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10 Best Free Drawing Software for Beginners

Best Free Drawing Software in 2022

Beginners used to have to enrol in art schools to improve their drawing talents, but that is no longer the case. In 2022, we will have a plethora of online tools for beginners to hone their talents. We also have a lot of free drawing software that you can use to improve your drawing abilities and take them to the next level. This article is for you if you’re a novice searching for some nice drawing software. This guide will show you the finest free drawing software in 2022. Let’s get this party started.

1. Free Artweaver


Another popular drawing program that is suitable for beginners is Artweaver Free. The program has an easy-to-use User Interface suitable for both adults and children. Because the program is built to accept input from several sources, you may draw on the screen using your mouse, pen, or touchscreen and then use Artweaver’s brushes to give it a realistic look.

There are a lot of them if you look at Artweaver’s features. To begin, you’ll receive a selection of calligraphy pens, airbrushes, and Conte brushes to utilise in your projects. Aside from that, you’ll find a variety of exciting designs and pens. The free edition of Artweaver will enough for novices, but the premium version includes advanced capabilities such as comprehensive brushing control, technical assistance, and more. Overall, Artweaver Free is an excellent choice for novices seeking for child-friendly drawing software.

2. Clip Studio Paint


Clip Studio Paint is a popular professional drawing programme for the PC. Illustrations, animations, manga, and comics are all possible with this application. About 5 million users are using this software. Many professional painters and illustrators prefer this free drawing programme because it offers greater versatility and independence.

You can accomplish the same things you do on paper while making manga or comics.
However, owing to digital technology, you have more benefits. The application has a large number of drawing tools. Her most recent version now has animation capabilities, making her one of the greatest free art tools available. This application is a worthy rival to Adobe Photoshop. Many artists nowadays choose Clip Studio Paint since it is more ubiquitous in many ways.

3. Krita


Let’s start with Krita, which is likely to be one of the most popular and free drawing programs for novices in 2022. It’s made for professionals, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a good entry-level yet professional drawing program. For starters, Krita comes with a highly refined and polished User Interface that is well-organized and intuitive, making it simple to use.

You’ll see all of the tools you need for sketching, illustration, and other tasks in Krita. It includes a number of brushes, panel templates, halftone filters, and other tools that you may use in your projects to help you improve your drawing abilities. Because Krita is open-source software, it’s absolutely free to use, and it’s updated regularly, so you can expect additional improvements in the software’s overall functionality and capabilities in the future. Overall, Krita is our top option for you to consider in 2022 if you are seeking for effective drawing software for novices.

4. Paint.NET


The software’s user interface is similar to that of a conventional drawing programme included with the operating system. Paint.NET, on the other hand, is much ahead in terms of functionality. Drawing volumetric models, dynamic objects, and translucent structures is a breeze with this free digital art programme. Paint.NET is ideal for aspiring painters due to its ease of use.

Furthermore, it can function fast even on low-power systems. Paint.NET includes various effects and supports layering. Blurring, style, sharpening, and noise reduction are all options. Plug-ins can be used to extend the program’s capabilities if desired. Additionally, you may use this free paint tool to improve photographs from the scanner.

The engineers increased overall efficiency and lowered memory utilisation in the current version, allowing you to work on many projects at once. For Windows 7 and Vista, a simplified interface with useful icons and support for Aero Glass is available.

5. Inkscape


In the year 2022, Inkscape is one of the greatest free drawing tools for beginners. It’s a full-featured drawing programme for artists that lets you create pictures, logos, icons, and more. The nicest part about Inkscape is that it gives you complete control over the scalability of your drawings, allowing you to scale them to whatever size you choose. It also includes a variety of tools for manipulating, creating, filling, rendering, and more.

The main disadvantage of Inkscape is that it is a sophisticated piece of software that will take some time to get used to. However, it provides comprehensive documentation that you may utilise to become comfortable with the functionality quickly. Because Inkscape is open-source software, you may use it for free and receive frequent updates without spending any money. Overall, Inkscape is a good alternative for novices searching for complete free drawing programme with superb illustration skills.



Many Wacom tablets support GIMP, a powerful, versatile, and configurable open-source editor. Layers, masks, colour grading, smart selection, brushes, filters, and a slew of other capabilities are all accessible in this free painting programme. Third-party extensions can be used to add the remaining tools. The interface and hotkeys, on the other hand, are unusual.

This program was originally intended as a free alternative to Photoshop. However, the software’s capability allows you to start from scratch while creating designs. This top free drawing programme contains a variety of “soft” and “hard” brushes with varying properties, the ability to process drawings layer by layer, smoothing and other effects, as well as a variety of other tools.

GIMP’s previous versions were incompatible with monitors with high pixel density. While they could be used, the visual quality on high-resolution displays was far from sufficient. This software now supports high-density displays thanks to the inclusion of GTK3. The only thing you have to do now is choose your system’s resolution.

7. Corel Painter 


Corel Painter was designed to be used for painting. Its features do not address a wide range of issues, and it is not a universal programme. On the other hand, Corel Painter is well-developed for digital drawing demands. This drawing programme will provide you access to a wide range of professional tools. You may use brushes, oil palettes, watercolour palettes, and other paper textures.

The digital sketching programme replicates the end result of using a certain tool and the process of doing so. When using a pencil, the line thickness is precisely proportional to the angle of the stylus in relation to the tablet screen. A freshly dipped brush will create a larger, more saturated impression than one that has been painting for some time.

The creators introduced handy brush categories and refined the filter search, making it one of the most convenient free sketching tools. You may search for watercolor-compatible filters, alphabetize brushes, or use other search tools to discover what you need quickly. This programme also allows you to make your own brushes by combining dry and wet textures. It enables creating watercolours and achieving different effects more easy. To achieve a more creative outcome, try experimenting with different brushes and materials.

8. Microsoft Fresh Paint

Microsoft Fresh Paint

Microsoft Fresh Paint is a software programme that allows you to create. In 2022, Microsoft Fresh Paint is another excellent free drawing programme for novices. This software is for kids who wish to practise drawing and improve their abilities. The programme mimics the sensation of painting or drawing on paper. You’ll find a selection of brushes and a large range of colours in the programme, which you may use to practise your talents. It can also make gouache, watercolours, and other materials look like they’re on the screen.

Because Microsoft Fresh Paint is meant for children, it has a user interface that is basic and straightforward to use. If you’re searching for a free drawing programme for kids, Microsoft Fresh Paint is an excellent choice.

9. Vectr


Vectr is another intriguing drawing programme that is both free and easy to use. It is intended for use in the creation of vector graphics and drawings. Vectr is a web-based illustration programme that comes with a variety of tools and capabilities for creating professional-looking drawings. Vectr has a real-time collaboration tool that allows you to share a URL with other people and watch them make changes in real time. If you have a mentor and wish to get their feedback on your work, this tool is invaluable.

Vectr is also a viable alternative to Adobe Illustrator, a high-end illustration programme. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a membership but still want Adobe Illustrator’s capabilities, Vectr is an excellent option. Overall, Vectr is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking for free beginner-friendly sketching programme for drawings and graphics.

10. MediBang Paint Pro


This is a specialist tool that will appeal to comic book, anime, and manga creators.
It’s incredibly easy to use. Because it offers a collection with over 800 pre-installed backdrops and anime-themed themes, this is the greatest free painting programme for speeding up your productivity. There are also roughly 50 brushes and a large selection of free fonts.

I appreciate that you can submit your work for free and save space on your PC owing to the interaction with cloud services. MediBang is also compatible with. PSD files, which are unusual for free painting software. You’ll also like the updated version’s mixing options, which include Soft Light, Hard Light, Hue, Saturation, Color, and Brightness.

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