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Top 10 Best LiveLeak Alternatives For 2022


Best LiveLeak Alternatives: LiveLeak had evolved into a website that hosted and shared millions of internet films after 15 years of development. You could see all different kinds of news items on this website, including what was happening just next to your neighbor’s house. However, LiveLeak was inundated with a lot of violent, gory, and unpleasant content as a result of overzealous free speech and the practice of not regulating uploaded videos.

Millions of the site’s regular users were eventually compelled to leave in 2021, leaving them wandering around like lost chickens. This page lists the top 11 LiveLeak alternatives for your consideration if you’re seeking a website similar to LiveLeak, where you may regularly watch videos in a variety of categories, including politics, sports, comedy, and even Hollywood rumors.

What Is LiveLeak?

LiveLeak, a British video-sharing website that was established in 2006, allows users to upload and share videos. With the original intention of hosting genuine footage of politics, war, and other global events to inspire and foster a civic journalism culture, it sprang out of the culture of early shock sites like Ogrishand and BestGore.

But with time, it developed into a malevolent YouTube clone featuring upsetting and unsettling videos. With its alarming material, LiveLeak, which has long been associated with homicide, terrorism, as well as regular crime and violence, had consistently and massively increased traffic.

How did LiveLeak fare? What Makes a LiveLeak Alternative Needful?

On May 7, 2021, LiveLeak was shut down after fifteen years in business. Although the site’s creator didn’t specify the precise reason, it’s possible that it was taken down because it featured and hosted copious amounts of violent and gory content that other prominent websites wouldn’t handle.

Since then, ItemFix has been the default destination for visitors to the LiveLeak website, forcing some of the service’s ardent supporters to start hunting for LiveLeak substitutes.

Top 10 Best LiveLeak Alternatives

We have compiled a list of the Top 10 Best LiveLeak Alternatives. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Kaotic


The website that closest resembles LiveLeak may be Kaotic. There are numerous unedited videos on it. Some of them feature frightening real-life events, are severe, are rated R, etc. You may almost exactly duplicate your previous experience from LiveLeak on our website. However, kindly be informed that some of the material on this page could be harmful to your mental health.

2. Veoh


Veoh is an American video-sharing service that was established in 2005. Prior to transforming into a website for sharing videos in 2006, it was initially intended to stream TV shows. Such LiveLeak, Veoh offers videos in a variety of categories like movies, adventures, humor, anime, horror, and other subgenres.

3. VideoShub


The website VideoShub, originally known as MetaCafe, is extremely similar to LiveLeak. This website’s material will never be boring because it is always updated with fresh articles in a variety of categories, such as games, sports, science, entertainment, and comedy. The website’s finest feature is that there are no restrictions on the kinds of movies you can submit or watch.

4. ItemFix


After LiveLeak was shut down, ItemFix, a website that enables users to submit and modify video and audio files, took over the domain. Contrary to LiveLeak, the website prohibits users from uploading or posting any media with graphic or excessively violent content. ItemFix does, however, offer a variety of video genres.

5. KillSomeTime


You can kill some time by visiting a website like LiveLeak. As the name implies, you may certainly pass the time while amusing yourself with some top-notch movies you find on this substitute platform. However, KillSomeTime’s user interface lacks style due to intrusive advertisements.

6. eBaum’s World

eBaum's World

The entertainment website eBaum’s World was established in 2001 and is run by Literally Media. This LiveLeak substitute website is the one to visit if you enjoy seeing various frightful and startling films. The anticipation of visiting ebaum’s World is uncertain of what to expect.

7. BitChute


Another website like LiveLeak that hosts a tonne of high-quality videos is BitChute. This site’s content is relatively varied due to its minimal level of content moderation, which ensures consistent amusement. But practically every channel on this website features conspiracy theories or hate speech, the majority of which is anti-Semitic.

8. MyVidster


You may save and share your favorite online videos on MyVidster, a social video-sharing, and bookmarking platform. Additionally, it offers the choice to create a video collection, enabling other users to view videos as playlists. Most importantly, MyVidster, one of the top LiveLeak replacements, also offers free movie streaming online.

9. AOL Video

AOL Video

AOL Video has to be on the list if you’re looking for the finest LiveLeak substitute. This website not only hosts videos on its own, but it also allows users to search for various entertainment-related videos on other websites. Additionally, you can arrange the films however you like, whether that be in chronological order or in groups.

10. DTube


In addition to a website like YouTube, DTube is a good substitute, which is based on Steemit. As a result, anyone may benefit by posting or curating films and voting on quality relevant content to gain incentives in the form of tokens. Additionally, DTube stands out since it may show pornographic content on its main screen.

How Can I Download Videos from LiveLeak-Like Websites?

The majority of the aforementioned websites, like LiveLeak, do enable direct downloads but do offer streaming services for online video viewing. For sharing, offline viewing, or other purposes, you might occasionally want to download videos from those websites.

You can use CleverGet Video Downloader to help you find a solution to the problem. It has been proven that this program can download videos from more than 1000 websites, including Twitter, Facebook, Veoh, and YouTube.

It can also download live streaming videos from a variety of platforms using a direct live video URL or M3U8 link. You can download videos from websites following the detailed instructions provided below.

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