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Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in New York

Immigration Lawyers

Our mission is to link individuals with the top specialists in their communities. We evaluated New York City Immigration Lawyers based on more than 20 factors in five categories and analyzed the data to create a hand-picked list of the finest.

1: Akerman LLP

Akermam is a national law company with a New York office that specializes in commercial immigration. It assists employers in obtaining temporary and permanent resident visas for their employees. The firm assists customers in relocating key overseas personnel to U.S. operations. Clients can have their employment documentation audited to guarantee compliance with immigration laws and obtain assistance with employment verification. Employers are also represented by the company in ICE and DOL lawsuits.

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2: Bond Schoeneck King PLLC

Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC, founded in 1897 and based in New York City, is a full-service legal company that specializes in commercial immigration. Permanent residency (also known as green cards), temporary work permits, and citizenship are all services provided by the firm. In addition, the firm advises and represents businesses on I-9 compliance, ICE audits and investigations, public access file development and maintenance, and Labor Condition Application compliance.

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3: Crotty Saland, PC

Lawyers at Crotty Saland PC in New York City assist foreign nationals and immigrants seeking to work, study, or reside in the United States. Crotty Saland PC’s immigration lawyers in New York can help with visas, green cards, and citizenship applications. The firm specializes in assisting clients with immigration concerns involving arrests and criminal records. The National Trial Lawyers has named the firm as one of the top 100 law firms in the country.

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4: Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

Ellenoff, Grossman, & Schole LLP is a legal firm in New York that specializes in immigration for businesses of all kinds. It enables firms in obtaining H-1B temporary work visas for noncitizens and a variety of visas for workers with specific skills or other exceptional characteristics. Its lawyers also help international corporations relocate foreign staff to U.S. offices and hire talented foreign workers.

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5: Jeffries & Corigliano, LLP

Jeffries & Corigliano LLP, a commercial immigration law company based in New York City, was formed in 1980. It supports professionals with O-1, EB-1, H-1B, and E1/2 visas, national interest waivers, J-1 waivers, and immigration petitions, among other things. Its attorneys keep track of changing immigration regulations and customize their techniques to meet the specific demands of its clients. The American Immigration Lawyers Association has both Jeffries and Corigliano as members.

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6: Law Offices of Robert Tsigler, PLLC

The Law Offices of Robert Tsigler PLLC, with two offices in New York City, defend those facing deportation and assists them in gaining asylum. The firm’s attorneys guide clients through the application process for family-based immigration petitions and can also help them get citizenship through naturalization. The firm’s multilingual staff can assist clients in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and Hungarian. Founder attorney Robert Tsigler is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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7: Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC

Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC has over 200 years of experience assisting New York City residents with immigration law issues. Clients seeking immigrant and non-immigrant visas at US consulates around the world are represented by the firm. It also assists clients in securing refuge and citizenship through naturalization, as well as representing them in deportation proceedings. It also answers questions on temporary work visas for treaty traders and investors, such as student visas and spouse and children visas.

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8: NPZ Law Group

Nachman, Phulwani, Zimovcak Law Group, P.C. is a New York City-based full-service international immigration and nationality law practice that offers a comprehensive range of commercial and family immigration law services to talented immigrants seeking to work in the United States and Canada. The firm’s immigration lawyers have handled a wide range of immigration matters, including waivers, marriage cases, I-130 family sponsorship, asylum, green card and citizenship petitions, removal, and deportation. In addition to the United States, the firm maintains operations in India and Canada.

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9: Vinson & Elkins LLP

Vinson & Elkins LLP is a law firm with 13 locations across the world, including one in New York. The company assists minors in obtaining special juvenile immigrant status. Under the Child Citizenship Act, it also helps immigrants who are legal U.S. citizens. Vinson & Elkins LLP aims to assist new businesses with any immigration challenges they may face, such as obtaining visas for foreign business owners or resolving concerns with DACA employees. Energy, infrastructure, and intellectual property are among the other areas of attention.

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10: Robinson & Cole

Robinson & Cole, based in New York, has offices on the East Coast and in California and provides complete immigration law services in the United States. Since 1845, our staff of immigration attorneys in New York has provided legal assistance to corporations seeking top-level professionals from all around the world. Individuals can expect excellent results with immigrant petitions, labour certification, visas, and other U.S. immigration forms and requirements thanks to the firm’s six sigma methods.

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