users to view YouTube effortlessly without requiring Google or YouTube accounts. The user can only offer to receive read-only access to YouTube material via this application. In addition to filtering undesired videos, SkyTube offers language filters, delisting or safe listing of channels, low viewership or high dislike video blocking, and many other features. The application includes several components, including choosing the most.

9. PeerTube:


A federated and decentralized video service called PeerTube was created to concentrate all the data. By mentioning the installation of ActivityPub, which lessens the video load, the unrelated servers can join the Vidiverse, a network of federated movies. The user only needs to upload the films and ensure that they will be accessible by providing tags and a description to ensure that they will stream publicly.

10. Utreon:


The next-generation video platform, Utreon, was created to provide a better viewing experience for viewers. It can assist creators by giving them access to sophisticated tools that improve their abilities and encourage them to develop and construct within the environment. Its value exceeds that of a video service when the interaction is considered. Users can follow their favorite creators and watch as many videos as they wish.


These LiveLeak alternatives let you find and watch an unlimited supply of videos. Which of these websites do you prefer most? If you’d want to share more websites like LiveLeak, you can submit your ideas and suggestions in the section below.

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