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15 Best Call Tracking Software in 2022

Best Call Tracking Software

Businesses use a variety of marketing techniques to get leads from diverse sources. Business websites, keyword searches, media ad campaigns, and email marketing are all examples of sources. Although it is impossible to identify the exact source of the leads, businesses do receive them from these sources.

Call tracking Software are useful in this situation. It is in charge of following each step your clients take before calling your company. Such data is essential for improving your marketing approach and raising your sales volume.

There are numerous options for the best call tracking software on the market. Each one uses its smart features in a unique way to track calls. Now let’s look at some of the top call tracking software that is perfect for your company.

Types of Free Call Tracking Software

There are two sorts of call tracking software, whether they are paid or free:

  • Inbound call tracking software
  • Outbound call tracking software

Inbound call tracking Software

An inbound call tracking software is a tool that records incoming calls, caller prospects, and call sources for later analysis and report generation. Businesses can produce up to 800 numbers to post adverts (paid or free) in various locations.

Depending on the call sources [specified number], the callers can easily be separated and traced. In order to give people a better user experience and give businesses detailed information to evaluate and develop strategies, the software combines IVR and call routings.

The features of inbound call tracking software vary depending on the service provider.

What is an outbound call tracking software?

A tool that enables users to initiate calls, record calls, and track client prospects directly through the platform is an inbound call tracking software. It is utilized to create sales chances by getting in touch with leads and current clients.

To satisfy the needs of the outbound call industry, this software offers a lot of capabilities, and more are being introduced all the time. From one piece of software to another, the features differ.

15 Best call tracking software (Free and Paid)

Here is our list of the top call tracking programs, along with a description of each one’s strengths, before we move on to discuss the best paid and free call tracking programs and their features.

1. Hubspot


The call tracking capability is available through Hubspot’s CRM and Sales suite. It is an advanced piece of content management, sales, marketing, and customer service software. It enables you to make calls directly from your browser without picking up the phone, as well as to track and analyze call data. You can call a potential customer on your desk phone or a VoIP phone with only one click. It has features like call transcripts, call attributions, and call follow-up call tracking.

2. Callrail


A call tracking and marketing tool called CallRail offers comprehensive data on incoming calls and prospect locations. To know the channels and campaigns that are generating the most leads, it analyzes trends using email, phone records, and caller ID databases. It works in conjunction with Google Analytics and AdWords call monitoring campaigns to compile an incredibly detailed caller history picture.

3. Salesloft


One of the free call tracking software programs, Salesloft, employs a knowledge base of professionals or former workers to produce playbooks and coaching materials for new recruits and interns. It has trustworthy analytics that displays open rates to examine emails that have been opened; link rates reveal which email links are efficient, and attachment activity tracks the frequency of email attachments being downloaded and opened. Teams use these analytics to examine data and come up with fresh revenue-boosting ideas.

4. Invoca


Invoca’s AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution is used by marketers. It provides real-time call and conversation metrics. It focuses on boosting the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns conducted on Facebook and Google. Some of its sophisticated call monitoring features include call recording, conversion tracking, call routing, campaign and keyword tracking, and IVR tools. Invoca’s real-time business information analysis is its standout feature. It provides agents with caller information to increase conversion rates and do automated tasks in real-time.

5. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP

A well-known supplier of call tracking tools and off-site business collaboration solutions is RingCentral MVP. It consistently gets excellent reviews and provides options for different price ranges. A cloud-based platform for communication called RingCentral MVP is used for messaging, phone calls, and other tasks. It can easily work with desktop and mobile devices thanks to its cloud-based architecture. It features a variety of users, granular access control, and other management tools.

6. Outreach


One of the largest and quickest-growing providers of sales performance platforms is Outreach. It is now the sole provider of solutions that have entered the Forbes Cloud 100. Also, it is the only platform that combines conversation intelligence, sales interaction, and revenue insight under one roof. It provides call features that make it easier for users to make calls, such as click-to-call, calls from any device, call recording, and location generator, which improves the success rate of phone calls with local area codes being answered.

7. CallTrackingMetrics


With AI-driven call tracking features, CallTrackingMetrics is a conversation analytics platform and all-in-one call tracking that enhances contact centre automation. With HubSpot, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Shopify, CTM has several direct integrations and sophisticated features. Various degrees of service are offered for predictive calling, text messaging support, call tracking, text messaging support, and, an open customisable API.

8. CloudTalk


A full collection of cutting-edge call tracking software may be found on the web-based content center management platform known as CloudTalk. It is made to assist businesses in providing personalized customer service. It records interaction histories in a number of different ways. And it is in charge of managing both incoming and outgoing call traffic. Numerous sophisticated call tracking features are available with CloudTalk. Calls can be routed according to consumer preferences, agent skills and availability, or call destination.

9. ActiveDEMAND


A commercial software called ActiveDEMAND combines reporting and campaign management features. It consists of a number of business, marketing, and sales applications. Its call tracking software has a wide range of functionality. Call tracking is available from ActiveDEMAND, along with analytics and monitoring based on keywords. Incoming calls are provided with caller profiles and caller ID thanks to the creation of a caller database. Additionally, it gives transcripts and logs calls. It doesn’t support straight-up CRM integration.



One of the greatest free call tracking tools is, which provides teams with suggestions and real-time direction. It is a RevOps forum powered by AI that has already worked with prestigious organizations like AWS, Amazon Business, Fidelity Investments, Events, and others. Prospect data recording, prospect sorting, automated voice calls, location-based calling, click-to-call, advanced reporting, etc. are a few noteworthy features.

11. DialPad


One of the greatest corporate phone systems with the most sophisticated and user-friendly UI is DialPad. As of now, it supports more than 62,000 enterprises worldwide. Users have given the top ratings to the most basic communication capabilities, such as phone calls, video calls, instant messaging, screen sharing, conference calls, and desk-to-desk conversations. Desk-to-desk calls, an information locator, real-time call and meeting transcription, interaction with third-party tools, real-time analytics and reporting, prospect data recording, API and webhook, hold music, etc. are a few noteworthy features.

12. 800


The simplest and most user-friendly call tracking program is 800. The vanity numbers, APIs, and webhook are essential for tracking the sources and contributing elements of prospects. In order to identify active and efficient marketing channels, 800 employs its multi-channel call attribution, dynamic number insertion, visitor and keyword tracking, and multi-channel call attribution.

13. Groove


For businesses using Salesforce, Groove is one of the top call tracking and sales engagement programs. Globally, it helps over 70k people, including industry heavyweights like Google, Capital One, BBVA, Uber, and Atlassian. Groove has an intuitive layout that makes it simple for even first-time users to pick it up within a few sessions. The majority of portable gadgets that give users mobility and flexibility are compatible with it.

14. Ringba


For marketers, contact centres, and agencies who need to manage call flow, assign particular insights to campaigns, and improve efficiency with robust real-time reporting and analytics, Ringba is the best call monitoring and analytics software. Ringba is pushing the limit of innovation, ushering in the speech era, and revolutionizing how companies interact with their customers. It is renowned for its effectiveness, adaptability, and competitive edge.

15. RingDNA


The call monitoring services offered by RingDNA are made to offer a comprehensive package of conversation, performance, and sales analytics. RingDNA offers automated call transcription and analysis, real-time sales performance assessment, and AI-powered analytics. The ability to build training call libraries is offered, along with AI-powered event-based notifications that facilitate quick responses to problems like rival references or typical objections.

Summing up:

You should be aware of the source of your leads when operating a firm. You will be able to pinpoint the location with call tracking software. Understanding whatever element of your complex marketing strategy is working for you is essential, and you should build future plans on that knowledge.

If you don’t have a dependable business phone system for providing a superior customer experience and closing deals, your potential leads will be ineffective. Fear not, KrispCall has all the appropriate solutions for your company.

Hubspot, one of the top call monitoring programs, can easily be integrated with KrispCall to give you the best of both worlds in one location. With the addition of popular features like Intelligent Call Routing, Call Recording, Sales Dialer, and more, it gets even better.

Your company will advance thanks to its cloud telephony service and extensive range of practical features. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get started because KrispCall has combined a great selection of services into reasonable subscription options.

Additionally, if you’ve never used it before, you can do so for free. Currently, KrispCall is providing a Schedule Free KrispCall sample through which you can examine its extensive feature set without investing a dime.


How do you increase ROI with call tracking software?

To determine which marketing tactics are luring your target audience to pick up the phone, employ call tracking. This may help you identify your target clients more clearly and communicate with them more successfully.

What is a good call tracking software plus CRM combo for a medium and small business?

Some of the well-known call monitoring software and CRM combinations for SMBs are Krispcall, Ringcentral MVP, Callrail, Cloud chat, Invoca, etc.

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