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 Top 17+ Easybib Alternatives to try in 2023

Easybib Alternatives

Easybib is a well-known free bibliography maker and a website with the most innovative writing-related themes. With its selection of tools, it’s a helpful platform for students, instructors, and others that may quickly assist you in producing citations and other work. However, many additional websites provide a better selection of tools and enough manuals and citation styles to surprise you. These websites make your work easier while improving the results’ quality.

Keep on moving on this post for a list of the top 17+ alternatives of Easybib if you’re curious to learn more about these solid and well-liked bibliography-generating platforms and plug-ins. Let’s start with its little intro (Pros or Cons) or our selection criteria for alternatives.

Pros & Cons Of Easybib 



  • Even in simple scenarios, the citation generators in EasyBib have several things that need to be corrected. For instance, the Easy Bib MLA 8 generator must include the correct publishing city information.
  • There is no right way to arrange references because they vary and are complex depending on the citation style.
  • References in a bibliographic list are incorrectly formatted (hanging indents, typefaces, numbering, etc.):
  • The price of Easy Bib’s citation maker is high;
  • There is just one free citation format: You must pay to have your references converted into a format other than MLA;
  • Service is quite sluggish;
  • Easy Bib has a complicated user interface, making it difficult to use.

Standard Selection of Easybib Alternatives

We took into consideration several variables before making our decision. We took into account several variables when rating, such as:

  • Usability: We took into account how simple each program was to use. A program’s usability is directly correlated with its effectiveness. We looked for browser plugins and integrations, including Chrome and Safari. The quicker you can develop citations, the better.
  • Value for Money: The features you received for your money were also considered. Customizability is typically good, even though having too many features might be overwhelming. More pricey apps can be helpful if they give you access to things you’ll utilize.
  • Compatibility across Multiple Platforms: Because each person utilizes a somewhat different platform, we searched for cross-platform compatible software. Is the application simple to use on PC and Mac devices? Is it compatible with mobile devices? Does it perform well on Android and iOS? The program should perform better the more compatible it is.

We listed alternatives below after considering all of these variables to assist you in locating the top citation software for your requirements.

Best Alternatives to EasyBib

Here are some EasyBib alternatives for writing outstanding papers and articles.

1: Zotero


Zotero, a free, open-source program, can be incredibly helpful for writing an academic paper. A non-profit software company called Corporation for Digital Scholarship created it. Zotero differs from EasyBib in that it only occasionally bothers you with adverts as you perform various tasks. Additionally, it saves time by automatically creating bibliographies and references as you write.

This tool is the best option for any style manual or publication because it supports thousands of citation styles. It includes a synchronizing feature that enables data synchronization across many devices. Zotero makes organization easier by classifying your work into collections with searchable keywords. Last but not least, this application automatically detects your research and collects web citations.

2: BibMe


A free online writing center powered by Chegg, BibMe is a tool for creating bibliographies and citations. With the help of this website, you can manage and adjust the already-created bibliographies and check and review your paper for plagiarism.

With the same service provider as Easybib, BibMe is a different site that can help you examine your work more thoroughly for mistakes, missing punctuation, etc. Additionally, it makes no difference what kind of citation style you employ because the platform works with all of them.

3: Mendeley


You can arrange your work using Mendeley, a program for academic purposes. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mendeley, unlike EasyBib, is more appropriate for people who work with PDFs. It enables users to compile bibliographies and research papers, which are beneficial for writing convincing papers. This specific software gives you more than 1GB of cloud storage space to support your research. You may synchronize your work so that no matter where you are, you can access information on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Additionally, you can connect with other students or academics engaged in comparable research. Additionally, as you work on your papers, you can share knowledge and brainstorm ideas.

4: Grafiati


Another reliable citation and reference generator site in this post is Grafiati. This service automatically generates citations and bibliographies in several different citation formats.

You can use Grafiati to browse catalogs of various types, including journal articles, reports, books, book chapters, conference papers, theses, and dissertations, among others. Additionally, you might manually add the source using web pages, online videos, etc.



The app is accessible on various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Android. You can use this tool to conduct extensive research on various publications, and its artificial intelligence will then generate the proper citations or bibliographies for you.

You can access some of the most reliable academic databases using the program, including Google Scholar, PubMed, and arXiv. With this function, you may save your data safely in the cloud and retrieve it from anywhere. You can connect with others conducting related research using this platform. You may rapidly share information with these people to ensure your paper is even better. There are more than 7000 different citation formats available in the tool.

6: EndNote


When creating reports, articles, and essays, EndNote is an intelligent research and commercial reference management software application perfect for managing bibliographies and residences.

EndNote allows you to manage your information more quickly to concentrate on your research. It has a potent Word plug-in allows you to quickly and effortlessly produce bibliographies and citations with just one click. EndNote is accessible online, making it simple for you to collaborate with individuals worldwide. All you need to do is give those you want to work on a project with permission.

Another essential factor to remember is that because your work is stored in the cloud, you may access it from anywhere. Also, read about Best Copy.AI Alternatives.

7: Citavi


Another excellent reference manager you can utilize for your papers is Citavi. One of its key advantages is that this tool automatically generates bibliographies as you conduct research and compose your paper.

It generates citations or references in the format you choose. Remember that it is compatible with many citation styles, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, etc. Even so, you can alter the style to fit how you write.

You can protect your data on your server with Citavi, this ensures that you and any other individuals with authorization may only retrieve the information in storage. Citavi is a user-friendly reference management and knowledge-organizing application for academics and students.

8: Citation Machine 

Citation Machine 

Citation Machine is available to assist all professionals and students in formatting and producing systematic citations for the data they utilize. One of the most accessible platforms to use, it is a free website with various bibliography and reference tools.

E-learning content developers can access citation-style libraries and options using Citation Machine. It also contains a precise plagiarism detector and a wide range of sources to cite information, such as periodicals, journals, movies, newspapers, novels, etc.

Your references and bibliography can be added directly to your document.57 Various types of content, including movies and podcasts, are available on it.

Use the ‘auto-fill tool’ for resources by simply typing the resource’s name into the search bar. You can easily create citations in more than 7,000 additional styles, including Chicago, MLA, and APA.

9: JabRef 


JabRef should be your next alternative to consider in place of EasyBib. This specific program is free and open-source, allowing users to alter and share with others without being bound by any rules.

The JabRef project, launched in 2003, can be a great approach to gathering crucial academic resources. It varies from EasyBib because it does not have all the obnoxious advertisements.

You may quickly organize your work with this app by clicking a few buttons. For instance, it can create hierarchical collections out of your study. Additionally, you can organize by categories, keywords, or manual assignments. Additionally, it makes it possible for you to categorize fresh papers for access in the future quickly.

This tool’s user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for everyone, even beginners. Although utilizing it is free, you can donate money to support the project’s continued existence on the main website.

10: Opendemia


This list includes Opendemia because it’s one of the top tools for facilitating your research and writing. It assists you in creating works referenced in all the fundamental styles and forms, and you can even include a remark and quotes from various sources.

It enables you to make automatic works cited and in-text citation pages. It also lets you make notes immediately and store them for later retrieval. The ability to preserve your citations for the duration of your research tenure is Opendemia’s most vital feature. You receive a massive library of valuable materials when your college or tenure is out!

11: ReadCube Papers

ReadCube Papers

Another alternative to conduct efficient research and get accurate citations is ReadCube Papers. It works with various systems, including laptops, desktops, and mobile.

Another research manager that enables data synchronization between devices is this one. Additionally, you get remote access to all the data you require in your collection.

Pop-up advertisements are absent from ReadCube Papers in contrast to EasyBib. You must pay for its individual or business packages to use all of its capabilities. A built-in search engine in ReadCube makes conducting research a breeze. Additionally, it has easy-to-use importing capabilities that simplify referencing or citing sources.

You can use this application to annotate your PDF files; for those who require it, it also provides text-to-speech translation. The best alternative for anyone looking to explore and curate academic knowledge is ReadCube Papers. More of its features are designed to protect against plagiarism.

12: ZoteroBib


The same technology that underpins Zotero is also used in ZoteroBib. This program can search the internet and gather all the data needed to produce excellent references or citations. More than 9000 different writing styles can be used to construct citations or bibliographies with this application. This program differs from EasyBib because you do not need to register to use its capabilities.

Additionally, there is no need to waste time downloading and installing software on your device. Instead, it is accessible online and works with all platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone. ZoteroBib is offered without cost; This holds whether you are utilizing it for personal or professional purposes. You won’t have to worry about intrusive ads appearing on the homepage. The fact that ZoteroBib can select references or citations from many sources, such as online articles, blogs, e-books, journals, and newspapers, is essential to note.

13: EasyBib


Even though EasyBib is a tool many students use, it still needs to be ranked higher than other citation generators on our list because EasyBib only offers a free MLA citation generator; other citation formats necessitate a premium subscription. Its Google Docs Chrome plugin is more precise than the website version.

Students and professors who want to demonstrate proper citation techniques to others can use EasyBib.Additionally, the software includes infographics and flowcharts to aid in the process. Check out EasyBib if you’re seeking a helpful tool that will aid students with their citations. The program includes a built-in bibliography builder that might simplify managing citations and annotations.

Other writing materials available through this program range from guides to grammatical tutorials. There are numerous videos available to help people follow MLA and APA citations. Additionally, the program includes infographics and flowcharts to aid in the process.



Another great alternative to create citations and bibliographies of high caliber is Everyone is welcome to utilize it without paying anything.

This technology aims to provide automatic citations in the four primary writing styles. MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian are a few of them. Unlike EasyBib, this program contains no adverts that can make your thoughts muddled. It arranges your ideas and gathers the required data.

Using this tool, you can write all your papers before exporting them into a Microsoft Word document. This application is compatible with Google Docs as well. You can cite various sources, including books, journals, websites, periodicals, and more, using You can work with others on your project using this tool as well.

15: Paperpile 


Web-based reference management system Paperpile is free. It comes in various formats, including Word, iOS, and Android. It might be challenging to keep a library with thousands of documents organized. It’s simple (and enjoyable) with Paperpile as your reference manager.

Put each document in the appropriate folder to easily find it later. It Uses colored labels to visually group papers and as effective filters. With more than 30 reference types and 86 subtypes, Paperpile is a reference management solution that can handle your needs. It will provide proper citations for all of your sources. Using keyboard shortcuts, you may manage your preferences more quickly than before. When you learn them once, you can utilize Paperpile more quickly every time.


academia, a project that unites several students and scholars, was started in 2008. With this EasyBib substitute, you can access more than 36 million research papers.

You can work with others engaged in similar academic or scientific endeavors. EasyBib differs from in that it does not contain pop-up advertisements that can annoy you. Regarding collaborative research, this resource is also one of the best. You may communicate with people worldwide and easily share your thoughts and discoveries.

The resource is accessible from a distance because all data is stored in the cloud. It immediately alerts those you have cited, which makes this resource unique. Additionally, you are informed whenever your work is cited.

17: Weava


Weava is intended to serve as your one-stop shop for all your research and writing needs. You’ll arrive at this tool’s clean dashboard as soon as you join up. All of your research can be compiled and kept on the dashboard. Sort your work into categories based on keywords, importance, or any other way you like.

You can access your work from anywhere, thanks to Weava’s cloud storage service for your data. You can synchronize this instrument with several devices to access research that is kept on local drives. Using this tool, you can collaborate with other researchers in productive ways, share your findings, and invite others to contribute some of their ideas. Weava has an automatic citation option that enables you to add references or citations with a single click. The fact that it supports several referencing styles makes this simpler. Also, read about Best Free PDF Reader Software.

18: BibGuru


Another research and citation manager to think about is BibGuru. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs of Austria supports it. This tool will create a database of beneficial research. You can gather and save all the required data in the designated cloud storage area.

Then, you must utilize the search terms you used to store your study to get access to all the information you require. Because it doesn’t include any adverts to raise money, the program differs from EasyBib. It is simple to use and accessible to almost everyone because of its interface. You may create citations with BibGuru in several styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, and more. It can scan your paper and detect grammatical and spelling errors. As a result of the tool’s recommendations for making your text better, you may make rapid edits.

Last thoughts

In addition to the websites like Easybib described in this piece, many more online platforms offer reliable services with only positive outcomes. The websites in this article are chosen instead based on how user-friendly they are, how well they perform their tasks, and how many tools they provide.

As a result, we strongly advise you to try all of the Easybib above alternatives, this brings us to a close, and we hope you now have a wide selection of websites like Easybib to check out.

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