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Sling TV: Live TV Streaming Service

Sling TV: Live TV Streaming Service

Sling TV is amongst the pioneer OTT Internet TV streaming services that arrived in the world. It is the most reliable streaming service over the internet, which has grabbed over 2.4 million subscribers, and most of them reside in America. What makes it superior to others is, this successful streaming service offers affordable plans and provides a vast content library. The best thing is it allows users to watch content from anywhere and on any device, and Sling TV is already on the list of most popular live TV streaming services in the USA. Today we will talk about this streaming network in detail growing rapidly, and there are no signs of slowing down.

It arrived in the market in 2014 and still dominating as a fantastic alternative for viewers looking to get rid of traditional cable and satellite TV. This service provides you a compact TV viewing experience featuring channels that you want to watch for sure. You dont have to pay costly bills or buy expensive equipment that messes up space under your TV. Using this service, you can stream from any device and at an affordable price in real-time.

After looking at the success of Sling TV, plenty of platforms are trying to launch their own live TV streaming services. Some of them include DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and even YouTubeTV. The only thing which makes Sling TV unique and accessible is its affordable plans compared to most of these channels.

Is Sling TV and Slingbox the same?

Undoubtedly Sling TV took inspiration from Slingbox and developed it as a streaming platform. But Sling TV is a separate service and belongs to different leagues when it comes to cord-cutting alternatives. Under this service, the brand is feeding to the entire US audience, letting them watch most of the basic channels without the need for disturbing equipment in your TV lounge or on the rooftop.

Sling TV is a flexible and customizable service and, apart from primary channels available in the package, allows you to add additional content for an extra fee. For example, by paying $4.99, you can use six channels of your choice and users looking for premium content and add HBO, EPIX, and STARZ but require you to pay a few extra bucks a month.

It is similar to Prime Video and Netflix and requires an active internet connection to work. You need a compatible player such as Xbox One, Roku, or Android device, and you are all set to use this service.


It came into existence on January 5, 2015, and this American over-the-top internet television service works under Dish Network. This network made its way at the ‘Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We see it as a virtual multichannel video programming distributor (MCVPD), which complements subscription VOD services for users looking to cut the cords. Nowadays, users stream content on Sling TV via digital media players, smart TVs, and apps anywhere in the world.


When it comes to design, Sling TV arrives with a slightly confusing interface but works perfectly well. You may need to spend a little time learning to navigate this site, but the first impression gives you a few tough feelings. A Grey, Black, and White text combination are used as a standard color tone, which is common on most famous streaming service websites.

You will find minor orange lines under the videos indicating the viewing progress. We have seen it before in Hotstar, where there’s a green line and this little detailing count a lot and help you continue from your left off.

You can’t deny the fact that Sling’s interface is not highly appealing or automatic, but it still gets your job done. It may disappoint you if you are a fan of flipping channels because there is no surfing option, and the homepage is set up in a horizontal mosaic window format that features your favorite channels.



 Sling TV: Live TV Streaming Service


As mentioned earlier, this service is popular for its wide range of content and isn’t as expansive as many leading streaming services. There are two plans Orange and Blue Plan, with different content, but both these plans have similar base channels.

It provides channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TBS, TNT, DIY Network, Food Network, HGTV, CNN, Travel Channel, ABC Family, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, IFC, AMC, History, Bloomberg, Lifetime, Flama, A&E Cheddar, AXS TV, and more.

The difference between these packages is that Sling Blue doesn’t offer Disney-owned channels.

On-Demand content is a USP.

Since it is a highly customizable service, users can choose from an extensive on-demand content library specializing in Sling. We were amazed to see some of the titles of Sling, such as the entire collection of ‘Billions,’ ‘Real Housewives, ‘Good Eats’ and the latest season of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ If you think the base package is not fulfilling your requirements, you can add additional channels at just $5/month. The add-ons vary from m kids’ channels to movie channels to sports channels to provide various options.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Sling TV is much similar to Slingbox, but these are different networks, and Sling TV allows you to pause, rewind and even fast-forward Live TV on channels. You can also watch shows just a few days after they premiered and stream Sling TV from numerous devices, including mobiles. All you need is a decent internet connection to stream content on this site.

The drawback of this service is, if you cast your streams from a smaller screen to the bigger ones, you will find a different experience. It works well on some devices and very poorly on others; for example, it worked great on my smartphone, but when cast via Chromecast, the quality dipped down.

Suggestions I have for Sling TV.

We recommend that the developers improve the Sling Orange and add some more features because we feel Orange is not meeting users’ content needs.


Sling TV has changed the OTT live streaming service, though the user interface is not up to the mark still a great value for money. It’s an excellent choice for users who dont want to spend much on premium services. You can send us your suggestions and feedback. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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