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Why is Matching Master an Addictive Online Game?

Why is Matching Master an Addictive Online Game

Matching Master will be a wonderful fit for you if you appreciate online Match 3 games where the aim is to match three (or more) components. It’s based on the same principle as Candy Crush Saga, but it has several unique features that set it different from the competition.

Players must match three or more candies to get points in Matching Master, a puzzle game. When two tiles match, a chain reaction starts, leading the matched tiles to disappear completely from the board. There are two sorts of games to select from:
1-vs.-1 and 1-vs.-N are two different types of games. The game pairs players at random and has them compete on the same board for 100 seconds, turn per turn. When the timer runs out or each player has used up all of their eight movements, the game declares a winner with the highest score.

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Since the days of Tetris and its infinite permutations, game designers have followed a basic concept. For a multitude of reasons, a game like Matching Master may be incredibly addicting. Listed below are a few examples:

1. The original concept is the easiest to understand

Matching Master is a game that you can play without having to watch a lot of lessons or instructional videos. The notion, as previously said, has been around for quite some time. Almost everyone has played a game based on the Matching Master premise at some point in their life. All you need is a mind ready to strategize and arrange tiles to make them vanish.

2. The splash of colors on the board

Who doesn’t like a game that is graphically appealing? The game board you see is made up of several sorts of tiles with coloured candies that you may move, rotate, or shift about to form groups or lines. The visuals and animations are excellent, and the reddish backdrop is a nice touch, especially if you enjoy that colour. The sound effects add to the game’s excitement.

3. The games are time-bound and fast

Every game on Matching Master has a time limit of 100 seconds. So you don’t have to keep playing endlessly in order to win. To get points, you and your opponent both have 100 seconds to create candy combinations. An equivalent amount of points may be obtained by using a simple three-point combination. You may have a lot of fun in a short period of time with Matching Master. By playing in racy, fast-paced matches, you may also earn a lot of money. There are no delays when it comes to starting the game or withdrawing your winnings.

4. Compelling scoring system

The scoring algorithm used by Matching Master is a complete mystery. Matching four or more candies unlocks unique boosters and abilities that offer you additional points in addition to the basic combo score of three points. While three initiates the matching process, the idea is to always strive for a longer combination in order to get a large advantage over your opponent’s score.

5. Fun power-ups and boosters

What good is a Matching Master game if it doesn’t have a wide range of odd power-ups and boosters? In this one, there are a lot of them. A firecracker will burst if you match six similar-colored sweets, releasing five additional candies in the shape of a (+). A bow and arrow booster may demolish the whole bottom row of the board.

A rocket has the power to convert a whole row or column of sweets into a single colour. A bomb is made by matching five candies and may be used to clear a square of nine candies. The game even has explosives and rockets in it, making for a fun experience.

6. Makes you “think” more often than not

Matching Master is more than just a fun puzzle game; it’s also a game for thinkers. It’s not a game of luck when it comes to landing candy combinations; it’s a matter of methodically fitting them together to obtain as many points as possible. Remember that your opponent is just as good as you are and may have a few tricks up his or her sleeve. Never dismiss their logic; nonetheless, keep focused on your own game and have a cool head.

7.  Win real money rewards – no kidding!

Without a question, the possibility to win real money is the most compelling motivation to play Matching Master. The games are not only safe, legal, and evenly matched, but you can also win a lot of money. You may also immediately withdraw your winnings to your bank account. Matching Master players who put in more time and effort will be rewarded with incredible bonuses and deals. Expect the greatest gaming experience available on the market.

8. Free practice games to get better results

Before playing real money games with medium to high stakes, you may always play as many practise games as you like for free. The practise games assist you in improving your odds by familiarising you with the main idea, scoring system, timing, boosters, and other crucial information. Consider it a warm-up for when you face off against the world’s best players.


Is there anything else that makes you want to check out Matching Master? Right now, you may download and play this fascinating game.

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