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15 POS Systems To Check Before You Start Retail Business!

POS Systems

The point of sale (POS), as defined by Wikipedia, is the moment and location at which a retail purchase is consummated. From small cafes to massive online “all-in-one” marketplaces, POS is the focal point of any sale firm and should be supported by appropriate POS systems in the modern era. Based on the kind of stores, the quantity, and the services they offer, a huge variety of POS systems and solutions are available to meet the needs of all sorts of clients.

Let’s talk about some of the most well-known POS systems and a few of the most promising POS companies now available. Please take note that each POS system’s price is computed separately based on the nature of your business, its size and is then privately emailed to you.

15 POS Systems to Check Before Starting Your Retail Business:

1. Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail

One of the famous POS systems that can be accessed from any location and on any device is Lightspeed Retail. Server-based retail management software called Lightspeed OnSite is available only for Mac and iOS devices. Retailers can combine inventory, complete transactions, manage customers, and dig deeper into information specific to their store with both of these operations. Maintaining synchronised inventory across all of the sites is a characteristic of the capacity to manage many stores.

Additionally, iPad extensions for mobile enable employees to manage sales and monitor inventory in-store from any location. Retailers who intend to substantially grow into e-commerce should give careful consideration to Lightspeed’s full integration of webstore, which manages all inventory across online and in-store channels. Large images are given and included by design-centric software to make it easier for shops to manage their inventory.

2. SimpleConsign


This POS technology from Axia provides a good option for some sorts of stores, like consignment shops, art galleries, antique malls, small retailers, and resellers. Everything is included, including data backups and conversion, so there is no need to download or set up this solution. SimpleCongign is obviously very simple to use. Anywhere its users have internet access, they may readily use this programme.

The tool offers live training for beginners, and the monthly costs also cover customer service. Point of Sale management, customer tracking, consignor connections, and real-time dashboard monitoring are among the capabilities of the software. The product can be purchased outright, giving you the power to automatically display a cashier’s window or a credit card reader on your checkout screen. The solution has advanced reporting capabilities and complete real-time operation and sales monitoring.

3. TouchBistro


This iPad point-of-sale system was created with your restaurant maintenance in mind. There are many options offered here, enabling workers to deliver the register to every table and offer quick and simple checkout. Traditional restaurant, fine dining institution, or informal eatery—more than 3,000 different businesses use TouchBistro globally across more than 34 countries.

It is capable of handling divided checks and gatherings of various sizes. You may quickly print or email receipts to customers who ask for them if they want them. There are certain reports that can help you handle these elements more successfully by letting you know which products are the greatest sellers.

4. RQ Retail Management

RQ Retail Management

The RQ Retail Management POS system from iQmetrix is a cutting-edge point-of-sale solution that enables users to control all key elements of a retail business, including POS, Inventory Management, CRM, Accounting, and Human Resources. Additionally, there are modules for handling Sales, Marketing, Analytics, Reporting, and Service Automation.

RQ was created specifically for the wireless retail sector, and it includes integrations for cellular partners who offer services like bill payment, handset trade-in, and device protection at the point of sale, as well as particular integrations for balancing carrier commissions.

5. Booker


The Booker POS software is designed for class-based and service organisations hoping to maintain more effective customer relationships. It greatly facilitates the process of discovering new clients, as well as the sale of services, setting up appointments, keeping track of inventory, and maintaining client relationships. The web-based Booker software is incredibly adaptable and accessible from any device, including a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

For a smooth experience both in-store and online, Booker has linked POS and eCommerce. It accepts debit and credit cards clearly, but it also supports mobile payments, allowing your consumers to pay for your services wherever they are. The application also tracks product inventories and vendors, providing you with useful details about the goods that employees use and clients purchase.

6. Revel Systems

Revel Systems

The point-of-sale (POS) software Revel Systems was created specifically for iPad. A wide variety of enterprises, including pawn shops, florists, bars, bookstores, art museums, and many more, can use it. The tool has a tonne of capabilities, including customer and inventory management, social network connection, etc., and is highly customizable.

Revel Systems guarantees that you will have security, starting with the backend of the system, where owners can manage and keep employees’ access to just relevant information. Of course, this involves managing user logins, distinctive IDs, passwords, and swipe cards.

7. FloristWare


This point-of-sale system was created especially for those working in the flower industry. FloristWare is a collection of software that is made to improve florist operations. With the aid of an accounts receivable module and a client-engaging loyalty programme, retailers can easily track the income from customer payments.

Additionally, florists can quickly take orders thanks to AutoFill features, and a history account module enables them to keep track of each customer’s previous purchases. For keeping track of customer information, providing birthday and yearly reminders, and maintaining the customer’s purchasing history, this function works fantastically with the Customer Management module.

8. Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail

This retail solution offers simple management for a variety of merchants, making it ideal for multi-store and multi-channel businesses. Any current device or browser, including touchscreen iPads and other tablets as well as conventional PCs or Macs, can visit Springboard Retail.

By gathering data at the point of sale and producing in-depth statistics about client preferences and purchase histories, Springboard’s Customer dashboard aids users in developing a deeper understanding of their customers.

9. MultiFlex RMS Fashion and Apparel

MultiFlex RMS Fashion and Apparel

This retail point-of-sale software tool and inventory management system supports both offline and online transactions for single- and multi-store environments. MultiFlex keeps track of and updates all the essential information for all of your stores, and it is accessible from any computer. It has the wonderful capacity to allow you to carry out actual inventory counting at the end of the year or on a regular cycle.

Additionally, a versatile reporting system is available that enables item- and category-level performance analysis. The eCommerce website and MultiFlex are integrated, enabling the appropriate sharing from retailers. Taxes on customers, suppliers, and month-end are included in financial reports. The POS solution offers a robust security system and all necessary multistore functions, including automatic store refill and inventory transfers.

10. Gotmerchant


For a minimal monthly price per station that includes all the technical support and a lifetime warranty, this POS system has a fantastic bargain for bars and restaurants that includes all the credit card services, including software and hardware (with installation, training, and supporting).

This is a comprehensive system with any number of stations that only needs a little monthly charge and an internet connection to function effectively. It is a feature-rich Point of Sale solution for all sorts of restaurants. The system includes a computer with a touchscreen, a receipt printer (+ optional kitchen printer), and a cash drawer without mentioning the software from on-site installation.

11. Moka


Users of this mobile POS company may control anything using an iPad. Accepting payments, ringing up transactions, and creating reports are all done in the cloud by Moka. Naturally, managing and dealing with multiple stores also involves keeping an eye on sales at various locations and performing inventory checks.

This programme can also be used to monitor and manage staff activity. For $19 per month, Moka is accessible via a subscription model.

12. Pawoon


The main rival of Moka is the cloud-based Android POS system Pawoon. This startup is well suited for small and medium-sized retail establishments like cafes and restaurants. Users of the system can manage multiple stores’ inventories, monitor consumer behavior, and view all required information.

If you just sell your services at one location, utilize one POS device. And conduct no more than 300 transactions every month, Pawoon is totally free. Additionally, you won’t be restricted in terms of locations, POS devices, or transactions for $15 each month.

13. Olsera


Users of the Olsera cloud-based POS system for iOS and Android can access inventory information, sales history, analytics, and reports from the owner’s physical stores and online.

Olsera has three price tiers based on the store owner’s preferred management style. And $3.75 to $14 per month, with potential discounts and round-the-clock individualized assistance.

14. DealPOS


This POS software has a useful offline browsing option with checkout capabilities. Owners can track customer orders, create loyalty programs, and issue serial numbers to things with the aid of DealPOS. Other crucial store functions include offering discounts, and coming up with promotions. And accepting payments in different currencies (converting to a base currency).

A starter bundle with one register, one outlet, and three users is available for $15 per month. The standard package is $25 per month and supports an unlimited number of users. Every additional outlet costs an extra $25 per month, and each new register costs $10.

15. Omega POS Cloud

Omega POS Cloud

This is regarded as one of the most conventional beginnings here. Necessitating the initial installation of the POS system on the cash register’s computer. However, a cloud system is available and built into the software.  Allowing for the linking of all data from various storage locations.

The Windows-based Omega POS Cloud is ideal for small. And medium-sized businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and clothes, grocery, and furnishing stores. Three months of cloud service are included in the starting kit’s $46 price. For an additional $10, support for exclusively online sales is offered as a pricing option.

The range of POS systems is rather astounding, as you can see. It may be challenging to select the best option. Given that all major market players offer a wealth of practical features and services at competitive costs. But we believe that our summary will help you quickly identify a POS system. That fully meets your company’s needs.

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