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Top 10 Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds with Land NFTs in 2022

Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds

What is Metaverse Virtual Worlds?

The Metaverse’s virtual worlds may appear unduly complicated at first. But understanding a few fundamental ideas can comprehend a crypto or metaverse environment. Decentralization is the initial one. Decentralization refers to the use of blockchain technology in a portion of a metaverse environment. A single entity or person manages standard systems. However, the blockchain is decentralized and operates without a single central authority. The blockchain is effectively shared by everyone using it.

The same holds for blockchain-based metaverse virtual worlds. The usage of the blockchain also explains why user governance is shared in metaverse virtual worlds. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are used in cryptocurrency worlds like Decentraland to keep users in charge of a more extensive system. Provable provenance will likewise be used in a metaverse environment. They employ NFTs, which is primarily to blame for this. It is simple to establish the origin of user-generated content thanks to NFTs.


  • The Metaverse will be permanent, which means it won’t ever reset, pause, or end but instead go on forever.
  • The Metaverse will be a living experience that exists for everyone in real time, even though the predetermined events will take place exactly as they do in real life.
  • The Metaverse can be a fully working economy where people and businesses can produce something valued by others, sell it, own it, invest in it, and get paid well for it.
  • Digital and physical worlds, private and public networks, and open and closed platforms will all be included in the metaverse experience.
  • We are delivering unmatched digital content and asset interoperability.
  • A diverse variety of contributors, including independent people, loosely organized groups, and startups and businesses with a business focus, will contribute content and experiences to the Metaverse.


  • Workplace and educational institution innovations in communication
  • Blockchain’s Power is Doubling
  • New Branding Opportunities
  • Building a Virtual Economy and Promoting It
  • global connectivity and the elimination of physical distance
  • immersive encounter


  • Impact on civilizations and societies that is negative
  • Addiction issues
  • Advanced Digital Technologies Required
  • Implications for Security and Privacy
  • Getting Closer to the Real and the Virtual

Top 10 Best Metaverse Virtual Worlds with Land NFTs in 2022

1. Somnium Spatial:

Somnium Spatial

Somnium Space is a blockchain-based open-source community virtual reality environment that enables users to buy virtual land to build VR homes and other constructions. This environment was entirely produced by its users. Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. Somnium 2.0 was published at the beginning of 2020, bringing the endeavor closer to a real Ready Player One virtual experience. Other multiplayer VR games separate players into sub servers and mirrored instanced rooms, but Somnium 2.0 hosts all of its players in a single large area. Players can buy virtual land and build whatever they want on it. The rewards for savvy consumers are virtually endless, as are the prospects: a restaurant, a gallery, and a home. To view Somnium Space on your computer or mobile device right now, go to Somnium.

2. The Sandbox:

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual setting where players can develop, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. The ecosystem’s native token, SAND, is employed for user rewards and asset acquisition. VoxEdit allows users to create their game assets, which can then be imported into GameMaker to create games, experiences, or events. Users can also sell their creations to other players through the official Sandbox Marketplace. The Sandbox blends social and gameplay elements while providing non-technical users with straightforward tools to create top-notch content.

3. Substrata:


Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. Substrata, a 3D virtual environment still in the early stages of development, functions quite differently from the other platforms on the list. Check for free spyware removal tools, too.
More precisely, it doesn’t operate only on an NFT basis. Nevertheless, the entire set of parcels owned by a player can be minted as Ethereum NFTs. Users can explore a communal space, interact, play, create, and purchase a private space or piece of land to customize. Before exploring Substrata, you must install the free client program appropriate to the platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux). It’s intriguing to see how the Substrata team attempts to integrate the Cryptovoxels universe onto the platform.

4. NetVRK:


The NetVRK project aims to create a unique VR ecosystem that allows an infinite number of virtual worlds without the need for sophisticated technological knowledge and rewards users for their participation. To be more exact, NetVRK is a metaverse platform with a solid architecture and tools for creating content that can be shared, interacted with, and sold. With an emphasis on online learning environments, games, and workplaces centered around the ownership of digital resources. Building a unique ecosystem based on blockchain technology that enables the production, exploration, and customization of VR at the level of every user, for both personal use and usage in the business, is the primary goal of NetVRK. NTVRK, a utility token used throughout the whole NetVRK ecosystem, is the primary NetVRK token.

5. Matrix World:

Matrix World

Two alternative blockchain protocols, Flow and Ethereum, are now supported by the multichain virtual environment Matrix World. Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. Additionally, Matrix World might offer users looking to use their creativity the best experience of all the platforms described above. Developers can design 3D apps that interact with other apps and services in this virtual environment. Creators can modify NFTs and in-game goods. They can also import NFTs into the platform and use automation tools to construct constructions. Although certain land lots are still available on secondary markets like OpenSea and BloctoBay, all the remaining land lots in Matrix World have already been bought.

6. Decentraland:


According to its website, Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that runs on Ethereum and lets users create, consume, and monetize content and applications. Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. Also, look MANA serves as the native token for all transactions on the Decentraland platform. Also, look at Metaverse currency. In this virtual setting, users purchase land plots that they can subsequently explore, develop, and monetize.
Since LAND was made available to the public in February 2020, users have created various experiences on their LAND parcels, including interactive games, sizable 3D scenes, and several more interactive experiences. Create an avatar for yourself by entering Decentraland.

7. Cryptovoxels:


One of the most straightforward blockchain virtual worlds to use and grow in is Cryptovoxels. All you need to do to explore is click on a URL; no additional software or tools are required. Additionally, you don’t need to own land to come and enjoy Cryptovoxels.

Before making a purchase, customers should be informed that each land parcel is an NFT, meaning it is unique and cannot be replicated or duplicated, exactly like actual physical land in real life.
Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. In Cryptovoxels, each land token has specific coordinates related to a specific map location. Their value is frequently influenced by distance from the center, building height, and proximity to busy areas. Additionally, land can be rented in Cryptovoxels.

8. NFT Worlds:

NFT Worlds

In NFT Worlds, which are NFTs that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, 10,000 virtual worlds are gathered. Also, A Defi Exchange Development Company: 5 Things You Should Know Every world is an unlimited universe that can be built into anything a person may imagine. Users can customize each land plot, a small metaverse built on top of Minecraft, in any way they see fit. Visitors are welcome to explore the unique characteristics that each has to offer.

The options available to NFT owners to entirely change their environment are virtually endless. They can even create entirely new game modes. Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. For instance, the community has created role-playing games, tower defense games, and first-person shooters. Each of those leverages play-to-earn features powered by NFT Worlds to gain WRLD or other rewards.

9. WorldWide Webb:

WorldWide Webb

Worldwide Webb is a multiplayer, blockchain-based role-playing game set in a pixelated cyberpunk virtual world (W3). a location where users can travel, collaborate, and work together. It uses NFTs to represent avatars, lands, pets, objects, and quests in-game. The project’s primary objective was to collaborate with well-known NFT projects like CyberKongz, CryptoPunks, BAYC, Moon Cats, and many others.
The numerous ways each collection interacts inside W3 make integrated NFT projects more beneficial. When NFT owners log in to WorldWideWebb using their wallets, they have the option to alter the player character’s appearance. Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. Others might act as mounts, animals, friends, or even start an entire journey.

10. TCG World:

TCG World

Blockchain-based open-world MMO On BNB Chain, TCG World stores its land NFTs. Users can create museums, games, and social gatherings in the blockchain metaverse. In the metagame that TCG World provides, users can fulfill quests on various worlds controlled by different players. Another virtual planet in the Metaverse is this one. For example, players might kill or catch tiny monsters. On the public platform known as TCG World, players have the freedom to acquire, buy, sell, exchange, earn, play, or interact. The primary token of the site, TCGCoin, may be acquired by users through games. The creation of TCG World is taking the cross-chain functions into account.


Everyone wants to understand more about the Metaverse because it is the buzzword of the moment. This virtual, three-dimensional environment has a lot of potentials to present remarkable opportunities, but it also poses unimaginable threats. Let’s see how the Metaverse develops over the coming years and how the world evolves while keeping our fingers crossed.

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