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Top 10 Best Methods to Share Your Location with Family and Friends

Best Methods to Share Your Location with Family and Friends

Let’s face it, we’ve all had moments when we wished we could tell our friends or family where we were. On the other hand, the days of needing a laptop to mark our location on a map were long gone. We can now use our smartphones to transmit our whereabouts. The Top Ten Ways To Share Your Location With Friends And Family We can easily inform friends and relatives of our whereabouts using our cellphones. On your Android device, you may install a selection of third-party applications to share your current position with friends and family.

10 Best Methods to Share Your Location with Family and Friends

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re seeking for information about such apps. This article will provide a list of the top Android applications for sharing your location with family and friends. Let’s have a look at some of the apps.

1. Glympse

Glympse is a cross-platform programme that works on Windows, iPhone, and Android devices. You may share your present position as well as your destination with others with this app. You may share your position on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through chat applications like Skype and WhatsApp.

2. GPS Phone Tracker

This is a location tracking programme that lets you to add friends or family members and interact with them, as the name implies. Send your code to your friends by SMS, email, WhatsApp, and other ways. After you’ve built the connections, you can quickly share your locations with your associated users by turning on location service.

3. GoeZilla

To use this application, you must first form a group and invite your friends, family, or coworkers. You’ll be able to follow their whereabouts in real time after you’ve added them. The programme is simple to use and little in size. While sharing a location goezilla, you may even start a chat with group members. It provides the most efficient means of informing family and friends of your whereabouts.

4. Messenger

A new location sharing function has been added to the Facebook Messenger app for Android. You may share your current location with your pals using the Messenger app. The only drawback is that only Facebook members may share their whereabouts. That means you can’t use Messenger to share your location with others who aren’t on Facebook.

5. Life360 Family Locator

Anyone in the family using the app may use it to find each other on a map and pinpoint their exact location. This tool may also be used to label certain locations on a map as your house or company. Everyone in the group gets alerted when a member of this group enters or departs the specified spot. This software is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows phones and tablets.

6. Family Locator

Like the Life360 Family Locator app, this programme has a lot in common in terms of features. To separate this programme from the rest, it provides the ability to indicate safe and dangerous areas on a map.‘ Everyone in the group will be alerted when a member of the group enters the zone. Another unique feature of this programme is that the group admin may set an invisible mode to hide other members of the group. It might be one of the most effective ways to share your whereabouts with loved ones.

7. Google Maps

Google Maps for Android now has a feature that lets users share their current position with others in real time. The address, on the other hand, may only be forwarded to your Google Contacts. On Android, go to Menu > Location Sharing > Add People in Google Maps. You must first pick with whom you want to share your live location and for how long you want to share it. Click on the “Share” button at the bottom of the page to make your work available to the public. This is how you can share real-time locations with your friends and family using Google Maps on Android.

8. WhatsApp

A new feature in the newest version of WhatsApp allows users to broadcast their position to their friends in real time. As an alternative, you can first create a chat window for the person with whom you wish to share your location, then click on the Plus symbol to add it. “Send Your Current Location” will be one of the options available to you. A warning will pop up and you’ll have to press ‘OK.‘ Specifying how long you want to broadcast your Live location before hitting the Send Button is a necessary initial step. As a result, your friends and family will be able to monitor your every step.

9. Find My Friends

One of the most downloaded Android applications, Find My Friends, can be found in the Google Play Store. Using Find My Friends, users may share their location with their friends and family. To top it all off, the app enables you to chat with pals and uses your phone’s GPS to disclose your location. Find My Friends is an excellent Android app for sharing real-time location information.

10. Family Locator & Safety

You may use it to remain in touch with your friends and family for free, as the name suggests. Tracking your whereabouts on a map in real time is the most useful feature of Family Locator & Safety. In addition, Relatives Locator & Safety has a private chat feature for communicating with loved ones. Family Locator & Safety is another excellent Android app for sharing your location.


So there you have it: the 10 Best Ways to Share Your Location with Family and Friends. I hope you found this information to be of assistance! Please also forward it to your friends.Also, if you have any other recommendations for similar apps, please let us know. Goodbye!

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