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Top 12 best Mac Screen Recorders in 2022

Mac Screen Recorders
  • Record video lessons and tutorials;
  • Record webinars and online calls;
  • Capture streaming content and online events.

Save your time and start recording critical information right now.

For capturing business meetings, lectures, and so much more, a screen recorder for a Mac can be crucial. This article, which covers 12 various Mac screen capture apps, can assist you in finding the ideal app.

Choose this instead: Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is our top pick from this group of Mac video capture programmes. With just one click, you can record your screen and capture a video on any Mac device, including the Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and others. This straightforward and efficient screen recorder application is also fully compatible with Mac devices.

It allows you to easily change the recording parameters and even has built-in editor tools for trimming your recorded files, making it ideal for things like video instructions, streaming videos, and online events.

optimum Mac screen recorders

For those who need high-quality output, such as bloggers, professors, programmers, and designers, a desktop screen recorder for Macs is a solid option. Typically, paying customers can use software without watermarks. But if screen recording is something you do regularly, it’s worthwhile to spend a little money to obtain a better outcome. According to our study, here is the list of the top Mac screen recorders.

Top 12 best Mac Screen Recorders

Here are the top Top 12 best Mac Screen Recorders discussed below.

1. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

A screen recording programme for your Mac is called Movavi Screen Recorder. It may record both audio and video concurrently or independently. You can use a microphone to record your voice, a webcam to record your face, and the system audio to record internal noises. For making screencasts, podcasts, and instructional videos, it’s the ideal tool.

You may schedule recordings, record different streams, screenshot video, snap a webcam photo, show keystrokes, and add mouse effects. Once you’ve finished recording, you can edit the video, save it in any common format, and upload it to social media.

2. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player

For MacBook, QuickTime Player was created particularly. The majority of laptops with macOS already have it installed. Because there is no need to install any software, this is why the programme is so well-liked. And even if it’s not installed by default, you can still get it for nothing.

Despite being a capable MacBook screen recorder, the application has serious drawbacks for users who care about sound recording. The problem is that internal system sounds are not recorded by QuickTime. Only the built-in microphone or headphones can be used to record external live audio.

3. OBS


A free video recorder is OBS. It has a lot of settings that let you make expert video clips. You may put together scenes using various media types, mix and edit audio in a sophisticated way, add transitions, and do a lot more.

If you’re skilled at programme programming, you might appreciate that OBS provides a robust API that allows you to personalise features. Even if the programme is among the best for capturing videos, we wouldn’t suggest it for novices because they can find it difficult to navigate the intricate options.

4. ScreenRec


ScreenRec is another freeware programme on the list. Your job routine will take less time thanks to its main goal. Start using ScreenRec to record tutorials and take instructive screenshots if you’re weary of writing instructions for your coworkers or teaching the same thing to each member of the team separately. Your time and energy will be better spent on the things that matter most.

5. Screencast-o-Matic


With millions of users worldwide, this programme is one of the most well-known. It functions as both a screen recorder and a video editor. Additionally, you can alter pictures by adding arrows, text, highlights, and other elements. The company’s cloud hosting service, which enables limitless ad-free uploads and collaborative capabilities, is its strongest feature.

You won’t ever lose your files thanks to a secure recording backup to web storage. However, it goes without saying that these solutions are not free. Screencast-o-Matic is suitable for both private and professional use. You can use a trial version with constrained features for free or purchase a monthly subscription to enjoy the program’s full capability.

6. ActivePresenter


If you’re in the e-learning sector, you might choose ActivePresenter over other programmes. In addition to the standard screen recording options, you can create guides, elearning games, and quizzes to enhance the interactivity of educational videos. Additionally, you can insert your HTML package within the software or export content in HTML.

Although some users may find the interface’s resemblance to a document editor to be a touch dated, school and university instructors say they find it to be clearer and easier to grasp. Although the trial edition of ActivePresenter is free to use, only a third of the program’s functions are available.

7. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder

You won’t get confused by complicated settings because Icecream Screen Recorder’s simple interface simply contains a few buttons. It includes all functionality required for basic screen recording on a MacBook. What distinguishes this programme from others? The first is a handy option that allows you to rapidly choose the same recording region that you did the previous time.

The output might also include your brand’s logo. Thirdly, it is ideal for recording video games. There are numerous limitations while using the trial version, including the fact that you can only record for a maximum of five minutes. The advanced version has a slightly higher than normal pricing.

8. VLC


Who hasn’t heard of VLC? One of the easiest media players available is this one. It functions as a screen recorder, converter, and more in addition to a video and music player. Additionally, using it is totally free! However, the application has several drawbacks when it comes to screen recording.

The first is that you are unable to record your voice using the microphone. Second, the capture area’s size cannot be modified. Last but not least, you’ll need to free up a lot of space on your hard drive if you want a high-resolution video because the file will be quite large.

9. Peek 360

Peek 360

With the screencasting tool Peek 360 for macOS, you may record your desktop session to a high-definition MP4 video. A user-defined screen area is used to generate recordings. The option to export your video as an LMS package is also available.

Peek 360 is a simple programme that focuses solely on creating quick, quiet screencasts of a specific area of the screen rather than being a sophisticated tool with a tonne of extra capabilities.

Online screen capture on a Mac

Check out these online recorders if installing desktop software isn’t your thing. They do, of course, often have fewer recording features. You cannot, for instance, schedule recording or change the parameters. But the ability to utilise them for nothing and without installation makes up for these drawbacks.

The only drawback to using an online recorder is that each time you want to take a screen capture, you have to open its web page. If you require a screen recorder for business purposes, it is not the best option. You should also be aware that this kind of recorder requires an internet connection in order to function. Here are two web grabbers that we heartily endorse.

1. Screen Capture

Screen Capture

Anyone who enjoys quick recording should use screen capture. No extensive setup or installation required. It won’t take much time for you to learn how to utilise it. Simply open the website, select Start Recording, and take a screenshot of your screen. The grabber includes an easy-to-use UI that is straightforward. Both audio and video can be recorded concurrently or independently. Recording via a webcam is also supported.

The greatest drawback is the limited selection of output formats. After the recording is complete, you will need to use another tool to convert the video if you require a certain format. Videos that are produced have watermarks. You must pay a monthly subscription fee, but it’s not too expensive if you want to get rid of these.

2. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

This web recorder captures a variety of screen activities, including internet calls, streaming films, and self-demonstrations. You may modify your recordings in real time, which is a fantastic feature. There are several editing tools available.

Even desktop apps may lack the file exporting formats that Apowersoft supports. You can submit your movie to Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive once you’ve finished recording. We believe it’s one of the greatest online solutions available when all the alternatives are taken into account.

3. is simply what you need if you’re seeking for a simple web screen recorder for a quick assignment. It is a screen capture tool that is accessible online. Additionally, because the tool is still being developed, using the personal version is now totally free.

It allows you to record your screen for up to an hour, with a limit of 10 recordings, and it automatically creates cloud folders. allows you to record a browser tab, the content of a chosen window, or just the complete screen, similar to other online programmes.


We hope that this post has given you some ideas for recording the screen on your MacBook. The following aspects should be taken into account when choosing the finest screen recording software for a Mac:

  • Ease-of-use: All of the top screen recorders are simple to use. In particular if you’re a newbie, they shouldn’t be too difficult to set up or take a long time to understand.
  • Features: Verify the functions of the screen recorder you’re using, such as webcam recording and audio recording of system sounds, are appropriate for your purposes. A recorder with a timed feature might also be required.
  • User reviews: Users share their honest, unbiased thoughts about the many software products they have used. Therefore, it may be advisable to study their opinions and find out what they have to say regarding the overall operation of a recorder app.
  • Support: Find out what kind of customer help is offered, such as how-to manuals, email, or live chat services, for when you run into problems.

Frequently asked questions

Which free screen recorders for Mac are the best?

Some of the top free screen recorders for Mac are listed below:

  • Movavi Screen Recorder
  • QuickTime
  • OBS
  • ScreenRec
  • Screencast-o-Matic

The link above has further information on screen recording choices.

How do I pick the top Mac screen recorder?

Set your goals before downloading any screen capture software.

It is preferable to get desktop software with a number of features and excellent customer service if you require professional videos with high-quality output for your blog or business.

Use a free online screen recorder like Screen Capture or Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder if you only want to capture one screen. Nothing needs to be installed.

Add an extension to your browser if you frequently need to create quick videos from your browsing habits. It won’t function without an internet connection, but it will be quicker than using a desktop application.

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