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Best Data Recovery Software In 2022

Best Data Recovery Software

If you’re reading this, Then you’ve completely lost all of your data and have given up hope of ever getting it back, or you’re just curious about what to do if it does happen because you have a lot of important data on your computer and are a very forward-thinking individual.

We’ve come to your aid. Therefore, take a quick three-minute coffee break and review our top data recovery apps selection.

Best Data Recovery Software

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery, which runs on Windows and macOS, is the ideal solution to revive all of your documents, priceless photos, emails, beloved audio files, etc., whether they were stored on your computer or on external storage devices.

The app is easy to use! It features excellent data recovery capabilities and a simple, clear interface. The tool is essential if you’re looking for a specific file and know where it should be or should have been. Simply select the file type, the locations, and begin partition scanning. Simply select the Recover All option to let the software search for and recover everything it can.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The answer asserts that it may be useful in non-fire situations as well, such as daily use. Your Mac or Windows computer regularly backs up your data using the EaseUS Data Recovery program unless anything goes wrong (and one day it could). It’s always better to be safe than sorry, they say.

The solution offers you an intuitive user interface, a straightforward recovery setup procedure, and easy-to-navigate results view. You can restore 2GB of data for free with the app’s free edition. Even while I’m sure it won’t be enough to recover all of your data, if you require that speed, it can at least help you save the most crucial files. Vroom.

Disk Drill

When it comes to data recovery, the Disk Drill program is a true lifesaver. To recover your important data, look for files in erased partitions, recover data from external devices, and more, you can select a Quick or Deep scan. As creators claim on their website, the Guaranteed recovery “warms our hearts and souls,” and that’s just what you need.

Disk Drill appears to be a solid alternative for the average Joe to recover deleted files and, like EaseUS Data Recovery does, to cover any potential future data loss by creating frequent backups of your files. Disk Drill has a clean, simple interface without confusing choices.

The PRO bundle from the developers has all the bells and whistles, whereas the free version of the tool only allows you to recover up to 500MB. It’s not a major deal, but it can give you a good idea of what a paid alternative would include.


Recuva is the next application on our list of data reanimators. According to the developer’s website, it can recover “any other material you’ve lost,” including video and music files, documents, images, and emails. The tool’s Wizard is really what makes it stand out. The special assistant helps you through the entire process after asking you a few straightforward questions. That concludes the narrative.

It’s interesting to note that Recuva also provides a secure delete option in addition to data recovery. The utility securely overwrites files you no longer need using industry and military standard standards.

If you want to restore internal files quickly, the solution is an excellent option for Windows users and offers a totally free edition. The Recuva professional license may be appropriate if you benefit from the recovery solution or if you occasionally lose your data. You may support virtual hard drives, get automated updates, and get premium assistance with the premium licence.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

A Windows program called MiniTool Power Data Recovery enables you to restore a complete partition as long as the new partition hasn’t been formed, in addition to recovering lost or deleted files like other programs do.

All of your storage devices, including HDD, SSD, external drives, USB flash drives, SD and memory cards (among others), are supported by the solution, which also provides file previews prior to restoration.

Although a free edition is limited to 1GB and doesn’t let you save results to use later, it might be useful if you need to recover your files for nothing and in only three simple steps. Simply choose a device to scan, browse the contents that are detected, and then choose files to save.

Final words

Don’t panic; there is always a way out, regardless of whether you accidentally erased your data or removed them on purpose. Choose one of the options above, install it, look for the files you want to recover, and you’ll have them back.

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