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10 Best Terminal Emulators for Windows In 2022

Terminal Emulator for windows

What is Terminal Emulator?

With the help of terminal emulators, users can connect to a nearby or remote host by simulating the functionality of a conventional computer terminal. In order to make it seem as though it is directly connected to the client, the emulator displays a terminal window. Many terminal emulators are made for particular purposes and only work with particular operating systems. These tools are used by businesses to access data and software on servers, mainframes, and other distant devices. To make the program’s use more understandable, multiple terminal emulators offer various graphical and text user interfaces. Additional capability for traversing past inputs can be added by using these tools.

A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Terminal Emulator category:

  • Duplicate a classic computer terminal
  • Make a working terminal window.
  • Offer a text or command-line user interface.

10 Best Terminal Emulators for Windows In 2022

Windows 10 hasn’t had a decent command-line interface for a very long time. Because of this, programmers and system administrators have added third-party options to simulate consoles in the Unix style and other formats. Even while Windows 10 now has a bash shell available, many users still like a more customizable terminal emulator. The top terminal emulators for Windows are listed below.

1. Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal

Even though it has fewer features than some of the terminal emulators on our list, the recently released Windows Terminal is still a significant advancement over standalone Windows terminal programs. It unifies the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Azure Cloud Shell, Git Bash, and Command Line into a single integrated entity.

Additionally, it significantly reduces the drawbacks of command-line tools, such as the inability to copy and paste without using sophisticated techniques. The fact that the free Windows Terminal will be a significant component of the upcoming Windows 11 experience should be your primary consideration.

2.  FireCMD


FireCMD (Fire Command) is a sophisticated command interpreter that allows you to construct a UNIX-like environment in Windows. Because of its straightforward GUI, which resembles another Windows office program, it is very simple to use even for non-technical people.

There are documented features like find/replace, aliases, snapshots, multiple copy-pasting, and command auto-completion. FireCMD makes it simple to change the font family, size, colour, and style as well as to resize windows, zoom in and out, and copy and paste the text.

3. MobaXterm


MobaXterm is the most adaptable and customized option available. SSH, Telnet, Rsh, Xdmcp (remote Unix), RDP, VNC (Virtual Network Computing), FTP and SFTP, Serial COM, Local Shell, Mosh, browsers, files, Amazon Web Services S3, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and, of course, the standard command-line shell are among the protocols that it allows sessions for.

The user-friendly interface works much like Linux and allows you to set up several SSH connections, split terminals horizontally or vertically, and use all the necessary Unix commands.

4. ZOC Terminal

ZOC Terminal

ZOC Terminal, which costs $79.99, is one of the greatest solutions for users who need to access data on Unix accounts from Windows, even though it isn’t free. SSH, Telnet, Telnet/SSL, Serial/Modem/Direct, Rlogin, ISDN, Named Pipe, and Windows modem are just a few of the connection types it supports.

A help manual makes all the commands you require readily available. Tabs allow you to run many Terminal sessions simultaneously in different terminals, which is one of its main advantages. ZOC has a ton of commands and is quite adaptable to your unique terminal-tinkering style.

5. Cmder


A popular portable terminal emulator for Windows 10 called Cmder was created out of “pure aggravation” with Windows’ dearth of a suitable replacement. ConEmu, another well-known console emulator, is the foundation upon which Clink is constructed. ConEmu’s power is increased by Clink, which includes shell features like a completion in the bashing style.

It brings Unix functionality to Windows and works with msysgit, PowerShell, Cygwin, and Mintty. Cmder is a support specialist’s best buddy because it is entirely portable and can be launched from a USB drive that you use on numerous machines without installing files on local hard disks.

6. ConEmu


Windows console emulator ConEmu features tabs, multiple windows, and a number of customizability options. ConEmu’s origins go way back in time; it was first developed as an add-on for “Far Manager,” a file and archive manager made available for Windows in 1996. However, despite its antiquity, the program is constantly being improved.

PowerShell, Command Line, Chocolatey, Git Bash, and other tools can all be used concurrently. The emulator attracts keyboard warriors from Vim and Emacs with its extensive menu of settings to customize and hotkeys to set. You can run DOS programs in a 64-bit environment if you install a DOS emulator like DosBox.

7. Putty


For Windows, Putty is a free SSH and Telnet client. It displays a text window asking you to enter your login and password as soon as you begin connecting. It has a variety of uses, including SSH port forwarding, SUPDUP and Rlogin connections, among many more. The “Plink” command-line tool that comes with Putty can be started from any other command terminal.

This helps support automated connections in particular. Putty’s primary benefit is that it is regarded as a very secure protocol that uses public key authentication. Plink is a very well-liked terminal for controlling web servers, remote hosts, and other online connections as a result of this.

8. Termius


Termius is a visually appealing freemium Windows emulator that you’d adore having on your screen. Additionally, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS are supported. It is a somewhat complex tool that needs some self-learning. Steve Wozniak and others claim to utilize it. Not just because of its lovely user design, but also because of Teams, a function for teamwork.

Additionally, Termius is the only terminal on our list that offers suggestions as you type. Numerous screens, including Git Bash, WSL, Command Line, PowerShell, and others, are incorporated within it. Termius is, in many ways, the terminal emulation of the future, and many of its features are far ahead of their time.

9. Mintty


A free open source terminal called Mintty is derived from WSL and other projects like Cygwin. It has a basic display that supports images, graphics, and emojis. In addition to enabling underlining, shadowing, superscribing, and overstriking, it enables a simple text selection using the mouse and keyboard. It is one of the greatest free utilities available for supporting a wide variety of Windows desktop programs, and it functions well even with older operating systems like Windows XP.

Mintty is a great option if you solely use Cygwin for your Windows shell. In actuality, Mintty is set up as the standard terminal emulator. Mintty offers a number of extra capabilities like drag-and-drop. Full screen, copy-paste, and theme support, much like the other alternatives on this list.

10. Git Bash Terminal

Git Bash Terminal

Git Bash will complete the list because it essentially offers a BASH emulation to run Git from your command line. A specialized terminal emulator for Git is something to consider given the numerous flexible uses of Git and GitHub in open source projects.

Once Git Bash has been properly installed on your Windows machine, you can play with a number of capabilities, including Git Aliases. The Git Bash terminal program is backwards compatible with Windows 11, just like Windows Terminal. While other terminal emulators catch up, you can start using Git Bash with the new operating system right away.

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