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12 Best Rank Tracking Tools In 2022

Best Rank Tracking Tools

What is Tracking Tools?

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12 Best Rank Tracking Tools In 2022

1. Semrush:


Semrush is a full-service marketing tool for companies. Because it offers all the tools you need to handle intricate SEO campaigns in a single package, it is the best choice for seasoned SEOs, large teams, and enterprises.

For a good reason, Semrush is one of the most well-known in the SEO SaaS software industry. It boasts an unrivaled feature set and some of the most advanced tools on the market. Additionally, there is an excellent assortment of SERP tracking tools here. Using the position tracking tool, you can follow any word or domain across search engines like Google and Baidu. The effectiveness of your campaign may be evaluated using this insightful data, which can also be utilized to spot and address problematic keyword cannibalization.

You may monitor Google and Baidu’s SERP volatility by keeping an eye on changes in organic ranking positions and looking for signs that the ranking system may have experienced a significant change. Learn more about your competitors and the domains with the strongest paid and natural presence.

2. Serpstat:


An all-in-one SEO platform and growth hacking tool are Serpstat. It offers excellent value for the money and achieves a balance between price and features. This is yet another tool for tracking rank.
Serpstat, like many of the systems we’ve looked at thus far, offers a variety of tools (30+, to be exact) packed into one. In addition to being a rank tracker, it also functions as a site auditor, a keyword research tool, and a backlink checker. With the integrated keyword tracking tool, you can check the global and local ranking positions for any domain in Google and Yandex. You may organize keywords by tags, analyze your market share for the studied keywords, set up automatic rank reports, and more. Both organic and paid keyword rankings are available for monitoring.

Along with rank tracking, we loved Serpstat’s auditing function. It does a complete expert analysis of your entire site and reveals excellent SEO advice. You can immediately identify and fix issues that might harm your SEO performance. The keyword tool is also quite helpful. To find similar search phrases and inquiries your customers are making, you can either enter a broad keyword or create a list of missing keywords from any domain. To assist you in deciding whether or not to pursue your suggested keywords, you may see search volume, competitiveness, CPC, and other critical data next to them.

3. Wincher:


Companies of all sizes can use Wincher, a capable rank-tracking application. You may use it to track the development of your SEO efforts, keep tabs on your competitors, uncover new keywords, and gather valuable data. We appreciate Wincher’s dashboard’s appearance. It is simple and gives you a quick rundown of all the websites and keywords you monitor.

Another aspect we like about Wincher is that it provides historical data, which we enjoy. Few other programs offer a 6-month rating history for all the keywords you enter. Information is available on local rankings from more than 100,000 places (spanning 180 countries). Wincher also makes it easy for you to keep track of how your competitors are performing by providing daily competitor ranking updates and rapid notifications of any significant changes to their ranking positions.

The tool for researching keywords shouldn’t be disregarded. It fully integrates with the rank tracker and offers automatic keyword ideas along with data on CPC, search volume, anticipated traffic volume, and other factors to assist you in identifying potential new keyword candidates. Wincher is also reasonably priced. Because all subscriptions offer unlimited users, it is reasonably affordable for marketing teams and agencies.

4. Raven Tools:

Raven Tools

Raven Tools, one of the best rank trackers on the market, is an all-in-one platform with several effective SEO and reporting tools. The rank tracker provides daily, weekly, and monthly SERP ranking data for all significant search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex.

Options for tracking keywords positions include language tracking, device tracking, zip code tracking (for local keyword ranking places), and more. You can copy and paste each term into a separate row if you want to track many keywords or submit them in a list format. With only one click, you can track all of your keywords. Additionally, Raven Tools offers historical ranking data so that you may analyze earlier results and track the development of your SERP over time. You may export your ranking data into in-depth, white-label SEO reports to further visualize it. In addition to rank tracking, Raven also offers website audits, backlink analysis, and competitor research tools.

5. AccuRanker:


AccuRanker claims to be the world’s quickest rank tracker. It is a powerful rank tracking tool ideal for companies and SEO agencies. Accuranker features many other functions that organizations will find handy in addition to its lightning-fast rates. For instance, the REST API makes it simple for developers to integrate Accuranker with your company’s internal systems. Complete segmentation and data cubing technology make it easier to manage enormous data sets. Complex features like pixel tracking, share of voice (SoV) analysis, and dynamic tagging are also offered.
Using the organic site explorer, you can see a visual overview of the terms you’re ranking for and your competitors. Furthermore, combined SERP analysis exposes the many SERP factors for which you are ranked (e.g., knowledge panels, featured snippets, FAQs, etc.)

6. RankWatch:


RankWatch is another excellent and user-friendly all-in-one SEO platform and internet rank tracker to consider. More than 25,000 happy consumers utilize it. You may learn more about your ranking position and SERP competitors with RankWatch, audit your website with more than 100 tests, discover new keyword and content optimization opportunities, track and analyze your backlinks, and do much more. Due to its 100% white-label interface and comprehensive reporting, it is perfect for agencies.

7. WebCEO:


The digital marketing and SEO software system, WebCEO, includes a wide range of agency-level SEO solutions. WebCEO offers a sophisticated rank tracking tool that enables you to track your ranks and those of your competitors.
You can get detailed breakdowns of ranking data from any period and study criteria like country, state, region, city, and zip code. You also get access to information on a variety of ranking outcomes, including adverts, images, videos, and more. Rating reports can also be made with only a few clicks. In addition to the rank tracking software, WebCEO may be used to do SEO audits, find keywords, manage internal links, and construct sitemaps. Overall, this is a great  ll-in-one solution with potent rank-tracking abilities.

8. SE Ranking:

SE Ranking

SE Ranking, in our opinion, is the best rank tracker for most users. It is a comprehensive SEO tool with a practical rank tracking feature. It is moderately priced and includes several pricing tiers, white-label functionality, and collaborative tools. With the Keyword Position Checker offered by SE Ranking, you may track your position about other websites and the most popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even YouTube.

You can view statistics from desktop and mobile results separately to learn more about how you’re doing on various platforms. You may examine your organic search engine rankings using SE Ranking, maps results, ad positions, videos, rich snippets, etc. Monitoring your keywords and those of up to 20 competitors will allow you to maintain a close eye on the competition. You may use your domain to provide your clients access to a customized rank tracker if you control an agency. You can stay organized by creating sub-accounts for clients and team members with different levels of access privileges. This is yet another tool for tracking rank. Also, look at spy software SE Ranking offers a website auditing tool, a keyword research tool, a backlink checker, an on-page SEO checker, and other features besides the rank tracker.

9. Nightwatch:


This is yet another tool for tracking rank. Nightwatch is one of the best rank tracking software programs on the market. Our testing shows that it provides highly accurate and reliable data, particularly local rating data. Nightwatch is excellent in tracking local rank. Unlike the bulk of other rank trackers, it doesn’t just obtain its data from the nearest Google Data Center. Instead, you may access every Google Data Center on the planet. Why is this important? It suggests that you may keep tabs on your keyword rankings in more than 100,000 distinct places throughout the globe.

This is essential since Google constantly adjusts search results based on the user’s location. For example, imagine that you run a high-end hair salon in Los Angeles and are trying to rank for your brand name and related terms like “hairdressers in LA.” You don’t care whether or not your business shows up when someone searches for these terms in New York; all that matters is how you’re doing in LA.

10. Mangools:


Mangools is a collection of beginner-friendly SEO tools. One of the most dependable and user-friendly rank trackers we’ve seen comes from it, called SERPWatcher. SERPWatcher aims to make things as straightforward as possible while giving you access to all the data required to estimate the potential organic traffic to your website. It is less complex than other rank tracking software and provides easy-to-understand facts in a tidy interface. You can concentrate on what matters most because it is built for beginners and removes all confusing information and advanced settings. To help you quickly and correctly interpret the data and assess how well your website is performing in the SERPs, Mangools developed a tool known as the Performance Index. With SERPWatcher’s daily updates, you can keep tabs on changes to the rankings of your organic search phrases. In case there are any substantial rank changes, you’ll get email updates.

Additionally, you may obtain precise rank tracking data for more than 50,000 locations across PC and mobile. This is yet another tool for tracking rank. Along with SERPWatcher, Mangools also offers additional tools for keyword research, search analysis, and SEO, including SiteProfiler, KWFinder, LinkMiner, and SERPChecker (for insights and analytics). Check out the crypto tax tools.

11. SEO PowerSuite:

SEO PowerSuite

To receive all the tools you need for your efforts, get SEO PowerSuite. It is equipped with a Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEOSpyGlass (for analyzing competitors), and LinkAssistant (for link building and management). This is yet another tool for tracking rank. The tool Rank Tracker is complex. Unlike some programs, it lets you monitor the rankings of over 300 local and international search engines in addition to Google. You may monitor your progress over time, match certain landing pages with specific keywords, sort and filter data to reveal crucial information, and more. Another way SEO PowerSuite differentiates itself from its competitors is that it is not a cloud-based platform.

You may access it and download it for nothing from your personal computer. Because it’s a desktop program, the business doesn’t have to spend money on pricy servers to handle and preserve user data. Because their costs are kept low, they can provide better prices. Because of this, SEO PowerSuite offers one of the most affordable subscription options on the market, in addition to a very generous free plan.

12. Morningscore:


Morningscore is yet another all-encompassing SEO tool with a twist. It makes tedious SEO work much more interesting by using gamification. This is yet another tool for tracking rank. Like other all-in-one solutions, Morningscore offers an entire complement of SEO capabilities. It features a robust rank tracker, a keyword research tool, a reporting tool for SEO, a backlink tracking tool, and an auditing tool. All of these different tools flow seamlessly into one another.

For instance, you may start by using the keyword research tool to locate new prospects. Add the few you want to focus on as soon as possible to the rank tracking tool for daily updates. Using the domain keyword analysis tool, you can quickly find all the different keywords your site ranks for in Google, along with the specific ranking position. You may also find out how your competitors use the comparison tool for similar searches (or vice versa). The Rank Tracker user interface is simple to use and comprehend. You can quickly examine all the terms you rank for and do different operations using the right-click menu. For instance, you could want to view historical statistics, look them up on Google, or add them to a group or folder.

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