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11 Best Tubi TV Alternatives to Watch Online in 2022

Best Tubi TV Alternatives
Tubi TV

What is Tubi TV?

Tubi is a free streaming service. Even though that idea isn’t entirely novel, the quickly expanding startup provides a mix of original content, on-demand movies, TV series, and live TV streaming channels without charging a monthly fee. Imagine it as a commercialized Netflix that doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

You will need to make some concessions because Tubi is free, though. The adverts come first and foremost. Although they aren’t numerous, they do exist. Second, most of the on-demand content is older media that has already been broadcast on cable and other broadcast services. Although Tubi hasn’t made any of its original content yet, the streamer already has a tonne of it produced for them, which can be found in their recently added Tubi Originals area. See more below on that.


  • large selection of vintage films and television shows
  • includes music, movies, and sporting events
  • accessible in many nations.


  • Free
  • an extensive film and television library
  • modern software and user interfaces
  • supports features for parental control and watchlists


  • The maximum streaming resolution is 720p
  • No opportunity to avoid ads
  • a shortage of popular TV programs
  • pop-up advertising exist

11 Best Tubi TV Alternatives

1. Yahoo TV:

Yahoo TV

Yahoo Inc. launched a service called Yahoo TV that gives users access to the top five channels, including ABC, NBC, FOX, and others. Picture-in-picture functionality is included in the “Beyond the Episode” section, allowing you to continue watching while visiting other websites. This portal contains, like Hulu, a variety of TV shows, anime, movies, Korean shows, British and Latino content, accessible cuts, and other off-camera conversations.

This is the ideal platform for people looking to lighten their load with some amusing movie clips or instructive stuff during working hours. This is the perfect platform for you if you are a fan of any celebrity looking for comprehensive and in-depth content about his life.

2. HBO GO:


The American Premium Cable Network HBO introduced its most popular TV Everywhere service, HBO GO, on February 18, 2010. The HBO website or app enables subscribers to HBO to watch all of the current and previous seasons of programs, sporting events, movies, and specials for free.

You may view all of the significant premieres live with the aid of this service. Each episode of numerous HBO programs, including Game of Thrones, My Brilliant Friend, and many others. HBO GO was explicitly created for streamers who want to access their preferred content from any location in the US and some US territories.

3. Couch Tuner:


Use the free streaming website Couch Tuner to view full-length HD TV shows, series, news, and other content. The website has a gorgeous, dark layout that transports you to an actual movie theatre. It has a wide selection of TV programs and shows that fall under several genres, just like most movie streaming websites. There are shows available to stream for each category.

You may find all the newest titles in the section devoted to new releases. It provides an advanced level recommendation system that suggests all tags based on your interests to make it a comprehensive platform. The streaming website Couch Tuner does not require registration and is free to use. Find your preferred game and take advantage of its features without any restrictions.

4. TVMuse:



TVMuse is a complete video streaming platform with five different sections, including a search engine, site guide, social networking component, and listings for TV shows and movies. Each service has unique features and goals. Each famous TV episode and session is listed in its television program guide along with a brief synopsis.

TVMuse is more robust and offers more than 30000 free HD movies to watch and download, far more than most well-known movie streaming websites like 123Movies. To provide a better experience, the website also regularly adds new videos.

5. Cucirca:


You can access all of the television programs worldwide on Cucirca, an online TV show provider. On this site, you may access all of your favorite and well-liked TV shows, like The Flash, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and many others. It integrates with websites that stream movies and provides all the same features, including categories to browse the list of shows and a robust search function to identify a favorite.

Cucirca is a free service that does not require logging in, but if you want to stay up to date on the newest trends, you must subscribe with an email address. Additionally, a recommendation system suggests programs based on your interests. Overall, Cucirca is among the top sites for streaming TV shows online.

6. USTV Now:


Watch live TV channels on any device, whenever you want. With the help of USTV Now, a premium service, you may access US TV channels on a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other device. Thanks to this all-inclusive solution, you can view more than 150 channels without any restrictions. ABC, CW, NASA TV, CBS, PBS, BBC, Discovery, and many other channels are among its highlighted ones.

Each category has its channel, and each channel comprises several types.USTV Now is a mobile application with many new features and tools that may be used on mobile platforms to provide a comprehensive experience.

7. LiveStation:


One of the top platforms for streaming live radio and TV shows over the internet is called LiveStation. The platform has worked with most of the top news networks and delivers the most incredible live video from around the globe. You may watch the best live news for free on these legal stations. There are several categories of channels on this site, and each type has its media and radio stations to stream.

You don’t need to register on the straightforward and user-friendly LiveStation platform; visit the page, choose your preferred channel, and start streaming. However, you must sign up with your email address to receive updates on the most recent changes. This platform may be accessed on any device, including a computer, a mobile phone, a television, etc., which is its most vital feature.

8. YuppTV:


The biggest TV platform, YuppTV, provides unlimited movies, catch-up TV, and live TV. The service helps broadcasters and content creators contact their intended audience and allows users to access their work anywhere in the world.

It provides many live TV channels divided into various categories, with alternatives and channels to watch and enjoy for each type. Users of this site can watch their preferred TV shows, motion pictures, and programs from various genres.

9. Yidio:


A video aggregator Yidio allows users to browse material from many subscription-based video streaming services through a single interface. It includes several streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and many more. Through Yidio, you may view movies and TV series and perform searches.

For people who wish to watch their preferred show or movie on time and in the finest quality, the solution is accessible on mobile and web platforms. Yidio is also a first-rate personalized TV and movie guide that allows you to search TV shows online and learn new things quickly.

10. SideReel:


On the free website SideReel, users may do a TV show search, obtain new episode changes, view the entire episode online, and more. It is the most popular TV show streaming service, with millions of TV shows available to view. It features many categories, like Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, and others, just like movie streaming apps.

Each contains movies to watch that are regularly updated with fresh material. In addition to providing all the relevant news and updates about your favorite shows, SideReel is more than just a streaming service. It became more potent because of its trending section, where you can view and share all of the popular material. Viewing TV shows and reading the news on SideReel doesn’t require logging in.

11. WatchSeries:


A movie streaming website called WatchSeries enables you to access free movie series streaming from anywhere in the world. The website allows users to download videos and stream movies; anyone can effortlessly stream any TV show they want for offline viewing. It also features a high-speed internet connection for both streaming and downloading videos.

It functions similarly to most well-known movie streaming websites and provides all the essential features and services you need to have a realistic experience. Additionally, the website offers a variety of TV shows that you can download and watch at any time.


I hope these free movie sites like Tubi TV might satisfy your craving. Each has advantages and disadvantages. You can test them out and choose the one that gives you the most excellent satisfaction. Additionally, AnyVid allows you to download your preferred videos from websites. You no longer fear the irritating trial or internet issues.

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