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15 Best EtQ EHS Software In 2022

EtQ EHS Software

Industrial businesses manage safety compliance and environmental requirements using EtQ EHS Software, the top Electronic Health and Safety Compliance Management Software in the market. It is accredited by the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program. And it offers a cloud-based remedy referred to as the software as a service (SaaS) method. It enables businesses to successfully achieve compliance, improve work management, and increase productivity from a single system.

EtQ EHS Software provides consulting services, training, and solution services to help businesses design, implement, and maintain every facet of their EHSQ system. Businesses can use it to track data from birth to death and conduct ongoing audits of it. It is a platform that is easy to use and provides effective solutions to help organizations manage ongoing operations and ensure due diligence.

It delivers thorough OSHA 10 and ISO 14001 reporting and conforms with internal and external compliance regulations. In other words, it’s the perfect tool for looking for compliance requirements specific to your sector.

15 Best EtQ EHS Software

Here are some details about EHS software that you may learn from this article:


With the use of the cloud-based software platform, organizations can quickly monitor real-time environmental data from a variety of sources, including sensors, satellites, aerial photographs, and more. This reliable and flexible solution for data collection and reporting is available to any business that wants to collect, analyze, and respond to data.

The sensors on their properties are already being monitored by this software by more than 100 multinational corporations, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations for aspects including air quality, water quality, temperature, humidity, light, and many others.

2. Enviance


Enviance is an Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) software for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB). Software for team collaboration promotes increased compliance, responsibility, and transparency at work. It ensures that everyone is working safely and saves your company money.

You may stay up to date on crucial information like hazardous chemical inventory and material safety data sheets by being informed about changes to safety laws thanks to this program (MSDSs). It also gives access to in-depth training resources and protocols to keep your employees safe. Live video is sent to portable devices from webcams on this enterprise (EH&S) software platform.

3. Perillon EHS Management Software

Perillon EHS Management Software

Enterprise health, safety, and environment management software from Perillo, with integrated analytics, helps businesses to analyze, improve, and manage risks. It is meant to act as the sole point of “risk” control for a business. It replaces several outdated systems and provides users with access to a single source.

With the help of this program, you can develop your own environmental management system. It combines the key components of EHS Management systems into a single, clear solution to assist businesses in fulfilling their current EHS management responsibilities and preparing for upcoming laws.

4. Pure platform

Pure platform

A basic, effective, and user-friendly enterprise shift scheduling software is UL, formerly known as Pure Platform. You can transfer your roster from spreadsheets to a single system with just a few clicks. It centralizes team communications and acts as a platform for communication and collaboration between EHS teams. It allows you to easily gather schedules and plan shifts.

Your schedule calculations and reminders for your shifts are automated. You can easily keep track of what your teammates are doing thanks to it. Because of its versatility, you can change your business’s practices and operations. The platform allows you to more easily manage shift scheduling operations, freeing up your time to focus on how to provide the best possible customer service.

5. Niyati EHS Management System

Niyati EHS Management System

Niyati EHS Management System, a comprehensive, web-based, and on-demand EHS management system, assists in meeting Chemical Accident Prevention and Safety Act standards (CAPPSA). Its goal is to help companies manage their environmental health and safety policies, programs, and practices in accordance with CAPPSA. It can be used by corporate executives to track, manage, and document the results of their organization’s EHS initiatives.

On an industry-level basis, users can streamline risk assessment, safety data management, OSHA compliance, training management, and incident reporting. Examine work order software as well. It offers extensive features for tracking inventories, managing training records, managing safety inspection reports, developing custom reports depending on user requirements, and tracking safety inspection reports.

6. AirsWeb


The program that was originally known as AirsWeb is now called Econoline and is made for use by companies of all sizes, including municipalities and those in the construction and industrial sectors. It can be used by organizations to collect, manage, and analyze data on the environment, health, safety, and quality.

And it helps you organize all of your health and safety activities while providing you with the most recent performance data about your business. It gives you the opportunity to apply its approachable enterprise data analytics to reach more informed conclusions.

7. Effective Software

Effective Software

A Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Software for enterprises of all sizes, including municipalities and the industrial and construction industries, is Effective Software, also known as Econoline. It enables organizations to collect, analyze, and manage data on quality, health, and safety, as well as environmental information.

Also, it helps you manage all of your health and safety initiatives from one location. It provides you with fast information about the state of your business. Businesses may manage the crucial components of a successful EHS Management System with the use of the software.

8. HSEQ Innovate

HSEQ Innovate

HSEQ Innovate, also known as Prosapien, is a solution created specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who keep their EHSQ data on-premise. In order to collect data, organize it, and create charts and reports, it provides a straightforward user interface. Using integrated third-party management tools keeps an eye on compliance for your company.

It is an effective tool for safety and quality management that helps firms manage their EHSQ procedures, address urgent issues, and improve overall health and safety performance. It enables businesses to manage their EHSQ management activities and processes much more swiftly than was previously possible.

9. IsoMetrix


IsoMetrix is a provider of risk management software as a service (SaaS). It was developed specifically to monitor and reduce risk in real-time. And it provides a two-way, interactive platform for informing clients in real time about dangers. It might update the dashboard to reflect the current level of dangers, allowing it to quickly respond to new threats as they emerge.

Among the hundreds of institutions for which it manages risk are numerous organizations, including smaller insurance firms, substantial insurance brokers and third-party administrators, self-insured organizations, colleges, governments, school districts, and other big commercial businesses.

10. Emsphere Headcount Management Solution

Emsphere Headcount Management Solution

Emsphere Headcount Management Solution, a web-based enterprise HSE management system, includes integrated modules for compliance, training, safety, quality, and inventory management. It is a state-of-the-art piece of software that enables organizations to efficiently and successfully manage their Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment. You can use its straightforward enterprise data analytics to help you come to wiser judgments.

To better serve its foreign consumers, it has translated its user interface into a number of other world languages, including English, Spanish, and French. It enables staff members to give compliance data that is more consistent and dependable by providing them with an easy-to-use compliance system. It is a cost-effective option for companies wishing to implement ISO, OHSAS, ISO, or other industry-specific EHS requirements.



ENSYS is a name for energy management software. Its main goal is to make managing all of a company’s devices straightforward, regardless of how many, what sort, or where they are situated, while simultaneously lowering the cost of energy management (geolocation). It offers a variety of tools for energy usage analysis and optimization.

It covers a variety of crucial energy management subjects, including the building envelope, HVAC, lighting, heating, and water management. Check the IVR software, too. It excels at managing operations across numerous sites and offers a wide variety of modules.

12. GHSAuth


Computer Systems is a software tool for producing Safety Data Sheets in accordance with Global Harmonized Standards (GHS) (SDS). It was developed and is overseen by the Global Harmonization Task Force as part of the E-GHS initiative (GHTF). Its major feature is the visual editor, which enables you to add cautionary and warning terms to your product.

It is a standardized system for identifying and categorizing dangers. It provides a common language that enables the communication between authorities, first responders, vendors, and employees. This international system of categorizing and conveying chemical dangers is used in more than 100 countries.

13. CorePoint


You can track how well your company’s safety regulations are being followed with CorePoint, a safety management application. There won’t be any more paperwork or data entry by hand. Your safety management systems automatically track and record all safety data.

It is possible to track every important employee behavior, including breaks and login times. Also, it functions everywhere because you may control the data from your computer and smartphone. It is a cloud-based safety management system. And it contains a number of tools that employers can use to help staff members uphold their duty of care obligations.

14. Aware360


Leading IoT and M2M solution provider Aware360 helps clients increase worker productivity and security at important industrial sites. It tracks the whereabouts of workers, assets, and vehicles using GPS, RFID, beacons, sensors, and other RF technologies.

The data gathered can be used to assess their progress, level of performance, and areas in which assistance is required. Its main benefit is the information’s simple mobile interface, which enables utilization on the manufacturing floor or in remote locations.

15. NeoEHS


NeoEHS is a web-based program designed to monitor, evaluate, and manage issues with workplace safety. A risk management system will provide all the data and information necessary to ensure secure working conditions. It offers businesses innovative and practical methods to cut costs and protect people and assets.

Thanks to this one cloud-based tool, clients can manage their whole OHS program from a single screen. It provides a complete solution for occupational, health, risk, and safety management in a single piece of cloud-based software. It is founded on the premise that anything important enough to track ought to be finished competently.

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