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Best Pepperdata Alternatives In 2022



You may examine data on servers, databases, apps, and other IT infrastructures with Pepperdata, an enterprise data analytics, stack observability, and tuning platform. Reports provide a complete picture of what’s happening on the network, and data is shown in user interface. It can drill down to view the specific workloads of applications and database operations and the current state of each application and database. This makes it possible to keep an eye on the infrastructure of data systems at any level, be it at the database or application level or even at the server rack or data centre level.

It makes it possible for business users, developers, security analysts, and engineers to keep track of data analytics apps, find and fix performance issues as they arise, and continuously optimize performance to increase operational effectiveness. The cornerstone of any production data analytics architecture is observability. Including in this are contemporary open source technologies and databases like Apache Spark and Apache Kafka. The interesting thing about Apache Cassandra is that it supports a broad range of use cases, from mobile applications to streaming analytics, from IoT devices to high-velocity analytical reporting over enormous datasets.

Pepperdata Alternatives

1. 9 Spokes

9 Spokes

A business management tool called 9 Spokes assists nonprofits and commercial enterprises in tracking their operational costs and revenue. The intention is to make it easier for business owners and nonprofit organizations to see how they raise and spend money. It is based on the fundamental idea that every organization should be able to function without needing to install time-consuming, expensive accounting software. Users of 9 Spokes can register for an account, link it to their bank accounts, begin tracking their earnings and outgoings, and gain insights that can help them grow their businesses.

2. Epsagon


Epsagon is a platform for application monitoring that was created to deal with the complex technical issues many enterprises are encountering. It gives you the ability to monitor programs like never before because of its special blend of characteristics. Real-time user experience data collection and analysis are made possible for enterprises. It enables businesses to enhance application performance, add fresh context to business problems, enhance user experience, and locate defects more quickly. Some key features are monitoring hosts and applications, auto-detection and suggestions for your monitoring configuration from our cloud database, REST API, etc..

3. Lightstep


Real-time monitoring, analytics, alerts & notifications, reporting, and automation are all part of the Lightstep platform. The platform is made to enable internet businesses to easily keep an eye on their operations on a grand scale while remaining adaptable enough to respond to rapidly changing circumstances. It combines metrics from all of your applications and makes them visible in one place using machine learning.

4. Rulex


Professionals in operational and financial services, and other industries can make use of Rulex’s cutting-edge capabilities in data preparation, machine learning, optimization, decision modelling, and data visualization. It includes numerous data processing methods that are arranged according to their intended use. It features a variety of built-in data visualization capabilities that make it simple to see trends, outliers, and connections in the data. It links to several databases as a data science and analytics platform, enabling users to construct predictive models using the most suitable methodology.

5. CySight


CySight is a cyber network intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence that offers businesses the correct data at the right time to stop and detect cyber threats proactively. It provides comprehensive visibility into the increasingly complex cyber world, enabling businesses to protect their infrastructure, data, and intellectual property against cyber assaults. The program is made to give enterprises the ability to monitor, comprehend, and respond to cyber hazards, much as a person can recognize, understand, and avert risks around them.

6. Driven


Driven is a versatile, lightweight performance management tool that offers insight into the operation of your application. Find the source of your problems, solve them swiftly, and then return to your regular work of keeping consumers satisfied. It is intended to address one of the main issues facing DevOps teams: not understanding what went wrong. If a modification affects how well an application performs, it can take days to identify the main reason, which increases customer downtime and affects revenue.

7. Honeycomb


With Honeycomb, developer and engineering teams can gather and communicate insights from within their applications and microservices. The automatic alerting framework is a fantastic feature that lets users quickly see what’s affecting their applications and services’ functionality. The software facilitates the publication of observability data for integration into centralized tools by developer teams and lone contributors.

8. Centralpoint


Hardware and software solutions are provided by Centralpoint, a cloud-based provider of commercial IT solutions. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of their IT requirements for small and medium-sized businesses. Best-in-class technology providers are included in its software and hardware to guarantee the highest performance at the most affordable price. All facets of the company are covered by Central Point, including the back office, finances, accounting, inventory control, CRM, E-Commerce, ERP, etc. This platform is an effective tool for SMBs who want to make the most of their current technological investments, encourage more employee collaboration and productivity, improve IT efficiency, and get more out of their technological investments.

9. Netreo


With the use of the IT infrastructure management tool Netreo, users may control and automate every aspect of an organization’s system. When it notices an application failure, the software automatically retests the failed services and provides users with intelligent alerts. Users of the solution may manage everything from a single dashboard while combining several tools into a single platform.

10. New Relic

New Relic

With New Relic, you can get in-depth performance statistics for each component of your software environment. This platform makes it simple to see and analyze vast amounts of data and acquire useful insights in real-time. It debuted in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. By instrumenting your complete technology stack, from customers to code to the container, the program enables you to quickly detect and correct all faults.

11. eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise

With the help of eG Enterprise, a comprehensive web-based software solution, you can enhance the customer experience and address problems so that you may draw in more potential customers. It is a simple cloud-based program that integrates both on-premises and in the cloud. This software enables you to observe a website from the viewpoint of the user and can be used to validate the outcomes and functionality of your website. It offers suggestions on how to improve the website’s content and other components. You may use the reliable data on our platform to help you make decisions.

12. Auvik


Auvik is a web-based solution for managing networks and IT infrastructure that simplifies and automates difficult time-consuming network chores. With its robust search and filtering features, you can easily locate and resolve any issues you run into. Any person with a complex network should have Auvik. Thanks to its real-time network mapping and inventory, you will always be aware of what is where, even when your users move around. Additionally, its in-depth network performance insights enable you to troubleshoot issues before they result in crucial business interruptions.

13. InsightCat


A high-level, web-based system monitoring software program called InsightCat gives you extensive, in-depth insight into every component of your systems and network. You can get a whole range of services from this integrated piece of software. It keeps you updated by delivering alerts about any problems and aids in speedy troubleshooting. It gives you access to real-time analytics and a completely customizable dashboard that you can design according to your needs and tastes.

14. Pachyderm


The database for machine learning is provided by Pachyderm. The platform makes it simple for companies and data scientists to operate machine learning models at scale and work with vast amounts of data. Its goal is to make machine learning accessible to all people. With it, creating machine learning models doesn’t require you to be a data scientist. You do not need to have any coding or infrastructure experience. Simply being able to point and click is sufficient.

15. Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch

A software called Amazon CloudWatch is in charge of administering and watching over the AWS service. One of these services is hybrid infrastructure, which distributes its resources among various public and private servers for easy data transfer. It is a module that Amazon Inc. created and controls. The main benefit of using the services is the single-user platform’s smart and simple usage with the integrated and sophisticated user interface. Additionally, it is the simplest method for gathering on-site and in AWS metrics.

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